Posted by: pswi60 | October 8, 2007

Sony says what we already know: early adopters feel cheated

Over at, they got a chance to interview Ray Maguire, Sony’s UK managing director, and what he said confirms that he can related to (uk) ps3 owners who payed a premium for the console just months ago, and now there is a new sku at a cheaper price:

“I think it’s natural to feel that way, of course it is,” said Maguire, in an exclusive interview published today.

“The difference between our industry and many other industries is that if you’re selling cars or houses the price goes up steadily. Consumer electronics only goes one way and that’s downwards.”

Let me say something appreciate or depreciate over time based on the neighborhood, the housing market, interest rates, appraised value, etc…cars on the other hand increase in cost due to better materials, more safety enhancements, more luxury options, etc…however cars depreciate as soon as they are driven off the lot.

When you buy a home or a car, you don’t depend on a 3rd party to make a better engine  or a better livingroom…they are built in. With game consoles, you buy the console hoping that those 3rd party games are going to be good. So the comparison here made by Mr. Maguire is a little silly to say the least.

I am a ps3 owner, and yes, I do feel cheated. I’ve had my console almost a year, and there’s not a whole lot going on with it. I’ve purchased the PSN games, I have great ps2 games, but not much going on in the AAA “next-gen” game department. I purchased Warhawk, and it’s fun if you can get into a server…it’s a game that could have been AAA+ but with all the bugs, it’s another ps3 title that “coulda been.”

I hope in the coming months, Sony gives us some free game downloads to make up for the lack of entertainment that has come bundled with the ps3. Maybe then, we won’t feel so cheated.



  1. Yeah, I’ve been holding off on the PS3 for the chief reason that there aren’t really any killer apps. Resistance is supposedly good, but I hesistate to buy a system for one game when there aren’t any other great titles on the near horizon. The games that really get me going for PS3–Metal Gear and FFXIII–are so far around the corner that it’s better just to wait for now, especially with Sony slashing prices and releasing new SKUs.

  2. resistance is nothing compared to Halo 3, trust me. you will be dissapointed with it after playing H3. Yeah, it was cool in january when the system was just released, but really, the multiplayer sucks, and the campaign is white knuckle non stop fighting, over and over again. Yes, some parts of it are cool, but overall i dont think it has much replay value.

    and yes if you are happy with the 360 and halo right now i wouldnt think about getting a ps3 until Haze or Uncharted comes out.

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