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Halo 3 Multiplayer: 10 Tips to help you Rank – Part 1

Master Chief will 0wn YOU!Please see Part 2 (Tactics) at the end of this article.

So if you’ve been playing alot of Halo 3 like i have, you may not have the easiest time getting your rank up. Whether it’s the team of noobs the matchmaking system has put you on, or the other team of elite ninja’s that dominate your every spawn, getting those 5 or 10 or 20 experience points quickly can be a difficult task.

First, let me run down how the Halo 3 ranking system works. For skill points, TrueSkill uses an algorithm to widen your uncertainty factor (for losses) and narrowing the uncertainty factor for wins. Have a bunch of bad games in a row, your skill stat goes down (uncertainty factor widens). Have a killer session, and your stat skill goes up. You can lose a match and not lose a skill point. You can also win a match and not gain one. Another thing to note, in my experience i never gained or lost more than 1 skill stat per match. You can gain more than 1 skill point – for example if you are 17 and real close to 18, and have a killer game where you come in #1 mvp and get 15 medals, you could jump right to 19. It can go the other way, too..

RankFor your character’s rank, you only gain experience points when your team wins the match in a team based game, or you finish above the last half of the scoreboard in a non-team based game. So for instance, if you are on a Social Rumble match with 5 players, and 4 players tie for 2nd place, all 4 players will get an experience point. You do not however lose exp points for losing a match. The only way you lose exp points is by leaving games, whether it be because you are taking a severe beating and you can’t stand it, or your connection drops.

You do not need skill points until you reach 70 experience points (liutenant). So i would suggest playing games where you can get alot of exp points now and worry about getting those 10 skill points later, when you have 100-140 matches behind you.

So at this time i have around 244 matches under my belt. You can see my profile here if you are curious about my stats. Be aware that the website stats lag behind the game stats, so they may not be up to date (See end of Article). I have lost 6 exp points due to dropped connections, all of which came last awhile back when every 3 seconds the game would look for a new host and then drop the match. DDOS?? I should have just stopped playing, but i was an idiot. So here are my tips for easier ranking (more advanced stuff covered in part 2):

1) Stop the drop and roll: during times of heavy traffic on Live, if your connection is good and you are dropped from a game, do not keep trying to play. Instead go find some skulls or gain other offline achievements. If you are dropped from more than 1 match, its not a fluke. Those points that you spent hours gaining can be lost in seconds.

2) Find some good buddies: finding some good players to join up with you and go matchmaking is one of the best ways to quickly gain stat and exp points. This way, you dont have to worry about who you will be grouped with, and if you work well as a team, you can easily dominate and get those points match after match.

3) Hit X to keep it going: if you have just wiped the floor with the other team with those strangers who got grouped with you, tell them to hit X to party up. This way you will keep playing with those gamers throughout the next matches and have a better chance of winning. If it doesn’t work out, just hit B and get out of the group.

4) No veto: If the other team or players are shouting at you to veto the upcoming map, don’t. Chances are it’s a map they are unfamiliar with, and they don’t feel comfortable playing it. Use this to your advantage to help level the playing field between you and the competition.

5) Rumble or Team?: I have been on the losing end of several battles in social slayer. You actually have a better chance doing the rumble pit, because in rumble you only have to be better than 2 of the 5 players, and ties for 1st 2nd or 3rd always give you a point.

6) Bigger is better: you also have a better chance of gaining an exp point while doing a big battle, because there are more people per team and all the winners will get a point. So in smaller team matches your contribution needs to be greater in order to win. In big battles, you may be able to get that point without doing so much.

7) Warm up: I was surprised when i went into a Halo 3 match without warming up first, and i was promptly owned by gamers who imho shouldn’t have done that to me. Going into a local map and just running/shooting can do wonders before entering an actual match.

8] Take your time: Ever wonder why sometimes it seems that, even in 1 on 1 battles, that everyone is against you? Or you get caught in every single crossfire? This is because most maps have a certain area where everyone migrates to, whether it’s on purpose or not, but most likely due to Halo 3’s online system of searching for players to kill. This usually ends up in small quick battles where 3 or 4 players will die almost simultaneously. When you respawn, all those players who died are now looking for someone to kill again. If you are first to arrive on the scene, chances are you will be shooting at the first person you see, while at the same time you are someone else’s target. To minimize this, next time you respawn, find a place to hide for 5 seconds, and then move of. Remember, timing is almost everything.

9) Radar Radar Radar: When you are crouching, you do not show up on enemy radar. Use this to your advantage to camp in areas of good weapons/power ups, and wait until some unsuspecting player goes for them. A simple melee to the back works well here.

10) Know your role: Practice makes perfect. I cannot fly a banshee worth crap. So you won’t find my trying to fly one in an online battle. Make sure you are keeping to the things you are good at. Know where all the spawns, weapons, grenades, pickups, vehicles, swords/hammers, and tactical places are on any given map. I have see players set up a bubble or a regen on Narrows – Oddball and dominate the match because they use certain areas of the map to their advantage. Copying what works well is always a good way to improve your play.

If you just got owned in a match, go into your theatre mode and watch what the #1 player did, and implement their tactics into your gameplay.

Here i have provided some of the things that i have learned, and that have helped me in Halo 3. I still have a long way to go, and it won’t be easy, but if you can help yourself in little areas, it may indeed help on your way to becoming a Halo General.

On to Halo 3 Multiplayer: Tips and Tactics part 2

From now on, I will no longer link Halo articles to my profile, as my stats have been reset over 5 times now. Then I get comments like the ones below, because some people aren’t smart enough to figure out the stats are from weeks ago, and they are not current. So at the end of this article, you can click on my service record thumbnail and view a screenshot of my current service record.

Service Recoed



  1. obviously

  2. ^^ you must be looking for the “how to kill everyone in Halo 3 and never die” article

  3. Thanks bro, good tips

    • Yeah man, really useful. That watching the video of opponents sounds like a real good idea.

  4. Thanks good summary

  5. Can you direct me to where I can get the RSS feeder for my recent games? I wanna put it on my website 🙂 e-mail me

    • Dude, what’s an RSS feeder?

    • at then type in your gamertag correctly and it will show you


  7. I don’t feel comfortable taking ranking advice from someone whos highest skill is a 13 after 216 games. And whos kill death ratio is .87. Sorry if that was a bit blunt…

  8. everything u just said was all in the stradegy guide that came with the game…and you have played 216 games and ur so low of a freakin rank wtf

    • I don’t get no strategy guide.

      • becuase your a cheap mexicain that cant talk english forget to ask?

  9. come on stop playing social matches and play ranked dude…lets play 1 on 1 u and me,…..send invite 2 rimshotstudio12

    • So, if you think your tough artic ice dragon, then bring it…I was a 35 in 32 matches on my very first account (in 7 hours.) Just because the guy doesn’t have a very high skill level doesn’t mean he’s bad. Hell, I’ve taken 2 lvl 50’s on doubles after my partner quit for no reason and I got a perfection; yet I’m a 36 on this account…Learn the Mu/Sigma system before ragging on someone else. After all Halo is just a game and when you take it to seriously that just makes you look sad. Besides, if you’re really good, I have a couple open spots on my swat team.

      • if u have shit armour and the enemy has recon or something like that dint mean the better than u

  10. if you have enough balls 2 play agianst me ive been playing for a week now…guner serg grade 2 highest rank is like 16 if you dont think you can beat me i understand….if u do i would like to vs u

    • Don’t be fooled by my name and you r quite cocky for some guy who is a gunnery sergeant after one week. You know people can get general in that time. I myself think I am a decent gamer as a colonel grade 2 and a kd ratio of 1.18 in ranked and 1.2 in social. If u wanna one vs one add me- Sergeant M3L0Nz 🙂

      • Yeah, people really can get to general in a week…..hold on, let me read that again……:O……a week!? are you high!?

      • lol yeah bro, I’m actually really good and played dubs with my friend and we got two 50’s in 35 games, ha it took two days.

    • Aw dude, you must be one sad bastard to be asking people that clearly don’t play the game as much as you (because you probably have nothing better to do) to fight them in Halo. Yeah, you’re the epitome of the Halo cheater. The one that grabs the sword or hammer, and crouches in a corner because you’re too much of a pussy to play the game properly. Oh yeah, that’s right.

      • Hey actually if they use a sword or hammer and stand in the corner its still fair because thats how the game is made and its just a resorce we all have done it so shut up. I dont use hammers cuz i fail at them -.- swords on the other hand…

  11. lol….my rank is actually liutenant (93 rank points) and i have 13 skill points because you dont need them until you hit 70 rank anyway. i also said in my article that by no means am i elite. i also said that they keep resetting the stats on the website so they may not be accurate. i dont need to play social doubles and leave the game to get my stats up, i play legit, and i dont need to play some 13 year old to make myself feel better, but thanks for the offer rofl.

    • I know what you mean man, people leave me in social doubles too……..They’re already planning his funeral. 😛

    • mate im no pro either but i dont think anyone should be taking advice from a lietenant i want a mlg pro to show me how to play and i can get to fricken brigader

  12. lol… The english language has been pwned in these comments

  13. Those are good tips. I was searching for an answer to “exactly how many wins does it take to gain one skill point?” (how many losses to lose one point) and so far I’ve only found vague answers.
    Anyone know the answer?

    • There really is no telling. This guy giving you the skill ranking stuff has no idea what it is. It is actually based off of trueskill. Basically everything runs off of you win to loss ratio, skill levels of other players, and experience points of other players. If it is your first game and your team has a rank 10 with 5000 experience points just in that playlist, you could potentially go up 3-5 ranks. In one win. If you lose 3-5 games before that example game, you may only go up one. Or not even go up at all. It really depends. If you want to learn tips to rank up fast, send me a message or invite. My gamertag is Mini Miqui and my other gamertag is Erayne

  14. i think i can answer that. if you look at my games history, i had a real crappy run last night. i’m stuck at 18 points, and the last 10 games i didnt go back down to 17, even though i came in 5th three different times. I really think it depends on alot of different things, like how many medals you get, what place you come in, kill/death rate, how far back from the rest of the scoreboard, etc….if i had come in 1st once, i would have gone up to 19.

    so to answer your question, it only takes 1 or 2 1st place finishes to get your stat up. 2nd or 3rd place it might take 3 or 4 games, and constantly coming in 4th and 5th you will most likely lose them.

    • Yeah but once you get higher ranked it gets alot harder. I had to come 1st 10 times to get my highest skill from 24 to 25 (I ain’t a good medal earner lol)
      On the subject of medals, I checked my service rec. on bungie and it says I have two Steaktacular! medals, not a misread I assure you. In the description it reads “Luke owes you a steak dinner.” Can anyone tell me what this is?

  15. as much as i already knew most of that,they are still great tips.and u did add things here and there i hadnt thought of.thanks man!!!

  16. Add me My GT is MVP xX 213 can u help me get my rank up in slayer
    im a 45 nubs jus start cheating

  17. Definitely some good tips. I have to laugh at those who can’t just say thanks or move on if they don’t agree. They always have to drop some stupid comment as if they are the masters of the game. SOOOO many people didn’t pick up on the concept that Bungie was trying to promote with the new release… “UNITE to fight”, not be a jack ass. Everyone will win games and lose then just as much. So i’m with you. Appreciate you taking the time to right all of that out.

    I’m still trying to figure out how “ranked” games work. Been playing a ton of team slayer. Had a good enough team where we were winning 8 out of ten. My buddy and I were both coming in at MVP or at least second but neither of us would move up. And I still haven’t found a site that explains how it works. One would think that after winning 7-8 games in a row and being in the top two that you would go up. FRUSTRATED!

    Happy gaming

  18. Sorry about that, I meant WRITE not right. A little too much playin’ does that to ya

    • Too right man, I put a tub of custard in the dishwasher when I done an all nighter once……..custard is nice in the kitchen. I think I’ll do it in my room too.

  19. It seems like the only players to rank up in team slayer is the 1st on signed in on our console. We have been playing 3 on one console to try and run teams over and my buddy was the only one moving up in rank. I am a 18 on lonewolf and not sure if that means why I am stuck at a 5 on team slayer. He was player 1 on the console and only one to level. I asked support at bungie and no response yet.

    As someone else said … cheat if you can’t rank. I know people that setup a dummy xbox live id to play on one console and invite and just keep beating up on the same players. It works for exp. but not sure if you can improve a skill rating doing it. I like to work for it but being stuck on 18 is pissing me off.

