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Halo 3 Multiplayer: Tips and Tactics to Rank part 2


In my previous article, i posted 10 tips to help you gain rank. Perhaps they were very common sense, very basic tips. However, not everyone has been playing all the Halo games, myself included. I started with the first Halo, completely missed the second one, and now im back, enjoying the 3rd.

So in this article, i will attempt to go over some more advanced tips to help you win those matches and get your exp and stat points. Let me first disclaim that i am by no means “elite” at Halo 3, however i keep above a 1.00 kill/death rate on social slayer, and my ranked match k/d ratio is .84, which should tell you that even though i suck, i’m still a captain, and you can be too….

Basic Combat

Regardless of what type of match you are playing, you will need basic combat skills to win those 1v1 and 1v2 battles. Here are some basic combat tips that may help you:

1. Aiming: Certain weapons are designed for accuracy, while other weapons are designed for firepower. Practice aiming for the head while using such weapons as the Sniper Rifle, Battle Rifle, Beam Rifle, and Carbine. While using weapons such as the Spiker, SMG, Assault Rifle, it is best to aim for the body to maximize damage.

2. Take down the shields: A well placed grenade or a melee attack can take the opponent shields down, and from there a few rounds to the helmet will almost always do them in. You can throw the nade when you are too far away to get a good shot, or a melee when you are reloading after draining your clip.

3. Gang up: If you see 2 players dueling it out, start shooting the one that is the most threat to you. Once he is dead, you can then take out the other guy. I almost always lob a grenade in between the 2 before i start shooting, to help take the shields down. Stealing kills is a huge part of the game.

4. Aim at the feet, too?: When throwing frag grenades or using the rocket launcher, always aim at the feet of the opponent. The reason being if you aim at their body, they could easily sidestep or jump over the ordinance. You cannot sidestep the ground.

5. Bunny jumping: Jumping repeatedly can help you avoid grenades and rockets as well. In a rockets only type game, you are rocket bait if you do not jump around, because rockets will be landing at your feet from all directions. It can also help you in a 1 on 1 battle if you can disorient your opponent and end up behind then for a quick strike.

6. StickyStick: Sticky grenades are almost always a guaranteed kill. Only 1 time have i seen a sticky nade NOT kill someone, and they had full shields and overshields. Typically i use the sticky nade at the end of a gunbattle when both players are reloading and going in for the melee attack. Throw the sticky when they are directly in front of you while you are backstepping. They may kill you but you will definately kill them.

7. Don’t waste time: Do not waste too much time looking for weapons/shields/nades, especially on smaller type maps. Because the match is over at 15 – 25 kills depending on the match type, you need to be out looking for people to kill. If you spawn near some good items, thats great. But don’t go overboard.

8. Hammer Time: On the other hand, on many maps you will find a Gravity Hammer or the Energy Sword. Getting this item + an overshield or active camo can help you rack up the kills. Just wait till your aiming reticle turns red and get r’ done.

9. Kill from the Grave: Sometimes you just know that the guy you are fighting with is going to kill you. It may be because you just got done killing several other players, and your time is up. When i know im on my way out, i always look straight down and release a grenade. Many times enemies will walk over you to pick up your weapon/whatever, and then boom, you get em.

Here are some other points to consider:

The Spiker/SMG dual wield combo, in my opinion, is very deadly at almost any range. On  most maps these weapons can be found relatively close to each other, so get one of each whenever you can.

If you are looking to get your fragrate up, the perfect place is in games like Oddball and Crazy King. Instead of going for the objectives, just kill the other players while they are distracted by the ball or the zone. You may not finish in the top 3 and get your exp point, but you may go 16 and 2. It’s alot easier to kill other players when they aren’t focused on you.

On Narrows – Oddball, if you have the oddball and hit a jump pad, and in mid-air you realize there are enemies awaiting on the other side, just drop the oddball. Even if you die, you can camp the middle of the bridge and pick it up when it reappears.

