Posted by: pswi60 | October 6, 2007

Nothing new

Sorry i haven’t updated in a bit (probably doesn’t matter, i doubt theres any regulars). Ive been tied up with work and a few other things, i sneak in a couple games of Halo 3 here and there to keep my rank up.

I was thinking about writing a guide on ranking in Halo 3. Theres good ways to increase your rank, and theres not so good ways. Maybe if i get around to it i will.

Im also working on a review for Go! Ski for the ps3, but thats probably not the hottest item around. Maybe next week i will sit down for a while and update the site.

If anyone wants to contribute to this site, they are more than welcome. All you need is a mature attitude and an unbiased (or “less” biased) look at the current gaming situation. And the ability to write beyond a 12th grade level. If you are interested just send me a message, r4di8t0r on XBL and Gamer20 on the PSN. Have a good weekend.


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