  20. I should be a captain by now. Keep getting ranked with 22 and losing bad with some lagging games and b.s. I don’t see how if you choose to play with players near your skill level that they set you up with better skilled players, esp. one’s ranked as major’s and commanders even if they are 22 skill levels. I can not beat many majors and I am a lieutenant 2 and do hardly any damage to higher players.

    Anyone else having the same trouble??

  21. i hear you man. i was ranked 18 in lone wolf for the longest time, and i came in first on king of the hill and it boosted me up to 20. if you are trying to get beyond 20 in lone wolves, i suggest you change over to team slayer. playing agaist 4 other people with higher stat/rank than you is very hard, and you have to play constantly not to destat/derank. working as a team gives you a better chance of getting past the point you are at now.

  22. Spin,

    Every time you come in 1st each member of your team gets 1 rank point. each rank requires a certain number of rank points up until lietenant, and in that case you need skill AND rank points to achieve that rank. basically social playlists give you rank points only, ranked playlists give you stat + rank. hope this helps.

  23. thanks for the info bro…

  24. A lot of it is just common sense, but common sense only kicked in around 200 games in for me! Wish I had read this a couple of weeks ago! Great page

  25. Cool bits man. I’ve been poking around your Haloforever site as well and it helped me out in the beginning. I’m glad to see you have updated there with a couple of new articles.

    I just wanted to point out that it may be confusing to some when y’all keep saying rank points and skill points. I was under the impression that they were experience points and skill points.

  26. wow you are right bongo…i have been calling exp point rank points this whole time…i dunno why after 111 of them you would think i would get that right lol. editing article now

  27. im lvl 48 in slayer lvl 47 in lone wolves and lvl 46 in doubles this is pathetic…

  28. so why are you looking for rank tips if you’re so awesome…lol

  29. That’s true.

  30. nice tips ignore the ignorance going on here
    your doing a good job

  31. nice one mate

  32. For a person givin advice, you suck at halo alright. i have 160 experience and am at level 37. YOUre on 13 and 240 exp. YOU SUCK

  33. i dont have 240 exp. i have 112 exp. maybe when you learn how to read and interpret the english language you can comment like a big boy. i will say it again: if you are so awesome why are you reading ranking tips?

  34. Its amazing the loosers that come on this page and TAKE THE TIME to downgrade people that are helping and encouraging one another. The gentleman writing the article never once said he was good or great. He simply shared how he achieved his current level. GROW UP. If you have nothing POSITIVE to say or no GOOD advise to give go blog on myspace!!!

  35. Good job on the tips although some combat tips would be helpful to new players, e.g jumping, melee and just general stuff like that :D:D

    stop posting really sad things:
    (t3h n3wbZ 0n 7his aR G@Y)

  36. thanks peter. you can see the combat tips in the second part of the article; there are links to the second part at the top and bottom of this article, titled “Tips and Tactics Part 2”. You really can’t miss it…..

  37. hello all. this goes out to all those pathetic halo 3 players(xfatBoyFartzx-artic ice dragon-icefire89). people it is a game! A GAME! this person is trying to help others to have a better experience playing this GAME. and what do you do(xFatBoyFartzx-artic ice dragon-icefire89) you put em down. you are absolutly the most pathetic human beings on the planet. so you can play better. WOW!!!!! so you are ranked higher.OOOOHHHH JOY! Get a f*&%$&* Life you 3 LOSERS. i applaud pswi60 for taking his valuable time to help others better understand Halo3, so that they may play the game better. pswi60 is not selfish, he shares and tries to help others, THAT says alot about pswi60’s character. and i would be honored to have em on my friends list. You 3 I mentioned i will be looking to frag your asses from here on out. I said it and it WILL be done.
    DALRYMPLE86 is afraid of nobody!!
    pswi60 KEEP up the good work and dont let the haters stop you from what your like doing.HELPING OTHERS.

  38. I’ll second that, the guy’s just trying to help, not everyone has time to spend all day online and this page really helps them catch up. So STOP commenting on how lame you think he is and go do something outside in the real world if your mothers will let you or if you can find a high enough sunblock to protect your acne ridden teenage faces! You are the type of jerks that spoil xbox live for everyone else!

  39. I’ve been running into people to saying you suck. People need to not be so serious and realize that it is only a game. Thought I would get some tips. Thanks for the tips some I know others I didn’t think of.

  40. Hey man, nice guide, thanks for clearing some of that stuff up for me. For all you c*@!s who are slagging good, honest advice: Some of us have -lives-. My money’s on most of the people posting here being able to pwn your feeble little asses anyday. Ranks don’t mean so much – so get out more, get a life, go off and get laid, whatever, but stop spamming how much people “suck” because they don’t spend 23 hours a day on Live working on their ranks. I’m a lv14 gunnery sergeant, I’m not ashamed of that. It’s -you- who should be ashamed for spending so much time playing a game.

    Go get a job.

  41. thanks guys. I am just 1 example of someone who isn’t the greatest at Halo 3, but i’m still a captain. I think some people don’t like that and they get mad because I’m ranked higher than them. Oh well, I just try to help others…I think thats why some people get mad too is because I’m helping noobish players get better and they don’t like that cause now the haters are getting owned!

  42. Great little article. Keep up the good work. For all you complainers, no one is forcing you to read the article. So shut the hell up. If you don’t agree with him, go start your own blog. Losers.

  43. Nothing wrong with offering advice. Good advice is universal and even the top players can learn from a novice (not that you are). Halo 3 is my first FPS game and i’m really enjoying it. It took me a long time to get *not terrible* and many many matches. I am a major and i’ll be the first to tell you i am not even close to being the best at this game, but i try and i have fun with it. That’s what matters.

  44. lol, i heard some thing earlier where someone said it was almost impossible to go up after 20 lol… umm, just so u know the standard competitive level of the game is around 40… that’s where i get stuck… there’s not much difference in a level 20 to a level 30… try the difference in a level 40 to level 45… huge difference… if ur from australia add me – ‘seriousdan23’

  45. you have to realize Dan that the skill number is different for each player. Thats what TrueSKill is all about, and while you may be skilled enough to reach 40-45, some players may peak at 20. What that means is the skill 20 player will be matched up with other players of his/her skill, which makes for better matches. Just because it wasn’t hard for you to pass level 20 doesn’t mean its easy for soeone else…..get it?

    • 😦 i am epic at infection matches, but really am horrible at everything else. the bad thing is, infection is only double exp weekend (which doesnt have a skill lvl), so i am a gunner sarge rank 3, with highest skill 6 😦 these tips will really help me out

  46. I think you did a great job with your tips and they are all spot on. Basic or not, they are good advice and appreciated.

  47. SeriousDan23: The average skill level is around 15 at any given time. Not 40, not even close.

  48. to all those no life know it alls who are trashing somebody whos just trying to help others get better,ill meet you in real life then well see whos better whe n your looking up from the pavement
    f#@$%king losers.

  49. I think what dan was saying is that there is a massive difference in a level 40 and a level 45…..well thats what i have found in lone wolves anyway….and have found the same thing with a 35 and 40 in teams….. i also think hes saying that if a level 20 goes up against a 25, that level 20 will still have a good chance at a win.

    just another tip which i have found…. if u have sum mates that aren’t quite up to ur standard, let them host when you play together, put it on social and you will play people with a skill level between yours and theres. As you will probably be the best you can pwn every1.(i said let to them host, although it theoretically doesnt make a difference. You seeM to play more low levels if you do this)

  50. I applaud you ,pswi60 for your great article. I am a Captain Grade 2 and have a skill of 24. I really feel for you losers that think your so cool by calling generous people noobs just because they have freakin lives. Even though i am a Captain Grade 2 i am not all that great ill admit, i have ups and downs, strengths and weaknesses and just because i am the grade i am.. i am not a noob and neither is anyone else. you freakin no life P.O.S dumb@553S.
    I have a message for you: Get a life. It’s worth it. Oh and your mom told me to ask you to please get out of her basement, shes tired of asking you.

  51. LOL LMAO u kids r all noobs iam 50 commander u guys wanna play me fr x exist x if u got a gamebattles team bring it lol effing noobs lol

  52. does anyone know the perfect connection speed for playin well?…. i know faster is better but im just wondering. does upload matter a great deal?


  53. hey i saw that your highest skill acheived on halo 3 was a 20 i looked on my highest skill is a 40 and i am a colonel if you want help getting your ranks up add I BattleFront I ass a friend

  54. i tried adding u…. just add me. SHARKFARTS

  55. How do you get a higher skill during one game

  56. ok im looking for some real tips here .. you should name this article nubics 1 or something because anyone who has played the game for more than a week would consider this article completely irrelevant. — gamertag— lord of rot

  57. I have read most of the comments regarding this article and have noticed that overall everyone is glad to get advice from someone trying to give it. I agree with most to make negative remarks from someone that is just trying to help can only come from players that are not worth playing with. The great thing about Halo is the joining of real people and the respect given to fellow players. I think the negative comment makers suck!! Come and join me in a game I am ranked only 16 but I will kick your ass just on princible alone! Thanks for a great article..Be proud of yourself to try to help others!! halo 3 name Gen Destruction played almost 450 ranked games and just hit skill 16.

  58. .

  59. You know the screen that shows the bar graph for the skill range. It clearly shows the majority of people are in the skill range of 20 to 30 approx. Not many people are in the 40 to 50. If you are in that 40 to 50 skill range, unless you are a bungie employee, you probably have no life.

  60. Do skill points go hire than 50?

  61. i liked the tips but you should add tactical things such as throwing a spike grenade into an active bubble shield and stuff like that, that would inprove the articals big time writen by a 12 year old general grade 5 from reading tips like this they inproved my game by big big portions but always melee an enemy with a spin or rush but the best tip is get a battle rifle and a short range and hide them bam they drop in front of you just remember throw grenades when needed the right 1s too well by by thats alls i have to say about your article other than dont listen to peoples mean articals and if i defended you by my mini artical/reply im truely sorry and when i reactivate my acount since im on my uncles i would like to have you as a friend i was joking about general grade 5 im really a major grade 3 but my online user nameis Ghost of Death

  62. skill points do not go beyond 50

  63. Major grade 3? You must suck.

    I’m a commander highest skill 44 in hone wolves.

    Want to add me?

    Sick Giani

    • hey! major grade three is pretty good. just becouse hes a lower rank than you does not mean he sucks. OH! and im sure alought of people would be embarrassed to add you.

  64. im a comannander highest skill 41 in lone wolves and cant go up anymore! i have 373 experince

  65. Ya, i liked the comment about how most people are skill 20-30, and if u are 40-50 u have no life, i agree with that but i have a friend who is a Colonel with around 46 skill, and he has more of a life than i do and im a Major.

  66. dude ihave a 40 in lone wolves butiwon a game but didnt goup a skill WTF

  67. I dont understand why peeps wanna bash the op. He had some pointers to help…. Ohhhh i get it, all of the “elite” halo players dont want all of teh newbs knowing their strategys.

    Thanks for the tips, i will be sure to implement some of theses asap.

  68. I think the best thing to do is to start a new account and try to win every match. I have 33 experience and level 41 in team doubles.

  69. i love how all the kids are like “you suck”. i don’t feel the need to brag about my level on a forum where a kid is trying to help people out. yes, i already knew everything on here, but it was a great guide for people who are just starting/want to learn how to play better. and yes, all the people talking shit to him because you are a “45”, we could play if you would like. add Stan McStans0n. and then show me how “1337” you are when we are playing 1v1.

  70. dude, you really do suck. Quit giving advice. Naw Im playin. I like your article. I appreciate other comments too. To the others who claim that they’re the shit, me personaally, I laugh at your comments, you keepin it real, but at least laeve some advice for sucky players like me. somehow im skill 20. took forever to go from 17 to 20. Most people i play with who have skill over 20, do it through team slayer. Just something i noticed.