Another tactic on Oddball – never be the first to get the ball…you will be shot at by the other 4 players immediately. Instead, be the last person to show up and shoot everyone else in the back. When you do get the ball, try to get somewhere that you can bottleneck the other players. So like on Snowbound, get into the tunnels and hit people with the oddball when they come around the corner. Basically, run when you can and fight when you have to…

Team up with a buddy in Rumble Pit or Lone Wolf. Select a color for each of you that the other 3 players are not using. Then in the match, try working together against the other 3 players. Most likely you will both finish in the top 3. (this is not cheating)

Adjust your controller settings before the match. So for example, you may want a slower look speed on maps like Snowbound where need that precise aiming for farther distances, or a faster look speed for maps that cause you to turn alot like Epitaph, the Pit, or Guardian.

On Crazy King, know the different areas that will give you a score. Also, if the box hasn’t moved in a while, don’t bother wasting time going across the map to get there; just wait till the box moves and be the first to get there. On maps like Epitaph, you can crouch sneak into the zone while others are fighting over it. Just go the back way on the outside ledge and come in the door behind the wall…you will gain points while everyone else fights over the zone!

You can bounce grenades off walls into rooms and doorways where a known enemy is shown on your radar. Also you can richochet bullets off of walls and other objects.

Bubble shields can save you in pinch, but they can also attract attention. Deploy one in a room where you can circle back on people trying to use your bubble.

Be aggressive. Halo 3 multiplayer is a fast paced cut throat game. You have to be aggressive at all times, in all areas, in all situations.

Well, that’s all i got for now. There are a ton of little things, that when put together, add up to a solid skillset that can get you to your next rank just a little bit faster.

Coming Soon: Weaponology



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  2. hey m8 thanks 4 ur advice hapi haloing

    • Yeah, again, these tips sound really useful. Thanks, you’re a star.

  3. Try using the spike grenades as a booby trap. Most players know the sound of the frag grenade but will ignore the sound of a spike grenade being stuck into a wall. They tend to walk right into the trap.

  4. Thanks for the tips…Very helpful. But I have to say,”Team up with a buddy in Rumble Pit or Lone Wolf. Select a color for each of you that the other 3 players are not using. Then in the match, try working together against the other 3 players. Most likely you will both finish in the top 3.” THIS IN MY OPINION IS CHEATING.

    • i wouldnt call it cheating cos theres nothing in the rules or anything saying not to do it plus theres nothing stopping the other people from doing it so its their fault if they dont

  5. ^^some people have brought that up on the official bungie forums, and it has not been classified as cheating. even rank boosting has not been classified as cheating. just because you don’t go along with the gametype doesnt mean its a cheat; for example, if while playing oddball you just tried killing everyone instead of going for the ball (maybe to get your fragrate up) thats not cheating. some may think it is, but there are worse things happening in H3 multiplayer like damage glitches, DDOS attacks, laggers, suiciders, etc….i wouldnt worry about buddies in lone wolves.

  6. Though It may not be “classified” as cheating. I think it’s a matter of ethics. Most people playing ranked matches in Lone Wolves would probably agree with me. I understand that this may not seem as bad as standby or other known cheats. It still isn’t fair to other players. I think the single best way to gain rank is to earn it. That way it’s real and something you can be proud of.

  7. well you definately are entitled to your opinion, and i dont totally disagree with you. the only reason i included it in the article was because its been done to me. ive never teamed up with a buddy in ffa so i understand where you are coming from. ethics usually go out the window when you are trying to survive.

  8. ok found a little mistake,on small maps, you should waste time getting good weapons or youll end up jumping in the action praying to get a kill, its better to take a bit to get a weapon cuz youll end up raping the noobs that run around lookin for people with an assault rifle, UNLESS OF COURSE this is a rockets or sword match then dont waste any time at all

  9. thanks for the tips! ive never played halo m-player until halo3 so i rather suck! anything to help improve my game to keep me playing is really a treat! those mean arse fools who team up in a ffa only moved me to lone wolves. at least there i was able to gain some rank. though after noticing you can lose rank. well i went back to social rumble. i like my 20 skill level. think thats kewl for being a noob. but what do i know? anyhow thanks again! hopefully im able to gain some improvements! oh and wtf? why is it that im playing one of the best sci-fi games of all times, but yet i get crappy remarks as to my name? creepy! one would think all sci fi folks would know DUNE!

  10. My tip ALWAYS carry a extra weapon! The second you re-spawn look for a secondary weapon that you can have just in case you get into a fight with a guy kill him (or both run out of ammo) and need to reload then switch to your secondary and light him up.

