Posted by: pswi60 | October 8, 2007

Is the Ps3 really a failure?

drakes fortune Over at the excel gaming network, they take a look at where the current ps3 sales are compared to the ps1 and ps2 sales in their respective generations. It’s a good article and it gives you a good idea of whats really going on with the ps3. In reality Sony is just following protocol; yet many in the media would like you to believe the ps3 is done, and the console wars are over. News flash: they will never be over.

The question is, where will the ps3 be in 5 years, in relation to the Wii and the 360. Well, here are my thoughts:

In 5 years, it will be what, 2013? By then, Microsoft, if they are still in the game, would already had to released their next entry into the console market. Because the console has probably been pushed to 95% of its capabilty (graphically), not to mention by this time, 9 GB will not be enough for games. MS will once again “jump in” early and get as much of a lead as they can, in order to stay ahead as long as possible.

The Wii has not yet had its killer app. There may be many junk games along the way, while they push as many gimmick titles as they can while things are still “hot”. I think the Wii will end up being second as far as consoles sold when all is said and done.

Then we have the ps3..the slow starter..the media’s redheaded stepchild. The xbots reason for living. The bluray player. The price. Will it all work out? Of course it will. Sony will continue to pick up 3rd party devs, or work with new upstart developers to make better, more creative games. Sure, long time developers and publishers make decent, A to AA games that give each console some substance for their software library. But its those games that come out of nowhere, those AAA’s that can take a console by storm. Sony knows this, and they are going to unleash hell on 08. This my friend, is the calm before the storm.



  1. I just wanted to add that even though the PS3 is selling the same as the 360 did in the first 10 months – thats not something Sony should be proud of. I doubt when Sony released the PS3, there goal was to sell ‘as well’ as the 360. Sony really needs to push forward now, because even if they continue to sell ‘as well’ as the 360, that means they will always be behind it. Now with Halo 3 out of the way, we will see what Sony can do. The 360 only has maybe 2-3 good exclusives coming out in the next 6 months, this is Sony’s time to shine. Like the I said, the PS3 isn’t a failure – not yet at least. Now we see what Sony is made of.

  2. Thanks for posting exgn (excel?). I agree with your comment, and thanks for the good article. I will say however that Sony should be happy they have sold “as well” as the 360.

    Imagine if Apple came out with OSX 20 and it sold “as well” as Windows Vista. Should Apple not be proud of that?

    I know what you mean, in the context of the ps2 total sales, Sony should not be proud of where the ps3 is right now. But perhaps we won’t see another console sell 100 million…maybe there is too much competition now, too much money at stake, for anyone to drop out of the war. But yes – lets hope to see what the ps3 is made of.

    Thanks again for your article + comments.

  3. Ha ha—the Wii itself seems more like a killer app than any software title it’s offering right now! Except for Metroid and the upcoming Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros., I agree, there aren’t that many killer games for the Wii. Oddly enough, though, it seems to be flying off store shelves. I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually ends up first, at the rate it’s selling right now. 🙂

  4. Not if the Vii outsells it! did you see that in japan there is a console called the Vii that looks just like the Wii with a motion controlled remote? haha could you imagine seeing and Xbocks 361 on store shelves? Ive also been seeing the Wii on CNN and other news outlets, apparently it works good for physical therapy and rehabilitation after surgery and such, which is really cool. That function alone makes it worth its weight in gold, i just dont think we are gonna be seeing next gen games on that console. super mario galaxy does look sweet tho…

  5. I loved the PS1, and PS2….however, like alot of people, I noticed that with PSP and PS3, Sony’s biggest focus has been on security…..Sony was releasing patch after patch after patch on the PSP to stop people from using home-brew….to some extent, that is a mistake. Home-brew can be a MAJOR selling point of a console/hand-held, The GamePark32/GP2X hand-held is MADE for home-brew apps such as emulators, movies and audio….Of course, Sony was also releasing these patches to stop people from using DevHook and Custom Firmwares on their PSPs as well, but did you notice the downfall in games and quality games? Personally, I enjoyed the games on PSP that came out within the first year of release much more than the more current releases. It seems that the PS3 is following in the same foot-steps….PSP and PS3 have a few simular aspects….take the XMB for example, they are hand-in-hand….then the interactivity between the two? the need for a PS3 to play PS1 games on a PSP? I mean, come on Sony….The PS3 has only appealed to me in the fact that it’s the cheapest way into Blu-Ray technology! My brother got a PS3 on the release date and he is VERY disappointed with it! He says Resistance: Fall of Man is the only game he has because it’s the only game out that he likes! We both went to Blockbuster to rent a game for it and walked out with Xbox360 games! Sony needs some PS3 Exclusives that are good! Release God of War 3! Take full-advantage of Blu-Ray and use the 25GB+ storage…..So far, i’ve seen a PS3 game hit 16GB as the biggest…I’m sure if Microsoft really wanted to do so, they could release a firmware update for the HD-DVD drive to allow it to be used for video games and release games on HD-DVD format….then the 16GB PS3 games woudln’t look so impressive…….The Wii, on the other hand, is NOT out to have the best graphics, or the best real-life war sims, etc….but they have games that are really awesome and great replay value….Super Paper Mario, Mario Party 8, Wii Sports pack-in was even a kick-ass game! It’s not focused on realistic graphics, it’s focused on gameplay and replayability…that’s what Nintendo has been about! Why do you think the NES is still so fun to play? It’s the fun factor of the games that sell. If Super Mario on Nintendo wasn’t so popular, they never would have made Super Mario 2 or Super Mario 3…or made it up to the Wii and have Mario Party 8 with Super Mario Galaxy on the way…..So, for Sony, they need to get their focus on fun games, replay value and stop worrying about the home-brew apps and game pirates….to be honest, at this point, i see no reason to pirate PS3 games..sorry to say that, but there’s not been anything out there yet Id’ want to pirate….

  6. Dvdxploitr i agree with you 1000%. the ps3 doesnt have any killer games right now, except maybe Warhawk, but the bugs with the gamefinding is a joke. I also have a psp, and you are right, its silly yoiu need to have a ps3 to download a psp game.

    as far as homebrew, i agree that homebrew can be great, but it also leads to piracy. i still have an original xbox with XBMC and i love it, but i can also rip a game right to the hard drive. so on 1 hand its great, but on the other hand, i dont want to see any system fall to piracy.

    i hope sony does start pusing out some good games, and i think they are working on it, however its also a shame that when good games DO come out, they will face the same media bias that has plagued the ps3 since its release (heavenly sword, lair, haze). their DLC is junk as well, except for gran turismo and super stardust. we will see what happens i guess. thanks for your comments, they are alwas appreciated.

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