  71. I’ve got some pointers for you if you’re having trouble in Team Slayer type matches. You have to approach team games with a totally different mindset than you would free-for-all matches. The most important factor in winning team games isn’t how many kills you get, but rather your K/D (kill/death) ratio. If every player on your team gets at least a 0 K/D, the other team CANNOT win (the best they can hope for is a tie), and if every player on your team gets a 0 or + K/D, your team will win every time. So, if you’re getting killed constantly, and aren’t getting kills in the process, you may want to rethink your strategy. It doesn’t matter how good you are as an individual, because in teams, if you act as an individual and go running off into battle alone, chances are you’ll run into a group of enemies who will gang up on you and easily defeat you. The key is to fight as a team, meaning going into battle as a group, not alone. That doesn’t necessarily mean the entire team should stay together, huddled in the same corner, however, because sometimes it’s more advantageous to split into smaller groups of 2 or more and ambush your opponents from different directions. Just make sure that regardless of what strategy you decide to use, the whole team is on the same page and is working together towards the same goal. If you’re not very good, my advice is to just follow one of the better players around and provide support when necessary. You don’t have to be the greatest player around to be useful in teams.

  72. You suck1 i went and looked at your guy on adn your kill to death ratio was bad.

  73. I was surprised to not see a very important tip up there. All of them were really good tips, but another important one people should know, is when you can, throw a grenade BEFORE you start to fire at your enemy, not as a last resort. This will cause the shield to heavily drop only needing a couple of shots to kill them. Oh, and whenever you pick up plasma grenades, always have them as the grenade ready to be thrown. They do more damage, but have a smaller radius of explosion. Oh and another tip is try using long range weapons. The battle rifle is my favorite weapon, and probably one of the best. You can use it in short distances as well as long distances… obviously not as long as a sniper or beam riffle. But this weapon allows you to kill an enemy from a good distance without beinig in the hell zone where all the other players are killing eachother. Oh and another one lol. If you see people fighting in short distances, dont start shooting at them both, because chances are you will only get one of the kills. You might get both, but its not too common. Instead, throw a grenade at them. Since they were both fighting, they are obviously weak. And the grenade you throw will be what kills them both, or even all three of them. HAHA another thing!! Everyone knows that the turret is EXTREMELY fast and powerful when it comes to killing opponents. And everyone knows you can’t crouch which means you will appear on the radar. WRONG!! You dont need to crouch to be invicible by the radar. you can walk slowly by pushing the joystick up half way. This enables you to walk slightly slower, and hides you from the radar. My gamer tag is Gawad, but its not that great. I share the name with my brother because I didn’t care about my tag too much, but now I regret sharing it lol. the untouchable, slice n’ dice, sharpshooters, perfections, and open season medals were me. My brother messed up my kill death ratio lol. Im gonna be making a new gamer tag and am looking for people that are REALLY good to play with. Oh, and really good is when you arent too happy you got untouchable because you knew you could of gotten invincible. Oh, and if you never got a perfection without cheating, you are not REALLY good either. C YAAAAA

  74. The K/D (kill/death) spread is actually really important in free-for-all matches as well. The chances of winning a game with a negative K/D are really low, and although it is possible to win with more deaths than kills, it doesn’t happen very often, and there are very good reasons why. The most obvious is the fact that you’re dying more than you’re killing, which means you’re losing more confrontations than you’re winning, which usually is a bad sign. The other reasons include the time, weapon, and location disadvantages you have when you respawn. First off, it takes 5 seconds to respawn after each death, which, when compounded over say 20 deaths, adds up to almost 2 minutes of time you could have spent killing. 2 minutes is a long time, especially considering the fact that the average free-for-all game only lasts around 8-10 minutes, so it makes a huge difference in the outcome of the match. Second, you’re stuck with the Assault Rifle and only the Assault Rifle whenever you respawn, which immediately puts you at a disadvantage against players with superior weapons. The longer you stay alive, the better chance you have of acquiring good weapons, and more importantly, keeping them. And finally, respawn points aren’t usually the best places on most maps, which generally leaves you at a disadvantage when you die. Either you pop up out in the open where everyone can see you (and therefore kill you), or you pop up near someone who could be camping (most likely with powerful weapons), and since your only reasonable option is to start moving, you show up on their radar, and they have the advantage of knowing where you are as opposed to you not knowing where they are. So, in short, you want to avoid dying as much as possible. Which leads me to my next point. Strategy is key in improving overall skill and winning games.

    The difference between an average and a great Halo 3 player is strategy. People who run and gun without thinking twice about their surroundings, their weapons, their opponents’ weapons, how many opponents there may be, the likelihood of their surviving that specific encounter, etc. generally only do average in most games. Players who think before acting, however, tend to do much better. There are millions of different factors that need to be considered on a large scale, but there are a few simple things you should keep in mind before entering a confrontation. First and foremost is how well you will probably fare given the situation. For example: if there are 3 or 4 players engaging each other in a heated battle, the likelihood of your surviving a run-and-gun approach isn’t very high. The smarter strategy is to hang back a bit and either throw some grenades into the mix, take out some players with medium to long-range weapons, or wait for an opportune moment to strike when things have settled down a bit and the remaining players are one or two shots away from death. This will give you the greatest chance of surviving while gaining kills in the process. Another thing to always consider before engaging other players is the weapons set you and your opponent have. If both players are equally (or almost equally) equipped, by all means engage, but if your opponent has far superior weapons, and your chances of winning a confrontation aren’t that great, your best move is to just avoid that player. Don’t leave yourself open to being an easy kill for other players. That’s just bad strategy. Another thing to keep in mind when faced with a possible battle is your surroundings. Always try to give yourself a fighting chance of winning each and every encounter by using whatever advantages you have. If your surroundings provide decent cover, use them to avoid being shot as much by opponents or to bait opponents into a trap (either with grenades or devastating short-range weapons like the shotgun, sword, gravity hammer, etc.). If you see players running around, but they don’t see you, don’t just start shooting, and therefore reveal your position. Throw some grenades first, which will not only drop your opponent’s shield, but will also disorient them for a moment, giving you the advantage. If your shield is low, take some time to recharge and reload before entering your next battle, because otherwise, you’ll die very quickly. If another player engages you when your shields are low, don’t just start shooting back and hope for the best (unless you don’t have any other option), but rather seek cover, and potentially lure them into a trap that will result in their death, not yours. Anyway. These are just some tips to keep in mind in every situation, and if you apply them well (along with other strategies), you should see a vast improvement in your skill and win percentages. The smart player uses every advantage possible to maximize the number of kills they get while minimizing the number of deaths they have, and that’s the difference between average and great.

  75. question
    why is it ill blast someone then melee and then they melee at the same time and i die

  76. Bungie has stated that in situations involving simultaneous (or nearly simultaneous) melees, the player with the most health will win and survive, while the player with less health will die. Basically, whoever gets more shots in before the two-sided melee occurs wins. Bungie has also stated that even if you are the first player to initiate the melee, if you have less health than the other player, and the other player responds with a melee of their own within a half-second or so, the other player will still win. So, you may want to take that extra millisecond to get one more round off before going for the melee. It could mean the difference between life and death.

  77. thats like with the power sword, i can go at it with sum1 and clash swords about 5 times but still they get 1 over on me!! is it possible that sum people r cheating?

  78. The main difference in sword battles is the use of the sword parry (melee button) as opposed to the sword lunge (right trigger). The sword parry’s main purpose is to block the sword lunge, leaving the lunger temporarily stunned so you can retaliate with a lunge of your own and win, but the parry is actually a lot more effective for all around purposes. I never even use the sword lunge unless I’m out of range for the sword parry (the parry usually doesn’t lunge, although it has a few times in my experience) AND my opponent isn’t facing me, because if they were facing me, they could easily block my lunge with a parry, and kill me with a lunge of their own or another parry (which is much faster than the lunge). In instances where two players are caught in a sword parry duel, it will either go on indefinitely (if both players are doing their parries at the same time and at the same rate) until either one player gives up, one player misses their sword strike, or a third party interrupts the duel. If the sword strikes or the rate at which the players are doing their parries are off by even the slightest time difference, eventually, the player who did the strike first or does the parries faster will win, even if it takes 5 or more attempts. It’s not likely that people are cheating (although it’s still possible), but rather that they’re getting strikes in first or faster, or a combination of the two.

  79. nice article some good tips to help the masses! 😮 you dont want to be telling everyone that sword tip me and my friend beat a 43 and 47 at swords because they were lungeing constantly was close tho the 47 was french and a mirical worker with a plasma grenade 😀

  80. you are bad at the game, why are you trying to give advice? When you’re a skill 50, then make a guide. It’s pretty pathetic how we have crappy players telling us how to rank up…

  81. These are the dumbest things ever.I just versed my friend in multiplayer and lost horribly.I mean the last round we played he had 61 points and I had 20 points.What should I do?The first couple of games I was doing good but he still beat me.I am only 13 years old and so is he.I’m good at Halo because I have been playing since I got Halo Combat Evolved years ago.My friend in my school and his frineds(my friends also) told me that he could beat me and I didn’t beleive me because when I used to verse my cousin who is my age also,I’d always kill him.He kills me alot but I also come out winning.I just got an X-box 360 and Halo 3 a couple of weeks ago.I got all of the skulls and when my friend came over today(December 3,2007 Monday)he helped me get the Tilt skull.My friend always beats me.We playend on High Ground,Snowbound,etc(1 more multiplayer level)and he beat me in all of them.I need to know how to beat the kid.I never had and probably will never have until I’m a teenager X-box Live.I never versed anybody except for my cousin and my first friend fight.

  82. I actually agree with the anonymous guy.He is right.How can(even though I don’t know my level)I let some guy who says he is a level 7 or 8 give em advice.No offence man but he is right.When you become a level 40-50 then you make your own guide.But for now you shouldn’t be giving this seriously dumb advice.

  83. yeahh if anyone wants a rank 45 in lone wolves just add i battlefront i as a friend. i swear i wont take your account but just give me your information and i will recover your account. you can ask other people i have done this for i swear i wont scam you. all i ask in return is a one month xbox live subscrition (7.99$) or 800 microsoft points i will only do this for 10 people and then i will focus on getting my rank 50 so hurry up and add me as a friend

  84. also as soon as i am done ranking you up just recover your account on your xbox and change and password or whatever you want to do.

  85. Don’t be gay. If you can’t get 45 skill by yourself, there’s no point having 45 skill. Besides, you don’t even have 45 skill i battlefront i, so how do you plan on getting it for other people? I wouldn’t do it. He’s probably just going to use your profile to boost himself, leaving your gamertag in super suck status or worse, banned.

  86. Don’t be gay. If you can’t get 45 skill by yourself, what’s the point in having 45 skill? Besides, you don’t even have 45 skill i battlefront i, so how you plan on getting it for other people? I wouldn’t do it. He’s probably just going to use your profile to boost himself, leaving your gamertag in super suck status or worse, banned.

  87. people just because he is low on rank doesn’t mean he can’t give out information. just like me, I suck with teachers and I give out usefull information to be a teacher’s pet to my friend and it works.

  88. That last sentence makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. But you’re right about rank or skill not being able to discredit someone’s advice. Most of the people in the gaming industry who write walkthroughs and give advice on how to play better aren’t very great themselves, but rather understand the basics and are able to articulate those concepts in a way that is useful for other people. Usually those who teach weren’t the best students, and usually the best students can’t teach. I bet the select few players who have achieved 50 skill in Halo 3 without boosting, manipulating any other form of gameplay, or riding the coattails of other more highly skilled players (in teams) can’t explain what they do and how they do it in a way that any normal person can understand, and I bet the players who can explain what works and what doesn’t won’t ever be able to achieve 50 skill. Some people are just better at playing video games than others, and that’s something that can’t be taught.

  89. I don’t know why people are so concerned with getting 40-50 skill. Halo 3 is so much more fun at the lower skill levels. Once you get into the 40s and higher, all you ever see is boosting and B.S. like that. I’m a skill 47 in Lone Wolves, and I’d say about 1 out of every 3 games I play (if not more) I encounter boosting or groups working together. It’s a serious pain in the ass, and it takes all the fun out of it. I don’t even see the point in trying to get a higher skill level because even if you do extremely well in fair games, fair games are few and far between, and the negative results of losing boosted games haults any progress you might have been making. When it’s 2 or more against 1, you’re out of luck, and it’s damn near impossible to win King of the Hill or Oddball games when other players are working together, so I say just be content with your average skill level. It’s a much happier place to be and a far better place to play.