    • I found this amazingly useful, even works with the pistol, most encounters are a rifle spray and a melee. but if you’re that tiny bit too far away, unload the rifle mag, while he’s reloading whip out the pistol, one shot, bam! point.

  11. ^^^ Very true, many a time has the usual spray-and-charge assault rifle combat occured and mine and my opponent’s mags have run dry. While he’s fumbling for a reload, it’s a piece of cake to swap for, say, an SMG that you picked up earlier just in case and blow him away before he can fire again. It’s actually quicker than a reload.

  12. i cant even think what your basic tips were. these advanced ones really are retarded arent they. I call it common sense! jumping for christs sake!

    • dude, that comment was retarded.

  13. ok….thanks for reading

  14. “Always aim for the head” is actually very poor advice.
    There are a LOT of weapons where you want to aim for the body (because they are incapable of headshots).

  15. You sir have failed. The majority of weapons do more damage when aimed at the head. The sniper rifle can kill with 1 shot to the head as opposed to 2 in the body.

    Assault Rifle – Head
    Battle Rifle – Head
    Spiker – Head
    SMG – Head
    Sniper Rifle – Head
    Shotgun – Head
    Plasma Rifle – Head
    Mule – Head
    Needler – Head/Body
    Rocket Launcher – Body/Floor
    Gravity Hammer – Dont matter as long as crosshair is red
    Energy Sword – Dont matter as long as crosshair is red

    What you just said is very poor advice, period.

    • as far as the gravity hammer is concerned its best to swing it right before it turns red in a hammer match like grifball

  16. I had a problem with almost everything you said, while you may do fine in w/e skill level you said you were in. There are just a few easy things you could do that would make you so much better. IE dont always aim for the head. The only weapon you should aim for the head with is a BR. Everything else (Especially the AR) you should aim for body because the most important thing is just getting the maximum amount of bullets into yuor opponent.
    The hammer and sword both get destroyed by the shotgun.
    You said don’t waste time by getting weapons. This is so wrong. You can either run around with an AR like an idiot stealing a few kills or you can wisely grab a weapon of choice and create a strategy that will most likely result in a killing spree.

    • You guys are all stupid ur all bks don’t go for power wapons thats stupid yeah that way when ur runing around like a moron they can get them and crap on u with them then u got nothing and by the way don’t listen to this moron aim for the head with the sniper u may not get head shots all the time but that’s how u get good cuz one day when all these dorks are aiming for the body you’ll be domeing them left and right and they’ll still be level 20s cuz there to bad and dumb to aim for the head u gotta get better some how trust me I’m a 50 I no what im talking about and stay the hell away from anything unranked cuz it will just make u think that u can do what ever u want and get away with it cuz everyone that plays unranked is stupid and a bk cuz you’ll try it in ranked and they’ll beat the hell out of u. And if u really wanna get a 50 and not just be some fag who cheated and shouldn’t have a 50 and then has level 20s beating him and making fun of him then earn it and play ranked always cuz u will get better it’s not like u can get worse or anything besides the only way to get really good fast is to fight people who are good cuz that’s what ranked does it puts u against people who are just as good as u or better and once u have mastered the those people u slowly fight people who are better and in do time u will get unless ur just so bad at halo it’s stupid but if not that should work for people who really wanna be good at the game and not just have there service record say 50 and they still lose to level 20s who talk crap then what’s the point in having the 50 u still get no respect u still suck lvl 20s are making fun of u and u can’t do anything about it and u can’t live up to what ur service record says then there’s no point in cheating to get ur 50 in the first place

  17. Why only aim for the head with the battle rifle? it shoots in 3 round bursts making it better to aim at the body if you want to maximize your hit percentage. However the BR takes the longest time to drop shields due to its rate of fire, but it also kills the fastest when shields are down because of the 3 shots. You are right about getting the max # of bullets into an opponent, however head-shots do more damage period, so while you are aiming & shooting you might as well try for the helmet. Also the shotgun is a 1 shot kill up close, but so is sword/hammer, so i don’t know what you are talking about there. Especially with the sword you can kill from a lot farther away than the shotgun. I also said don’t waste TOO MUCH time looking for weapons.

