Posted by: pswi60 | October 2, 2007

More evidence for “Halo Universe”

Following up on a story I posted yesterday, I found this forum post from a member of referencing an old story from Game Informer regarding a Halo MMPORG:

 Whilst a Game Informer article on a new Halo game, titled ‘Halo: Forerunner’, was dismissed as an April Fool’s Day gag by Bungie staffers on the official forums, Game Informer’s latest issue alleges that the rumours were in fact based on insider facts, and not related to a hastily spliced together 1st of April prank.

The article in question suggested that Halo: Forerunner would include ‘huge persistent worlds’ and would be built using a modified version of the Halo 2 engine. A co-op mode for four players was also mooted and whilst as a rounded concept these hints hardly offer much in the way of factual nourishment, it is certainly plausible that Bungie are considering ways in which to expand the series.

As if further supporting this suggestion, the latest Game Informer carries another spot of idle speculation regarding Bungie, this time pointing to ‘Project Orion’, a rumoured secret project at Bungie which it is believed may turn out to be a massively-multiplayer title set in the Halo universe. Of course, this could all be twaddle, but we’ll keep our sights-primed for more clues if and when they surface.

Bungie went out of thier way to state that the next game they are working on does not take place in the Halo Universe, while another story conflicts that report and states they are working on the next game in the series, but are being tight lipped about it.

I suppose we will just have to wait until more details emerge.


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