  90. I Reckon These Are Good Tips
    I Am A Level 38 LW And 31 TS Major But Everyone Needs Tips Even The Best And The Worst Players

    The Guys That Say They Can Own This Guy Is Fair Enoug If There Level Is Higher And Legit But Ther Is No Need To Diss The Tips Cos They R Useful

    If Ani One Wants To Play Or Ani 1 Below Mi Lvl Needs Help Ranking Add Me At DEaThXxSLaYeRxX

  91. Also A Tip Never Forget Youre Second Weapon Always have It Reloaded So If You Were Shooting Someone Wid An AR Till He Had Red Bar Then He Goes Round A Corner Get Out A Secondary Wep I Suggest A BR Carbine Or Plasma Weps Blast Him In The Head Hes Dead Tghen Reload Both And Wlak Away A Kill Better Off

  92. Thanks for the advice. Keep it up!


  93. I read all the postings but im still confused on something. i have close to 100 ranked matches and 200 social and i just made gunnery sargent grade 3 (150 exp). but my achievement level is still sitting at 9..i cant acheive 10! part of this is i suck..the other part is i dont know what it takes to raise the ACHEVEIMENT level..cause ive been mvp..placed first a many times..not sure what to do to make that 9 a 10. can anyone give me an answer? (lol and go ahead and slam my skill..i can handle it)

  94. You have to play and win ranked matches to increase your skill level. If you’re normally placing 3rd or worse in ranked games (free-for-all and teams), your skill won’t increase. Place 1st or 2nd on a regular basis, and your skill should go up. Another factor that’s considered in determining skill is general improvement. If the system recognizes a vast improvement in a particular area (say kill/death rate), that may help boost your skill more quickly as well. Just remember, skill level is used to determine the most appropriate and evenly matched games for each player, so if the system thinks you’re better off at level 9 as opposed to 10, you’re going to stay a level 9. If the system sees that you’re dominating players close to your skill level, it will level you up to make the online experience more balanced.

  95. And by 3rd or worse in teams, I meant 3rd or worse out of your team if you place 1st. If your team places 2nd, your skill probably won’t increase, even if you get MVP.

  96. U can pull usefull bits of advice from anywhere. you trashtalking mofo’s are just dicks. grow up.

  97. Thanks for the tips pswi60, thanks to u i’m in level 40 and i have 425 EXP, i appreciate for trying to help other people,
    try to add me


  98. really helpful – thanks for writing this – noob here as well – mebbe catch you on soon if you add me

  99. pswi360, nice article man. im a brand new major with highest skill 37, so i don’t really suck and ive got some exp w/ this game, but i still learned some things from ur article. its well written and good for everyone. so don’t listen to those losers who think they r all tht cuz they play halo 24/7. u seem cool so add me to ur friends list, my gamertag is spartandude09. c ya on live.

  100. all of you suck. none of you guys can beat me 1v1 in halo3 or halo2. ima 48 in lone wolves, 44 in slayer, and 43 in doubles. so none of you can talk. beat me 1v1 then you can talk. add my gamertag xXxDoMesHoTxXx just like that and leave a message sying that your the guy from the website of advice and play me 1v1 bitch.

    YOU SUCK!!!!!

  101. ima colonel. im the best on halo3 and was and still is on halo2. so beat me!


  102. Thank You for taking the time, some who have made shitty comments are just frustrated from not getting laid and working fast food jobs. So to the assholes I say… Yes I would like fries with that!

    Thanks again well done

  103. lol i agree with the previous post. To deny any truth is just ignorance, no matter how helpful or unhelpful it is to you its still the facts.

  104. Hey Hey Hey!….this thing is soo GAY.

  105. like ur mum

  106. good tips but they need work

  107. Just like your spelling… “anonimous”…

  108. Some nice tips for a newbie, like myself.

  109. Bungie made some changes to Halo 3 multiplayer just recently. They’ve taken some of the weapons off of certain maps (maulers mostly), and some of the balancing seems to have been tweaked as well. It doesn’t look like players can respond with melee strikes after being hit with a finishing melee anymore, even if it’s done within that half-second window, so don’t wait that extra moment to get one more shot off, otherwise you’ll die. Be sure to check the Bungie weekly update (12/21/07) on their website ( so you can catch up on what’s been modified. You don’t want to be THAT player looking for a power weapon that isn’t there anymore, getting killed in the process.

  110. I think the kill/death (k/d) spread plays a big role in gaining rank. I just started playing online today, and I averaged a k/d of around 1.75 in about 35 games, and I’m already a level 40. I obviously won the majority of the games I played, but I was jumping 2-4 skill levels each time!

  111. I was playing team doubles with a friend i started at a lvl 21 and he was a 14 we went on a winning streak of about 20 matches and i was MVP every game however he ended up a level 33 a whole 19 levels more and i only gained 6 levels up to a 27

  112. Yeah, I saw a bunch of that while playing doubles, too. I was playing with a guy who was a level 21 staff captain (he had played a ton of games), and I was like a level 19 (with only a few games). I got to skill level 30 before he got to 22. I was MVP almost every time, but I also always had a very high k/d, whereas his wasn’t that great. MVP is basically given to the person with the most kills, so even if you have a negative k/d but have the most kills, you’ll probably get MVP. The number of games you’ve played in any given playlist, how well you do compared to the other players, and your k/d all factor in to gaining skill. If you’ve played over 100 games, your skill probably won’t increase as quickly as someone who’s only played 10, and if you start off as a level 21 with another player who’s a level 14, the system will boost the level 14 much more quickly if that player’s ability is relatively close to yours.

  113. The thing is my k/d ratio was the best every time and we had played roughly the same amount of games

  114. Anonymous what is your email address?

  115. The number of games you’ve played in general is not what the ranking system takes into account. It uses the number of games you’ve played in a specific playlist when determining skill for that playlist. So, even if you’ve both played around 200 games total, if you’ve played more games in Team Doubles than your friend, that’s what the system will take into consideration. If you’ve both played roughly the same number of Team Doubles games, it’s more likely that the system either (1) saw more improvement in your level 14 friend’s performance compared to previous games as opposed to your consistent progress or (2) used your rank (as well as the other players’) as a benchmark and adjusted the level 14’s skill accordingly. It’s not likely that the level 14 would have continued progressing above and beyond your skill level, however, unless the number of Team Doubles games that player had played was significantly less than your Team Doubles count.

  116. There should not be a rank system. There should be a divide between the good, bad, and hey i just bought a 360.

    Why on earth would you want to get your rank up? Unless I am mistaken ranks are to show how good you are. Multiply your rank and you will die quicker than fish in a barrel.

  117. That’s what the ranking system does: divide players based on skill.

  118. does anyone know how to close the door on high ground????

  119. I’m a level 50 legit and you guys are all nubs. TO the guy above me, you cant close the door once it’s opened. By the way my gamertag is StimH.

  120. these were some good tips. i would like to know how to change who u play with on online multiplayers, like if u want to play with people only in your rank.

  121. Before you start the matchmaking search, you can limit the type of search you want the system to make (by pressing ‘x’) to: quickest (the default setting that looks for the fastest match), good connection (the setting that looks only for possible matches with good connections), close skill (the setting that tries to match you with other players closest to your skill level), and my language (the setting that looks for other players with the same language selection you have). There’s no real way to guarantee a match with only players of your exact skill level or rank using the matchmaking system, but doing a search with a preference for close skill will give you the best results possible given your criteria.

  122. the guy who made this article is just trying to help people so u guys who r “pro” BACK THE FUCK OFF u no life fags he is just trying to help bad players

  123. help average players too 🙂

  124. WOW u r such a loser taking pictures of Cortana u must be like 12 years old.

  125. This kid should not be giving advice to anyone. Telling people to camp by good weapon spawns is stupid, camping in general is stupid, it should only be used when you see the enemy on your radar and u duck around a corner real quick to set up position. I’m a level 46, and yes i have a life, i go to college, and usually play a few hours per week. Quite frankly if you suck at video games you’re going to suck at halo, it takes coordination to be a decent player, then strategy to be 1337. Also, I would go up a level after a win when i was low leveled, sometimes two levels at once, but when you get up in the 40’s sometimes it takes 5 or 6 wins, 1st place victories, to go up in level. My gamertag is NickEIce

  126. Camping isn’t a bad strategy if done in the right situations with good implementation. Most players don’t like campers because they get caught off guard and don’t have enough time to respond before getting killed. That’s not stupid; that’s actually pretty smart. If camping can give a player the advantage, then it’s a good idea to pursue that course of action. Obviously, for camping to be effective, one needs a pretty powerful weapon for fast and efficient kills, a good location with low visibility from other players and decent ambush potential, and a heavy flow of traffic, but with any strategy, flexibility and adaptation are always necessary. Stay in one place for too long and the other players will know where to expect you. Either (1) you’ll be a stationary target that other players will be looking for, or (2) players will start avoiding you altogether, limiting your kill potential. With a game as dynamic and unpredictable as Halo 3, players always have to shift strategies in-game to adjust to the general flow of each match, so sticking to one specific strategy the entire game may prove more detrimental than useful. There are a few levels with very effective camping/ambush points, but even then, it’s not always the best idea to stay in those places for too long.

  127. Thanks dude, this has helped me a lot. I’m a freaking noob. I’ll ammit it, I bring sucking to a new lvl. I Think I’ll try some of these next time I play (tomorrow).

  128. man this is great in a commander and it really work that stuff u say THANKS

  129. thanx man

  130. on the camping topic, i played a big team battle on last resort, we had a diesel team, but the other team had 1 guy who camped the 2nd floor where the sniper spawns (above the grav lift pickup). he would come out long enough to engage us but then fall back and reshield. he was able to engage many of us at a time and not die. he would employ the bubble shield and launch nades all over the place. he knew a good stategic spot on the map and camped it, making use of everything to his advantage.

  131. i beat domeshot in LW. ive seen him before. hes not that good

  132. im a 44 colonel in LW and TS, and i can’t rank up. i went to team slayer and had a 39 gunnery seargent on my team. we partied up and he went up to a 46 in TS and i didn’t go up one level. I realized if u dont have much exp then u rank up alot faster. i started a nub account and won a bunch of ranked games and quit a bunch of social to lose exp, and i went up to a 43 in TS in 45 rounds by playing with my lvl 40+ friends. It works

  133. I don’t think EXP has as much to do with quickly gaining rank as the number of games you’ve played does. It’s much more likely that you gained rank as quickly as you did because your account was new, and the number of games you played was low. I wouldn’t recommend players quit social games to lose EXP, because that’s NOT going to help you gain rank faster. Starting a new account and implementing the game experience and skill you acquired through a previous account, however, will show a very quick increase to the skill level you should be at, given your existing game experience (which could very well be above your previous account’s highest skill).

  134. I must admit, the one thing keeping me from getting the skill points is the number of complete N00bs i’m getting paired with. The advice is good, and you should keep it up.

  135. my rank was 9 and my team lost (gay noobs) but i came in 2nd for my team but i still went down to a 8 in rank wtf?

  136. by the way, thx for the advice ;D

  137. this guy is crap dont take advice from noobs go look at my stats on bungie rofl thats pro (anzac 4 life)

  138. Losing teams games is equivalent to placing in the bottom half of free-for-all games. Even if you placed first on your team, got MVP, had the majority of kills for your team, and had an extremely high k/d, if your team lost, you lost, too, and your rank will be negatively impacted. The same concept applies in the reverse as well. If you’re the worst player on your team and played terribly, as long as your team wins, your rank will be positively affected. When dealing with teams, the most important thing is how well your team did as a group, not necessarily how well you did as an individual. As far as anzac 4 life’s comment, anyone can stat boost in teams if they have a good team. The best way to determine an individual’s overall skill is through Lone Wolves, and your performance there is not what I would call “pro”.

  139. i am a lieutenant 2nd grade, skill level 10, and the other day i met some dude who was a gunnery sgt, level 15. he had the necessary exp points to be promoted. I got promoted as soon as my skill level went to 10 help me to understand, this guy is getting shafted

  140. That doesn’t make sense at all. If the guy has a highest skill of 15 and has more than 70 EXP, he should be a lieutenant. The only reasons he wouldn’t be promoted are (1) the system is extremely slow in updating his information, which is very unlikely, or (2) he has quit enough team games to keep his EXP below the necessary point of promotion. Other than that, I don’t see why he wouldn’t be promoted.