    I would appreciate people who come here saying they disagree with everything to post a link to their profile, otherwise stfu and go write your own guide. It amazes me that people search goole for tactics yet they disagree with everything? LOL you keep shooting me in the body while i jump and strafe, and i will keep shooting you in the head and we will see who wins.

    • Dude, you owned that bitch.

    • lol weneva i got a br i aim 4 the head cos i pretty sure its 3 shots (or 3 pulls of the trigger which is 9 bullets) and their dead but a shot gun does kind of rape swords cos weneva i have a sword i get owned by a shotgun and i get lots of bulltrues with a shot gun but stil nice guide

    • just to clarify for some, the shotgun owns the sword because of the amount of time it takes for the leap attack to go off. the secondary sword attack is pretty quick tough so not sure if the shotgun is faster or not.

      also, if you are doing swords, use the secondary strike which is quicker. While they are trying to lunge for a one hit kill, yours will go off faster and land the killing blow.

  18. Yeh..I have a REALLY obvious thing to comment on. On Epitaph, I go for the Rocket first so i get it before the fighting starts, the i Jump to a small ledge and just Camp there and shoot and frag the n00bs that are strafing each other with AR’s. This got me a killing spree and 4 double kills without needing to pick up any more ammo. When you run dry you can just hop onto the platform and go for more ammo. Also when people launch to the rocket platform, as soo as they land they are totally exposed. Lost of easy kills.

    My xbox live thingy is azron34..add me and il show u.

    On Levels with the exploding barrels, like Last resort or so on, if you have a sniper rifle,and they are hiding behing a wall near a barrell shoot it, it will damage thier sheilds, or even propell them out of cover, with no shields.

    When Sniping at other with snipers just keep the crosshairs at head level while you sidestep and fire repededly, you are ound to get a headshot.

    • You seem to really have a lot of advice for someone that has absolutely NO ACHIEVEMENTS and also a very poor medals list. I personally think anyone posting advice or especially garbage to pswi60 needs to be able to back their mouth up with a decent profile at the very least.

      I give the guy snaps personally and I think the information is a good basis for those that may need some help upping their game. As pswi60 said, if you have issues then go write your own guide.

      Teaming up (for the lack of a better term) in social games is NOT cheating and anyone that says it is, is simply a bad sport and needs to suck less. Also, for anyone else that wants to make snide remarks, READ EVERY SINGLE WORD OF THE ARTICLE AND UNDERSTAND before making yourself look foolish.

      Just so that I CAN back up my post my Profile is Aquaticous.

      • Just to clarify, I wasn’t bashing azron. I was simply stating he needs to up his rating before giving advice, in my personal opinion. From there I decided to add my opinion to the other slammers in this comment section.


  19. “Team up with a buddy…” Maybe not cheating but definitely dirty. While you’re at it, just have a friend who is a lot better than you play a few games with your profile. Why play dirty? Just pisses off those you play with and get negative reviews against you when people figure out what you are doing.

    • fu man, I thought that was a great idea till you made it look THAT bad.

  20. oi

  21. i like ur comments about kill stealing coz its so true…..its half the game especially in lone wolves.

    i would recommend especially for novice players that you dont play with ur control sensitivity depending on the map as this can really put your aim off until you get used to it.

    Sum more tips


    if your lagging(checked by pressing back on your control while in-game), instead of running in for the beat down like every1 does… say at range depending on your weapon and shoot it out with your opponent because you will lose the beat down.

    beat downs are about timing and knowing the lunge range….also bungie say if you beat at the same time as your opponent the person with the least health will lose.


    Haven’t seen this in this article but is really helpful, with the mauler…. 1 shot and a beat down will do the job(these can be done almost simultaneously) and remember beats do have sum lunge


    i would also like to recommend playing lone wolves to get your rank up as it is alot easier then playing teams

  22. i’m not looking for tactics. i’m good enough with my own but i’d thought i’d read what someone else thought, to see if we’re on the same level.

    knowing which weapon to use in a fight is the most important tactic, if you even consider it a tactic. only a few weapons have head shot damage bonuses, and with those weapons only should you aim for the head. if you don’t know which weapons they are, you’re not that high of a level yet. any other weapon, you should aim for the body, always. AR included.

    here’s a real tactic for leveling quickly: learn to be an efficient killer. i can kill you with one grenade and one BR burst before you shoot back. learn to do the same. once you get to my skill level and above, everyone can do it at least half the time. in your carnage report, see who ends up with the most headshots in the match. odds are it was the same person who finished first or second.

    if you find you’re not leveling even though you’re winning, it’s because you’re not killing with, what i call, STYLE.

