Posted by: pswi60 | October 1, 2007

onAXIS compares XBL to PSN

In this article, onAXIS does a great comparison between Xbox Live and the Playstation Network.

xbl sub card

It’s a good article, albeit short, but it is the truth. Right now, Xbox live has the PSN looking like a junk webpage that really shouldn’t be called a “network”. It’s a place you can go to download files….thats it. You can chat with people while not in a game, but join a game and you are locked in alone until your game is over, unless the game supports voice chat, in which case you may get stuck playing with that 13y.o. calling YOU the NOOB.

Anyway, back to the article, it compares the different aspects of each network, and ultimately the clear winner is XBL, with its seamless integration into the dashboard and games alike, it gives a much better experience than the PSN and is easily worth the money paid.

A very good unbiased article, yet 3 comments down and you will see how even the tamest of article can insight a flame war from some very ignorant people…..



p.s. Dear Sony, you may want to create a logo for the PSN. Something that looks cool. Having a screenshot of the playstation store as your logo doesn’t really look that great, allthought it does accurately represent the Playstation Network. =)


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