  141. thanks for th etips man…im still trying to figure out how i stayed at 13 for like a month……I have 604 exp I go on frenzies every other game, sprees, positive kill death spreads and all that other ish…im only at a 17 now….
    what the hell do i have to do lol?
    someone give some help please

  142. The fact that you have so much EXP is the reason you’re not moving up in skill very quickly. If you’ve played a lot of games in one specific playlist, gaining skill is a slow and arduous process, even if you play phenomenally. If you’re brand new to a specific playlist, and you play extremely well, you will see your skill increase rapidly. My advice is to play a different playlist that you haven’t spent much time in, because if you do well there, you will see your skill go up much more quickly, and will probably feel a lot better about your progress.

  143. Thats true Anonymous cause i been a lvl 47 for the longest time & i win like 7 games in a row with out losin n i dont lvl up but the thing is that when i got my acc i when crazy levelin every gametype n my EXP got up so high that now i got wut they call “Profile Promotion” if any buddy want to see my record my Gt is ” S U R P R 1 S 3 ” .. also any buddy has a team of 3 or 4 hoola at me lets play some MLG Games.. New Gt is : “requenzy” just got it yesterday 1-16-08 n im all ready lvl 20 just in a few hours.. with a good record just lost one game n was because i lagout… BS!!

  144. The higher skill you achieve, the harder it is to move up in skill regardless of how many games you’ve played. You’ll move up faster if you haven’t played as many games in a specific playlist, but it still takes a lot of wins, especially in the higher 40s. I just got to skill 48 in Lone Wolves, but it took me 24 1st place victories, 6 2nd place near-victories, 8 3rd place finishes, and that with only 1 4th place game (no 5th or 6th place losses). When you move into that high level of skill, you really have to prove yourself in order to move up, and any bottom-half finishes will really set you back. When I first got to skill 47 in Lone Wolves, I placed 5th once and dropped back down to a 46, and it took me 3 consecutive 1st place wins immediately following that loss to get back to 47. So basically, when you’re highly skilled, you’re expected to win, and it takes a lot of wins to rank up, but if you lose, your skill level suffers a massive setback, especially if you’re put up against players of lower skill levels. Getting to highest skill 50 is more an exercise in endurance and consistency than it is playing ability in my opinion, because most of the Generals I’ve played weren’t really all that good.

  145. hmm good thread useful information but!.. your rank dishonors me and taking advice from you would be slightly stupid i got an account gunnery sergeant with highest skill of 43.

  146. meh…Dont forget HeadShots Headshots Headshots

  147. Nice man very good tips and the crouching 1 is 1 that i have used numerous times, the pit for example, everyone goes straightfor sword, 5 people on the other team if they dont talk then thats 5 kills their eyes light up the sword is still there! run to it oblivious of me coming up behind to assasinate but after 5 kills you then take the sword and move on, a killing spree before taking the sword then a further 10 kills with sword ouch thats a lot of medals ! 🙂

  148. Nice article Bro, Some good things to consider

  149. I find it funny how many wankers leave stupid ass comments on your page. Kids, go do something better with your lives than to waste it on virtual nothingness.

  150. Wow know offense but all you guys suck im already a friken commander grade 2 with highest skill 31 exp 390 something or 400 jumpercables85 send me a message if you want to vs me

  151. The rank of Commander requires a highest skill of 35, and that 400 EXP is out of almost 1,000 matchmade games, which means you’ve only placed in the top half about 40% of the time. That’s not exactly something you should be bragging about.

  152. ty

  153. hay all you guys who play 4 fun and want to help me get 2 a cornal im allmost there i just need a little help in either team slay(39) or team dubs(37) look me up on live helldozer16

  154. i agree all those fags who think theyre hot shit can get fucked cos they’ll probly b 40yr old virgins at home with their mum. im gunnery sergeant grade 6 im proud of it. good advice.
    gt is jords242 add me if u wanna play

  155. u suc

  156. if u need a good player in slayer or doulbles halla at SILENTMAN18

  157. I got a tip for the Stragglers out there, Try to pick something other than an AR, Spiker and Plasma rifle work better for getting the shields down for a beat down (Whoever has the most shield wins in a head on fight). If you pick the weapon of the good players( the BR) then dont bother trying to get all head shots. Sometimes itz just too hard to do. It only takes 4 shots to kill someone if you do it right. 3 body shots anywhere then 1 headshot. The nig is dead. Need some help playing? Send me a Friend request or look me up. Direwillow or z c0dy z the 0 is the number on cody

  158. PS Good article looks nice too. Also if anyone wants to 1v1 me I will do it, but I fight for the kids who love video games.

  159. Oih that was a sick rap up ay lol cheers didnt know about thte crouching thing always wondered why i saw people doing that lol

    im fair good same grade as u we should paly together some time
    try and find me man

  160. Yes hes right about the system but it dont matter to me lol i have about 3 acc’s that are generals look at : iSi Legendz iSi on bungie… its rank 9 in the world and yes im good lol.


  162. I wanna say thank you. ive played halo n am awesome at campaign, but i never got to play other ppl til i got LIVE bout 2 or 3 wks ago n still cant play much.i always rank about 3rd in matches n NEVER win. it always seems like someones melee is stronger or they have MAGICAL HALO POWERS. uve really helped me. ive gotten all my ahievements fair and square n i really think i can even the odds now. n remember that all these guys complaining are probly meth addicts that have nothing BUT a 360 n are up for wks straight playing nothing but games while living off food stamps n getting a government check to pay their bills. its something i do to get away from life n they cant ruin that for us. thanks again man. LOOK FOR A FRIEND INVITE.

  163. I wanna say thank you. ive played halo n am awesome at campaign, but i never got to play other ppl til i got LIVE bout 2 or 3 wks ago n still cant play much.i always rank about 3rd in matches n NEVER win. it always seems like someones melee is stronger or they have MAGICAL HALO POWERS. uve really helped me. ive gotten all my ahievements fair and square n i really think i can even the odds now. n remember that all these guys complaining are probly meth addicts that have nothing BUT a 360 n are up for wks straight playing nothing but games while living off food stamps n getting a government check to pay their bills. its something i do to get away from life n they cant ruin that for us. thanks again man. LOOK FOR A FRIEND INVITE.

  164. Im a colonel highest skill 39 in team slayer 43 in team doubles 44 in lone wolves and exp 812. you lot r all shit. go get a life. if u dont believe me, herme001 is my tag. ill whip ure asses in any playlist jst add me. ure all shit. ill kik u all. ionce went up 100 exp in 1 day. i once played halo 3 for 10 solid hours non stop.

  165. Good article. I like the idea of a warm-up and watching a video of someone who beat you to learn their tricks.

    Its depressing how many dumb-asses have left stupid comments below though. So you’re a skill 39 herme001, great, stick it on your CV when you apply for a job at burger king.

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  169. herme001 again?! Geez, buddy. You think people won’t just go to part 2 of this tactics guide and see how full of it you are? I see you’ve moved up from highest skill 17 to highest skill 19, though, so good for you. And just so you know, the total number of matchmade games you’ve played isn’t EXP. You have 346 EXP out of 819 matchmade games (42% top-half placement). At least you’re not bragging about your 8 centimeter penis, so that’s a plus…


  171. CoG MaLeVoLeNT, you have a decent team… good for you. That doesn’t prove anything about your individual ability, however. A k/d of 1.20 isn’t all that impressive, and it puts you dead last in comparison to the rest of your team. “You are the weakest link! Goodbye.”

  172. holy shit there are alot of wambulences comin to these hot shots

  173. Question:
    Does a higher skill level increase your characters abilities? Will his shields last longer or regenerate faster, will they be able to aim better like making each shot count.
    Good advise

  174. “Question:
    Does a higher skill level increase your characters abilities? Will his shields last longer or regenerate faster, will they be able to aim better like making each shot count.
    Good advise”

    No. Each player’s preset capabilities are the same, regardless of skill or achievements. Although it may seem like some players have more health or have “homing” weapons, that’s either because they’re the host and lag works to their benefit or they’re just that good at dodging your bullets and landing their own.

  175. well im a major it was four ever so listen to some of these kidsmthey no wha there taking about

  176. Contact if you want a level 45 or level 50. I have done over 30 accounts.

    No, it doesn’t take no life to get in the 40-50 range. On a 1 month account, it took me ONLY 20 games (all wins) to get to a 44 in Team Doubles!


  178. It takes a whole lot longer to level up existing accounts with a decent history of games, though. The more experience you have (and by experience, I mean total number of games played in any given playlist, not EXP), the slower the rank progression is. If you’ve hit a plateau in highest skill achieved, and it’s that important to you to get higher, just start a new account. If you’re better than you were when you got your first highest skill, you should be able to pass that the second time around in a relatively short period of time. Highest skill isn’t all that important anyway, and it’s unique to every individual, so I wouldn’t bother. Plus, Bungie has been paying very close attention to players’ game histories as of late, and if they think you’ve been cheating or boosting, they will ban you. Boosting is a bannable offense, as stated on their page outlining what’s bannable and what’s not, so don’t do it.

  179. nice tips but camping just sucks

  180. Wow. Your K/D spread isn’t even positive. Your a rank 13 and you trying to give advice. If u wanna play som1 with a bit of skill try getting over the rank of 30. If u wanna get owned Invite m.

    I Ch3cK iT I

  181. Hey thats some very good tips their and I will put them to use. You have studie it very well. So Don’t get to burnt out readers he or she very right about the skill points you can lose them as quick as you get them. So on that note I’ll go and let the games begin. (Hey don’t let any one mess with your head your doing good just keep playing)

  182. I Ch3Ck iT I, your K/D is just barely 1.0, and you only have 582 EXP out of 1436 matchmade games (about 40.5% top-half placement), so you’re in no place to be putting anyone else down for similar stats. Your highest skill of 39 was in Team Slayer, but it dropped down to a 35 because you lost so many times. A 32 in Team Doubles isn’t half bad, but it still doesn’t prove how good YOU are. A 5 in Lone Wolves is pretty terrible, and even if it’s because you haven’t played all that many free-for-all games, placing in 3rd or worse at that low of a skill level is pretty indicative of your individual skill. Trust me, you’re not as good as you think.

    Just so you know, I have a highest skill of 44 in Team Slayer (even though I hardly ever play Team Slayer, and the times I do play, I play with randomly assigned people), 40 in Team Doubles (same thing as Team Slayer), and 48 in Lone Wolves. I’d probably have a 50 in LW if it hadn’t been for all the boosters I’ve run into in the past. I also have 1025 EXP out of 1425 matchmade games (about 72% top-half placement), and that’s including the first few hundred games where I played terribly compared to now. On my other account, I got to a highest skill of 45 in about 80 games of Lone Wolves, and my EXP to matchmade games ratio was over 90%. I’m just pointing this out because I’ve been contributing tips to this forum as well, so for those of you who think you’re too good to accept advice from a player who isn’t that highly skilled, I’m highly skilled, and I approve. So quit crying!

  183. “wow dont ever give advice. cus you doodoooooo..haha 13” – jayfromthebY

  184. ure all knobs

  185. Knobs? Like… doorknobs? Did you mean “noobs”, herme001? Poor guy. Has such a small penis AND can’t spell. How terrible.

  186. Im a general(4th) and i’m the best in Halo i make 2.4million a year from just playing halo because i am that good. you will know who i am if you see me play.

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  189. cod4 is better

  190. be3hh2, if you made $2.4 million a year from playing Halo because you’re THAT good, why would you visit a forum involving tips and tactics for leveling up? And if you really were a General, don’t you think you’d know the proper title for your position? There is no “4th” General, but there are Grades 1-4, and if you were a Grade 4, you would know there’s a special “secret” title to go along with that rank.

  191. anybody here higher then a colonel grade 3 ? with 41 skill? anyone wanna 1v1?

  192. I’ll 1v1, im a 46 Brigadier, gamertag: CardinalDeath89

  193. Oh and btw a General grade 4 is called a ‘Five Star General’.

  194. hi tht helps a lot thanx. but im tryin 2 get to liutenant so need highest skill 10 but wen i win a game my highest skill doesnt go up its been stuck at 5 for ages i dunno wwat 2 do

  195. wow that was some terrible tips. youve got the ranking system all wrong, and bullshit like ‘dont play ranked until you need to’ or’ play big team to rely on the others’. thats not gonna get people better is it. sorry but you shouldnt waste everyones time by making a tip site when your highest skill is 13. get to minimum 45 before you even think of giving anyone advice

  196. good tips but some people just suk at halo

  197. these tips are pointless unless u suck but

    im looking for things where it can help a like 46 in dubs to get up because i lose to 50s and go down but win to them and dont go up its really gay… so i need someone who can play like amazing so i cant lose at all and i need tips or something

  198. ice fire is right, why would i take advice from u if i’m higher ranked? lol…..GAS MASK COWBOYZ

  199. Nice tips im a five star general(7921xp) with a 50 in everything but control. Definatly know who you are playing with before you go into team games.

  200. if u shoot ur assault rifle 3 times then hit u would kill them look for me my gamer tag is naranjaboy96

  201. you can suck all 3 of my balls

  202. i played over 55 ranked matches and won most of them and i wont rank up

  203. u only rank up fast if ur winning against ppl higher rank than yourself

  204. hey douchebags just cause he played that many doesnt mean hes bad it could be some social thrown in why dont you all pull your head out of your ass and leave people alone dont judge them on their rank fuckers

  205. ok not trying to be rude are any thing but if you cant get to a 30 u need some help get some friends to help you i am a 42 in lone wolfs great tips tho not trying to be rude

  206. wow this is crazy who gives a damn how good you are at halo!! this guy has made an effort to help and alot you guys just bitch im a general i have blah blah blah. that mean we have no fucking life, i play just for the hell of it nothing more. thanks for the help man

  207. UMmmm i Like CHoCLaTE =)And My ratio suks cuz my connec suks and noob teams and i lev a game to join my frends it tot suks dat u rank down. I STiLL LiKE CHoCLaTE

  208. im a colonel grade 2, and im having sum trouble getting my highest skill 2 45, any advice?my name is “merked bioch” feel free 2 add me (*^-^*)

  209. only the last 3 were good tips… the rest sucked…
    i became a general easily my just winning in lone wolfs…

  210. Im a 13 year old kid and dont think im shit because i am a general grade 2, anyone want to play me? dont be scared ill only make you look crap.

  211. playing lone wolfs and some guys quite or really suck this is how i got my 50 in lone wolf pefer them if they suck or quite and avoid the 1s that own you or came close it works

  212. his whole trueskill explanation was wrong, it doesn’t matter how well you do in a game at all. go to and search for the real explanation

  213. Nice page! It helped me alot with rankings! But I got one question. How do you get your skill points higher? mine is 7 and I got 153 EXP points.

  214. Good article. I almost always seem to kill everyone but never rank but whatever.

  215. hey man thnxs it really helped i got from a recruit to a gunnery seargent in TWO DAYS ! my gamer tag is qwerty667

  216. WOW i hope u put more dtuff like this up and send me a friend requewst plz i would like to play with you somme time and learn some tips cheers

  217. man these may help me out with me service record. I really need the help because i’m not that good at throwing gernades and maybe someone could teach me.

  218. lol im a colonel 42 in lw im good need a partne in doubles i play 4 fun my tag is n00bage pwnag3

  219. I’m silent echo I posted before… Thanks for ur guide I’m a colonel gr. 2 now and I’m almost a general thanks a lot! Keep it real

  220. i can`t play with a Team lol… so i play lone wolves…
    i`m a 40 but still its pretty hard to rank i suggest team or doubles.

  221. im a good player and i noticed the tip about warming up, thats proberly one of the best tips there i know exactly what hes on about, ive gone into ranked matchs swinging and thinkin im king shit, but i get my arse handed back to me but when i play some rumble pit for like….maybe 40 mins to an hour minimum i can go back into matches doing what i do best, also a few beers sometimes made me better 🙂

  222. hmmm i was checking out your bungie profile to see your skill, looks like you got a thing for cortana 😛 you’ve got a few pictures of her plus your medal chest is rathar… well i was expecting more 😛 and a higher rank, no offence

  223. ht://



  226. i am a skill of 20

  227. im currently a 44 in doubles on the account i started a week ago, if anyone needs team slayer help feel free to send me a friend request, i think im in the 30s on that also , i have another account that is a 48 so i know what im doin =p very nice guide btw, he may not be the greatest but he knows his stuff

  228. personally i think your a nub…your high skill is 20…ive got a 45 captain and only played like 150 games…the key to winning is be better than everybody else…not camping… kmb h3llf1r3

  229. decent advice

  230. well i just counted all games on my account out of 1126 games i lost 204 of them in 4th 5th and 6th place all the rest were top 3 spots….and im a skill 25 with 496 exp points so that sucks cause i seen people with 200 games and their a 42 in skill , but i try to not quit games and never veto either … i won 3 oddball games on lonewolves, now when i play lonewolf, oddball usually pops up till all the weak non-rounded players veto it , i think bungie finds your strengths and helps you out by giving you your strong area games ,so dont veto …. also i never party up and just try to win with random players … prob not the best strategy but i became a 25 on lonewolf on my own ….and on social slayer i usually kick ass haha….it just takes practice and time , slow down and play your own game .. i used to think it was a race who got to 25 first so i always rushed players and kept feeding them kills….anyways im YOURKARMA78 on xbox live add me up and lets rank up on team slayer or doubles ….peace out……remember 3 to the body 1 to the head ….

  231. hey fellas. im a 45 in slayer, and doubles. im active in mlg, and consider myself a decent player. i wanted to leave a comment very quickyon this post. good effort, i like that you are trying to better others. dont forget experience and watching the films in theatre after games is a vital tool for learning new tricks in halo or any game. i hope that this will add another spectrum to your gaming experience, hope to see you all in MM very soon


  232. i keep playing lone wolf and coming in second but it wont let me rank up

  233. atwitchy sniper ownz i think ps im not twitchy sniper

  234. my friend and I went 30-0 in team slayer. He was a 37 at the beginning and I was a 36. we alternated mvp every game but when it was done he was a 42 and i was a 38. I did better than him in every category like medals, kill-death ratio, average life, and I went positive every game. How come he went up 5 ranks and I only went up 2. We can’t figure it out. my cousin said it has to do with game played all togetger or something.

  235. i commented 5 spots up YOURKARMA78 i ranked up to a 28 on lone wolves from a 25 , gettin better need some homies for team doubles or team slayer , i wish they had a 2 v 1 game , i ranked up on doubles cause my teammate quit and i still won haha …from a 1 to a 10 in like 6 games … Laters

  236. hi

  237. THANKS 4 THE GUIDE. out of the blue IM A 40 in lone wolves. Gamertag is ZANETTI 986

  238. This sucks since becoming a 33 in lone wolves every time i come in last i lose a rank point and have to come in first place , sometimes twice to get it back , so i rethink if i wanna play lone wolves sometimes haha, cause i end up trying to re-rank for to long……..

  239. Good Guide to the game with Good tips, honestly people if you follow this advice you can get better. I’m usless at Halo 3 nd regularil get owned (especially on MLG), but i’m a 32 in TD and a major.
    Biggest tip: practice using the BR and try not to die (it sounds simple) but running arounf in the middle of maps such as standoff and epitaph is just gonna get you killed immediately.

    add me (i will play with anyone) GT – JRJ Rambo


  241. Hi… i am Itz Donut v2 in the gameing world you might know me you might not but o well im looking for some skilled players to play with…. hit me up im a lvl 50 in almost everything i know lost 4 total games of 3891 games so come see me HOE o and i never boosted

  242. I am now a brigadier Gr.1 In under 2 Months, I help people rank. free sometimes,

  243. the whole ranking system was explained on a bungie forums sticky, the more games u play, the longer it takes to rank up or down, a person who has played 50 games is gonna rank much quicker then a person who has played 200

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  245. I sell fiftys add A AY HOLE. And noobs stop fightin your all awful. I just meant the ones at the top, sorry to those who asked for a 1 v 1 and can play the game well online. XD

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  247. i cant seem to rank or gain xp at all, lol, and its because i suck, no matter how much i play and play and play, i still suck, but the info put out is pretty helpfull to re-eval my tatics, spanks alot

  248. Hey im a 50 and i think some of these tips could probably work well!
    So stop hating, who cares if your better than someone else at Halo, i have friends that are lower ranks and even i get pwnd at times lol! But here’s a tip, if u ever go into matching and just get blown out, just go and play some custom games(preferably with a BR because thats the most popular) and your game will really improve! Good job with the tips and my GT-Pisces93 🙂

  249. if i knew that exp made u rank slower i would have tryed under a practice gamertag first , damn im at 950 exp and 1500 games deep at a level 34 in lonewolves and 24 in teams , what i have to reach a 34 in another list to rank up and its sucks …. maybe ill do what every other 50 does start a new gamertag and be a 50 in like 60 games ……with 30 exp haha…..i need a double partner hit me up YOURKARMA78

  250. hey if u think pswi60 is a bad halo player im probably 2X worse than he is (hattiepg) look out for my sucking.

  251. u just suck idiot leutenant lol

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  253. Sup guys umm im currently a major grade 3 gamertag XXxxScytherxxXX

    looking for a group for team doubles today on june 30,2008 send me a msg saying ur from and ill invite you

  254. good tips

  255. like nobody understands how the skill system works it is all so confusing

  256. if ur not a mlg player there is always some1 better than u .u win some u lose some.

  257. any1 can use their own tactics no matter how noobish u think it is just because it works 4 them against u then maybe its something u should start doing

  258. This guy makes for some good points, its hard to rank up. I have some insight on the trueskill topic. Its not really insight but it might help a few confused players.
    Trueskill is the determining factor of who you match up against in what gametype. For example, your skill of 23 in Lone Wolfs will have you pitted against those varying from 13-33 but generally from 18-28. Lets just look at your Rank as a Glass of water. If you rank is 23, then the glass will fill up 75% if you win against other 23’s. If you win against a 30 it will fill up 125%. (Stats not accurate but estimated). So you see, you rank up much faster if your winning against those who’s rank is significantly higher than yours. And in the same breath, it all works the same way in reverse, if you lose against a level 13 when your 23 then you’re rank will drop alot faster then losing against a level 23. Ocassionally losin against someone who’s rank is 10+ levels higher than yours, even LOSING will rank you up, but this isnt very frequent.

    The easiest thin to remember is; JUST KEEP WINNIN, AND WIN BY ALOT.
    Medals do not effect your true skill. K/D Spread DOES NOT effect your true skill. HOWEVER, I personally believe that contributing to the objective (eg, killing 25people in team slayer, capturin 2 flags in objective) may contribute to your ranking speed.

    Well, Goodluck. I hope this has helped you. Sorry about such a long response to this. If anyone needs any help, or just wants to game, my GT is IceRaven OR N3XXIS (I use both in Halo 3 mainly)


  259. thx 4 the tips man it helps me understand it a little bit now lol





  264. PEOPLE PEOPLE. MY GT is TonyPajamas510. lookin for someone to play ranked dubs. or 1v1 custom games. like to snipe and stick. colonel grade 2. highest skill 40

  265. hey guy dont h8 psw6O he might not b the best player in h3 but at least he trys….. im going mlg need 2 good players add atwitchy sniper mlg or bust lol l8r…..

  266. i got 175 xp and my 50 Look me up FaTaL iZ BacK add to 1 v 1 no noobs please

  267. thanks even though i am almost a brigadier 45 GT Legendary476

  268. Just in case anyone hasn’t said this already (because i didn’t have the time to read it all) i think its much better to get a high skill level before getting a high exp amount. Its because you can play rumble pit or social slayer and get exp points without having to worry about your rank going down. For example : if i get my 40 before i even get to a captain, then i wont have to worry about getting skill level for a few hundred games. I could just take it easy playing social…

  269. I’m a 48 in lonewolves and 47 in doubles
    GT – Mr Mattson

    My other reply is pretty much what i did to get a brigadier






  275. Good tips dont listen to people that say they are pro and you are bad …. becuasde there bad ……
    any respectable Halo 3 player will no that how many games to skil etc doesent matter its about how you play andhow you have improved and learned from those extra matches you have played im a Gen but my first account was bad ……….

  276. why are you giving halo tips when your kill death ratio is .88 and youve only killed 9 peoplewith a damn battle rifle
    look up nastycupcake on bungie and stick to receiving tips rather then giving them k

  277. Ahhh, nastycupcake…. I have to laugh when people are so desperate to make up for a personal equipment shortage they attack people who are doing something good. Buddy, Halo 3 isn’t a manhood ‘enhancer’ no matter how much you want it to be.

    Keep up the good work PSW160, there were some great tips there.

  278. These are pretty basic concepts that are necessary for a good basis to become good at this game. However, I wonder why the author decided he would be worthy to give advice to people…I am not attacking him, I am just stating that he really should be looking for advice rather than giving it…the article sounds kindof like he might have taken it from a magazine or another web site of some sort.

    I wassnt searching for tips, I googled halo 3 and this came up. I have 2 accounts, Li perfect iL who is a lvl 48 brigadier and then I have an account named LL Perfect ii and he is a lvl 49 commander. The post made sense, but when I saw your credentials I lost respect for the article…and I have a bone to pick about the camping part of your article. In team games, getting a power weapon such as shotgun or rockets and crouching in a corner for the majority of the game is not a good thing. Yes, you may be getting some kills, but you are not being a team player. Your team will suffer because they are one man short, except if someone on the opposite team walks in a specific spot. You will have some kills and will think that you did good, but in reality you didnt do much. In free for all, camping is looked down upon and cheap, and not always effective. If you are on a big map then there will be few times when someone will walk right where you need them to. Camping is for people that cannot compete with the players that they are playing against and so decide not to fight.

    Not exactly flaming you, but those are the problems that I have with the post.

  279. Thanks for the info. Some stuff i already knew, but a load of handy tips also. Keep up the good work.

  280. Thanks for the tips

  281. hello world! my G.T. (gamertag) is wolfy97.i found this site when i was a gun srg2 and wanted to get my skill to 10. the tips really helped. thx. P.S. if u try 2 add me my friends list is full.

  282. now im a lt2.

  283. there are alot of comments

  284. the easiest way, in my opinion, to get from 1-50 is to get a good buddy to team up with and play team doubles. its because games are up to 25 points so games end quicker than team slayer games. me and a friend of mine were playing the other day, (i made a new gamer tag) and we got up from 1-30 in about 5 hours. there were breaks here and there but in total it was about 5 hours.
    here’s a tip for those unexperianced:
    if you’re losing game after game and rarely getting a win, but you do good other times when you play then STOP PLAYING!
    i usually do alright when i play, i get mvp sometimes, but sometimes i play and i just cant seem to win so i stop playing, then i play after 2-4 hours and start doing good again.
    i dont know what it is but it happens to everyone.

  285. Thnx for the play tips, im a nub, 20 games, this really helps to get an idea.
    I see a lot of great comments and some very stupid ones too, thats the way you notice there are kids triying to be someone, LOL, but, they make our game wort wild.
    hope to be on the level and not map meat!! jaja, ill get there!

  286. you suck at halo

  287. i state mi point!

  288. wow .. i have to say .. how many idiot are there in this world who have no better job than bitch about other people hu are trying to help… get a life guys .. jus because u guys have high skill points does not mean shit if ur a cheap arse prick!! pswi60 might not be a 5 star general.. but atleast he tries to help out the people hu have jus started or is having probs in levelling up..

  289. my ques is .. i am playing on one of my friends gamer tags now … but the skill jus does not seem to go up no matter how many games i win … i won 14 games on TS at a stretch but still have not leveled up! either that guy has really f’d his account up or something is wrong…..u were saying something about a algorithm… so i am assuming that i have to win alot of matches to narrow it down to a + point ??? kinda wondering how that works ..

  290. HAHAHAH… thanks for the tips but its all comon sence outta the book of halo 3 yoo… ive played 60 games and im a highskill of 32 hahah EKK mabey i should give u some tips bro lol

  291. best tip is comunication with your team, never rush, and get the more accuarate weapons… BR and well placed grenades is a big keyy to ur 5 star general…

  292. Appreciate the help mate..

    I need all the help I can Get..

    ‘Absorb what is useful, discard the useless’ – Bruce Lee

  293. i need a doubles team mate that wont quit im a 31 but dropped to a 28 , hit me up or add me x KILLUM1NATI x , later

  294. thanks for the tips..ignore the negative ppl..I am too a captain in the game and overall I am not that great of a player. It was hard for me to get to a 20. ppl need to chill out

  295. i would like someone to play doubles with to get my rank up…johnny six arms is my tag.

  296. i could use a doubles not the best . but ok. 20 in team. captain…
    johnny six arms is my handle

  297. i need anyone to help me i am a decent player but get partyed up with noobs. highest skill is 27 but it is now a 25 in slayer. myd oubles is currently 22. my gamertag is K1n6N0th1n6


  299. hey i am a 22 on doubles and 20 team slayer need some help .. always seem to get teamed up with really crappy players…. i am not that great my self but some of these players make me look good!!!

  300. uummmmmm ok lol…. nice helo….

  301. Ok, the writer of this “article” is just trying to help, so stop being assholes when he did this for helping purposes. I’m a level 41 Colonel and I rape almost any General, Brigidiar I play against. Why I am not a higher lvl beats me because I can win 8 matches in a row and loose the ninth and go down a level. By the way if I had known some of his tips before it would have helped me rank up faster.

  302. This was immensely helpful. Thanks for taking the time to explain, in proper English, the fundamentals of the ranking system. To all the haters – you too were NOOBs at one point.


  304. For all the guys complaining and saying this guy sucks, if it wasnt for this EXCELLENT advice I probabely would still be stuck at rank 37 but thanks to his nice advice I won matches like crazy and now I am 4X in Lone Wolves.

    Thanks for the help,

  305. thanks

  306. nice

  307. Ill help any people at Halo 3 for free. I dont mind pointing out where you need improvement or strategy etc..
    Im a level 47 Brigadier grade 3,
    Lone Wolves – 46
    Team doubles – 47
    Team Slayer – 44
    Head 2 Head – 46
    MLG – 30

    I play alot of games and have gotten quite good at alot of strategies and can beat people higher rank than me… If anyone wants any help or just to 1v1 or play MLG customs then add me with a message saying what you want to do.
    GT: Matty2387

  308. im a 35 commander graade 2 and they put me with my level up to brigadier sometimes even a general

  309. i like how people lie about been 50s..if anyone up for mlg or ts who is good hit me up gt.SpeedClaxton

  310. I’m a major2 and i will personally say fuck bungie for this gay ass ranking system. It honestly defeats me how I can win 5 in a row on swat and lose the 6th and go don a rank. can’t get up past 30 because of it. hit me up if you like rapin at swat and/or snipers

    gt= ShiggitySchwaa

  311. im JETFXR…
    im a commander grade 2 and a highest skill 35 in lone wolves. im trying to get it up in doubles and swat so if u want to help message me and we’ll play…

    p.s. i have a microphone so we can talk:)

  312. thanks for the nice tips im getting halo 3 cause i just got my xbox like 2 days ago so this will help me in live

  313. I like how ppl say they are so good,but most the time it’s the person with that cheat code.I never played the game until afew months ago and was enjoyin it until I ran across soooo many fcking cheaters online.Bungie needs to tightin up with the cheaters and that lag B.S.

  314. I can help anyone who is not good at this game. I am a level 44 in 125 games. Also, let me tell you something. Exp doesn’t matter, its your rank that does. No body gives a crap how much exp you have unless your a noob. Trust me, I have had numerous level 50 accounts. If you need help send me a message on xbox live to: Absurd iz BaK

  315. Now, i’m no noob at all, but that was some great advice,
    most of it I already understand, but there were a couple of tips in there that I didn’t bother to realize.
    Thanks man, for sharing the greatness.


  317. Wow, I don’t think you should be writing articles about Halo 3 when you have such a low skill and K/D ratio. I’ve never heard of someone’s stats “resetting”, are you sure it’s not just a very “convenient” figment of your imagination (it’s much easier to say you’re a general when your stats “reset”)?

    Props on taking the time to write an article like this and lending a hand to newer players, but make sure you’re at least better than the people you’re trying to help.

    P.S. Nobody cares about exp unless you’re a noob, it’s really only you’re skill level that matters. You’ll get your exp eventually no matter what, always focus on skill.

  318. Hey man, good advice. All the haters who are either second account holders or boosters, most of you are crap and are too young to even be playing the game. I am only skill 21 due to losing greatly when i first played. The damage is already done, i can win 8 in a row without ranking up. Most mathches i play i get +10/15 KD with mvp and killing frenzys. Even with my skill 21, i challenge any of you to tag me for a game… then we;ll see who’s the noob. Stop bitching at this guy, he’s just trying to help, i bet he’s better than half of you anyway.BBBEEEAAATTTCCCHHHIIISSS.

  319. omg that dot vedo thin WORKS !!!!!!!!!!thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  320. Hey I’m not the best Halo player out there, but I’m pretty good. I’m a rank 43, and I still use alot of pswi60’s helpful advise. There is more he could’ve added, but what he did have was helpful. I’m not trying to be rude to other high rank people or lower ones, but all the comments about having mo life is a little rude to people like me who are only 14 and hardly ever get on live. I’m willing to help anybody rank up in any playlist. My GT is-DevanJared13666. Nice tips, and i think i’ll contribute one myself lol, If you think that you are really good, but no matter how much you win you don’t rank up,play with higher rank people. Not only will your rank go up quicker, you will learn more and they could carry you out of a bad rut until you got better. Like I said I’m willing to help anyone.


  321. I read the guide and I found it helpful, Srly – I like the tips. The assholes who suddenly show up and scream about how amazing they are should STFU – Plain and Simple. Is there nothing more annoying than a damn Big Bawls? I mean really mate, if your going to pop up and scream about your amazing rank why not pop up and scream about “Your amazing lawn”… Holy shit! Your lawn is so m much more green than mine! – Honestly, Do you really think someone looks at your profile and says something along the lines of “HOLY FUCK BATMAN! THIS GUYS IS THE MOST UBER PWNAGE (other bullshit, etc) PLAYER IVE EVER SEEN! I MUST ADD HIM!”

    For the love of christ, Your a load your mother should have swallowed.

    My name is r4dicalEdward and your wasting my fucking time.

  322. you da man hal!

  323. you great tips im going to try them. good job

  324. Nice effort mate, but you fucking suck at this game so shut up… nah joking mate i see youve had enough cunts say enough shit about how your actually helping them, nvm the faggots with one hand on their dick and turned on about how high their rank is, so your helping newbies to the game become not-newbies good on ya. i dont get why they come in here and flash their rank at everyone here, maybe they want some attention or something, ive read like 50% of the comments here and i would be a “im so fucking greeat you nubs look at my rank” basher, but it looks like enough people have done that :P, you should update this page as unfortunately halo 3 has changed in some ways, like i got skill 40 in lone wolves back in the day bungie didnt fuck with that playlist and made it 8 players instead of 6, alot of peple go to lone wolves for highest skill, maybe you should tell all the newcomers some tips on lone wolves cos i quit playing it, i wouldnt be suprised if they quit playing halo if that was the first playlist they played

  325. by the way anyone with a low rank that wants help and has had the effort to come all the way down this page add


    to ur list and ill be happy to help, im from australia btw so if you are to you’ll also have a good connection as much as help your way 😛

  326. Thank you for this. I’m a female noob. I’ve got 108 exp and 7 skill points and still have a lot to learn. I believe I’m a Gunnery Sergeant Grade 2. I have some people on my friends list that have been so helpful in trying to help me rank up. It’s so easy to get frustrated but like you said, it’s just a game, and people just need to learn to have fun. You would be surprised (or maybe not) at how many people chime in when they hear my voice and put me down because I’m a woman. They say stuff like “okay guys step it up.. we have a handicap on our team”. It’s really degrading so I just have to keep reminding myself to just play the game to have fun, not prove anything. Thank you for this!

  327. Thanks, I need all the help I can get, I found the greedy dom’s are too insecure with their abilities to help out the noobs.

    “Be careful what you leave on the ladder on your way up, because you Will have to come back down through it one day” LOL

  328. anyone want me to help boost them to a 50 hit me up

  329. hit me at

  330. this might seem like a stupid suggestion, but never get to angry or frustrated, just relax and calm down, i sometimes listen to: ‘miles davis, seven steps to heaven’, and i do pretty well in games 🙂

  331. Hey my GT is T9P Tokyo. I’m a pretty good player. Have a 2.05 K/D ratio in ranked playlists after 700+ games. I don’t have a 50 for some reason so if anyone wants to help me out, just add me. I promise I am pretty good and have a tight BR.

  332. Good Tips Man! Thanks!

  333. hey forget those aholes who are trying to bash ya. i m level 50(not a genrel yet) i will be glad to help you make improvements to your game and probably get you ranked up and gain some exp. add me up if you would like to get some help. id: VAGNL DYSCHRGe

  334. sorry gamer tag is : VAGNL DYSCHRGE

  335. u is thar a a good way to get skill fast

  336. Hey guys Im a 40 in slayer and doubles, I need a good partner/team, so if anyone wants to play (preferably a 37+) add me on xbox (MrMcSprinkles) and we’ll play. Also pswi60 good tips, except for the camping one. You have to make a set-up with your team, so that you know where each one is going to be, then get all the players on your team just to shoot each guy they see once or twice if they can, so that when it seems to be just you vs. another guy, you have your teamates helping you out, making it easier to win the BR battles.

  337. well to anyone i just posted this today and if you want to hel pme or ihelp you just ask okay

  338. my gamertag is bob t billdr and i am looking for some good people to play with, i have 42 in lone wolves, 45 in team doubles, 45 in team swat, a 41 in team snipers, 298 in team slayer, and 44 in team objective. Im not looking for 1v1 battles or anything, but if anyone is looking for someone who can hold his own weight (im not pro or anything) in matchmaking, add bob t billdr

    ps im not looking to get a 50 or help anyone else get a 50. trust me been there done that, and being a general isnt worth squat. peace

  339. i have some tips as well that i forgot to mention up on my last comment. take them or leave them. I dont know if its different now, but i find its easier to rank with less experience, so you should go in and try for as much high skill as possible before you get that 70 exp. I managed to get my new account from 1 to 42 in a little less than 4 hours. I stopped that night with high skill 41 and 42 experience. on my last accound, i had a very good record, but it was spread around in many different playlists. I had nearly 500 exp and 30 highest skill. it took me an hour just to get to 35, with no losses. Also, to new players out there, i have a few tips of my own.

    1) i suggest starting out as a new player by playing social slayer. it helps you learn to cooperate with your team in a less competitive environment than ranked slayer.

    2) when your comfortable, play lone wolves until you get to a skill of 20 or so in it. it will help you to learn to manage by yourself, which is good when your teammates arent around.

    3) find a playlist your best at. you may be good at ranked slayer, but experiment with others. i thought i was best in team slayer, but tried team swat, and easily doubled my ranking. Swat is 1 headshot kills with a BR and pistol. I enjoy the 1hit kill concept.

    4) dont rush to be good. Dont dive head first into the MLG playlist, beacuse you think playing against the best of the best will make you the best. it takes time to be very good at halo 3, and nearly 99% of the peoplewho are good with low ranks are restarters who start a new account either to pick on lower rank people or to rank up faster because their experience starts over.

    5) Doubles isnt always the answer. Team doubles has changed alot in the last year. Nowadays, most people who play are boosting their account with a general, or have restarted a new account. If you dont have a good teammate, you WILL NOT make it very far.

    6) DONT BUY AN ACCOUNT TO LOOK GOOD. buying a 50 does not make you play like a 50, EVER.

    again, i will gladly add anyone who needs a teammate to play with. I dont discriminate because you are not very good at halo, because i used to suck too. newbies are welcome to add me. 🙂

  340. this helped me alot because i always used to loose my first game of the day because i never had a warm up game.

  341. Bungies halo system sucks … i win 8 games in a row and rank up 1 … then i lose one game and i rank back down… so i did all that crap for nothing! halo ranking system sucks ass

  342. no, u suck ass; ‘mr.ranking system sucks’ man.
    Shut ur cottun rubbing face! =]

  343. hey very good advise i dont care what the other queers here say but i will use these tactics

  344. Good advice, these are some good quick tips to help getting on your way in the world of Halo. In addition, I have some comments about ranking.

    It is best to rank up quick and early. In my advice, stick to social until you really do have a grasp of the game, then hit the ranked levels (preferably with some good teammates) and have at it.

    I have a heck of a lot of experience in nearly every type of game play. If you don’t rank up high in a short amount of time early in your ranked experiences, then it will take a really long time to get there. For example, I have 280+ EXP on Team SWAT alone. I’m stuck in the mid 20s. It takes a lot of wins to rank up for me. A few weeks back, I partied up with three other guys, and we won a lot of games in a row. I went up two ranks, they went up about 7 or 8. My high experience, with the addition of my win/loss record in SWAT, makes it a lot harder for me to go up in this playlist. This is similar for all ranked playlists.

    (A quick search on Bungie will also find you a very detailed description of how ranks go up and down based on your game play. At least according to some of the sources I’ve read, it has to do with wins only. Not to mention, that there is a specific number attached to your specific player. This number goes up and down based on how much you win or lose. The higher this number, and the more consistently you win, the quicker you’ll rank. If this number is average or low, then it will take quite some time to rank up. The idea is to boost this “special” number so your wins are more highly rewarded. In addition, if you play, and win, against individuals with a high “number” then you’ll be rewarded more than if you were playing with individuals with a lower “number.”)

    Thus, my high rank, currently, is from Lone Wolves. At the time, there were 8 players in the list, you had to be at least 4th or better. I managed to do that, easily, on a lot of occasions, and thus ranked up really fast. I got up high, lost a few, and now it is a little harder again to rank up.

    Soon, I’ll be returning to push my stats higher, but since I’ve been playing the game for a while, and have over 4,000 games under my belt, I think I have a decent grasp of how things work, and how best to rank up.

    Often times, you’ll see people quit, thus lowering their EXP and rank, then they’ll win a lot in a row and “boost” high at a very fast rate. There are ways to get up there, but I’d suggest doing it traditionally and not cheating. Nothing is worse than being a General, and getting mocked because everyone is destroying you in Match Making.

    Add me up: gt is “A Vampire Angel” if you want to know more, have more questions, or just want to play a few matches. No, I don’t have the highest rank possible, but I do know the game fairly well. Yes, I’m looking to get a higher rank, but “General” is not my goal. Not at the moment. Baby steps.

    (I’m sorry this is so long. I felt a thorough description was in order.)

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  347. im not taking tips from a dick suckin leiutenant. suck my dick.

  348. Er i dont know if they already said this cause i will not read all of the responses!

    Your skill is relative to other players and it depends how well you play against them, the best you play the higher your skill (da)
    But to raise your skill in a gamelist you must win against players that have a higher skill than yours in that gamelist.

    I hope this helps xD

  349. Your a tool and a bad kid. Don’t give people tips when you suck. Your talking about people playing social, big team, and rumble. Go play some MLG bad kid.

  350. This Is All Wrong.You Just Have To Beat Players With A Higher Skill Than You

  351. Like dude said, just watch videos of generals and other advanced players and incorporate their tactics because unless they are cheating in some way it is no fluke that they are ranked as high as they are. GL

  352. kid u r a noob nothing u say helps me at all

  353. me and my clan are looking for 2 new members. U must be a 40 or higher. Send me Foolish Blacky a friend request

  354. hey if you guys are after tips for more experienced players such as advanced strafeing manuveurs such as the tap tap stafe, tips on 1v1 battles such as how to 4 shot ( 3 body shots 1 head shot or 4 head shots) and to crouch in close range br battles you should check the mlg pro website go to the forums their there is alot of stuff, + i think there is a team forum for those who are after a team

  355. So people are saying that if you come in first place a couple of times in a row you’ll most likely level up. This ranking system to me is BS, because I just played 7 games, the first 6 in a row we won, and I was first place in ALL 6. The 7th game we lost, and I came second. I went up one level throughout all of this. I don’t understand how this works.

  356. i have been a captin grade 2 for nearly 1 year and just got staff captin i need to get to a major if not a commander i am pritty good ive played ALOT of games of couse but obviesley expirience is not a problem for me its highest skill can any 1 help me xITKxHaloLegend

  357. i was playing grifball this past weekend and wouldnt you know i accidently betrayed one of my crew. damn. i apologized and shit whatever right? i get a message talking mad shit. people are gay and its always the ones who wouldnt say shit to your face probably. anyways thanks for the tips and whatnot. i appreciate it, the ranking system confused me too at first.

  358. s a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works…and camping is a dumb idea

  359. u think the advice was good and whether you have a lot of ranked games and low skill doesnt mean your a bad player i have a friend who has over 400 exp in swat and is only a level 14 because of the progressions system and he wins most of his games

  360. and i also dont understand why everyone calls people noobs because they like having a lot of experience i personally worked on experience first and skill later

  361. omg y are u kids asking this kid who done this website if all you little kids think your good play me 50 in dubs 40 slayer 42 mlg 30 snips lets see how gd u are agonst me add me N 2THE ADES

  362. isnt what you just said very very fucking hipocritical? and you forgot to leave your gamertag you dumb fuckwit, and yes we are all little kids because we have something to do with a ranking system of a game wow, im 2 years old, stop picking on me!

  363. 4- shoting with the BR (battle rifle) is a good technique when you get used to it. Also a sniper body shot then quickly switching to your BR and finishing off your opponent works well. Message Foolish Blacky on xbox live for more tips or practice.

  364. Hey, these tips are decent if you’re a complete noob. Otherwise, its common knowledge, i think. The best thing a young halo player can do is get a good BR. Thats the bread and butter weapon and everyone knows it. If you force yourself to BR then you eventually get good at it. If anyone wants to play TS with me i’ve got a 47 on that, but can’t progress because I always get teamed up with trash. My g/t is Herniballer. holla at me.

    • What r u talking about? Most ppl can’t 4-shot or even 5-shot for that matter. Even some of the most experienced players aren’t good enough to 4-shot. Another suggestion is to change your sensitivity. Four is a pretty good all around sensitivity but i personally play on five. In team snipers five works especially well. Playing alot of custom games with friends also helps to improve your skill because sooner of later you’ll find some techniques. it also helps to try to outsmart your opponent. Think about what their about to do and plan your moves accordingly.

  365. some people just aren’t very good and it takes about a month to level up.I’m just a captain grade 2 with a highest skill of 34 and it is taking me forever to rank yp to a major besides thanks for the tips they are really going to help and if anyone needs help invite me to a social big team I have some friends helping me there so again if you need help invite MashallFamily exactly as spelled

  366. im a Colonel with a skill of 42. If any 1 needs help with their BR or sniping, invite Foolish Blacky. Me and one of my teammates will glady give you tips and help rank you up. My friend xDOMIGUEZx is a Brigadier skill 45.

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  381. hi there!
    thanks for the tips they really worked well.
    i wanted to know if you wanted to play sometime

    my gamertag is Headlesschamp A

  382. Great tips. Don’t pay attention to all these 30 year old virgins who still live with their mom’s. Keep on doing your thing and let these stupid lame 0’s get tucked in to bed by their moms.


  383. Hey if anyone needs a partner look me up! Doomdadeath is my name And I really need a team together along with my brother. We’re tired of people Quiting on our team and its pissing me off. So if you dont quit hit me up! If your Good Hit me Up! If your Bad Hit me up!

  384. Dude some of these tips work, I do beleive that the whole “Knowing your maps” idea is very significant to halo 3 gameplay. I’m a 45 and I have 2 more accounts that are level 40s and im trying to seel them. If anyone is interested hook me up! My GT is BothEmperor and my K/D spread is 3.41 and i have a 45 in MLG. Im tired of played with these lame ass people who cant play this game worth crap.

  385. Meh, this article is BETTERERRRERREST. if agreed, click “like” on it


  386. anyone 1v1 me i be on halo on the weekend’s
    =teetotalburnout= that’s gamer tag thx =-]

  387. Yeah. that DOES work until your a colonel grade two and need 50 skill to rank up. Not sure if you’ve noticed this but once you get to max skill of 40 and can outwit noobs. THATS when the pro’s start appearing. 5 star generals who loose 10% of their games and have 50 skill in most playlists.

  388. thx for the tips

  389. i am just a noob so thx

  390. My biggest issue with the ranking system is this: For level ranking…If a single player on a team has 25 Kills, he shouldn’t be at that level and should rank a few ranks at a time so that people like myself who just started a week ago can play against similar skill levels. PS; those guys who do kill 25 players than complain that someone at level 5 only killed 4 have to realize that some people didnt do a reset or start a new account so that they can beat up on lower skilled poeple because they couldn’t compete at a higher level.

  391. well i done every he said n im a 50 check out my account II Miikkeeyyy x

  392. yea i need sum1 to help me rank up 2 a 50 on anything i am 35 on team doubles and a 33 on team slayer. my max skill is 35 hit me up …..JoEdAwG420

    • ill help

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