  23. To the commenter above “4 shot to the dome”, if that really is a link to your profile, you are one of the biggest stat boosters i have ever seen. Your gaming history is nothing but boosted games. How is anyone supposed to trust what you say when all you do is play with buddies who boost your stats and let you kill them.

    If you want to know what gun does more damage and where to shoot, go into a local game with a second dummy player and practice headshots with different weapons vs. body shots. In my experience it almost always takes less bullets to kill someone if you are aiming for the head, expecially if you have the SMG spiker combo it takes like 3 seconds to kill someone.

    Just because you dont get a +1 headshot to your game stats doesnt mean its ineffective.

    • pswi60 I really like the point made about backing out of the game and doing something else if you are losing a bunch of exp due to lag/ lost connection. makes sense and unfortunately is one thing that I had to learn the hard way as well.

      Good info in this guide.

  24. The Lone Wolves thing annoys me as well. I just “avoid” people that I see doing that stuff. I’ve also seen people having achievements matches and that annoys me as well. It doesn’t matter though cause I usually end up winning those matches while they are busy setting up to kill each other.

    It doesn’t matter that much though. I usually only go to Lone Wolves to warm up. It gets rather boring being alone…

  25. cool guide =]

  26. when you use a hammer just fine aslong as you hit the enemy sargent

  27. just kill them dont matter how

  28. dont use the pistol on hunters. my advice never carry one before a hunter battle then when you’re out of ammo you use a better weapon , period

  29. always use a shotgun on flood , actually always use any bulet weapon its always best.

  30. pswi60 I don’t really think you checked my games much because I only boosted about 40 social doubles just simply because I didn’t want to play all those games and it’s not cheating because Gilbert Arenas was caught doing this by Bungie and they did nothing to him
    Those lone wolves games that I did didn’t boost me at all after winning like 25 games I leveled down for some reason so I had to earn my ranks legit check it and check my team slayer I never cheated in that and I got my 47

    oh and sorry if it takes a long time to look through my games because I let my brother play customs and forge on my xbox

    • only 40? ONLY!?

    • WOW! I cannot believe you just said that. Only 40 huh? What a loser. I am proud to say every achievement and every single game I played was not a booster game nor did I get help in any other way.

      If you do it all by skill alone, yourself, then it means more and also there is no way anyone can claim you cheated.

      You need to seriously SUCK LESS! Just sayin’.. 🙂

  31. i luv u

  32. get a life

  33. Good advice overall. I’m surprised you’re not ranked higher, seeing as how I haven’t been implementing some of your tactics, and I’m a 45 skill (Lones Wolves) Brigadier. Just goes to show even the elites can learn from the average gamer. I have to agree with some of the commenters, however, on some issues.

    First, aiming for the head is the most effective kill strategy in theory, but in practice, it’s not always the case. Most weapons have limited accuracy (like the Assault Rifle), so your chances of killing someone with shots to the body are greater than your chances of killing someone with shots to the head (unless you have amazing aim) simply because of the greater number of shots being landed. Aiming for the head of a moving opponent while correcting the recoil of your weapon is an advanced tactic that only a few can perfect, so with standard short-to-medium range weapons, aiming for the body is more effective. Weapons such as the Battle Rifle, the Carbine, the Sniper Rifle, and the Beam Rifle are far more effective with headshots, however, but that’s because they are far more accurate and are much easier to manage, which makes them the exception to the general rule.

    As far as the idea of going in with buddies to Lone Wolves, it may not be considered cheating, but it is annoying, and it goes against the intended purpose of the game design, which kind of makes it an unwritten “don’t do it.” Lones Wolves is intended for single players who want to battle in a free-for-all environment. If people want to play doubles or teams, they can play Team Doubles or Team Slayer. That’s why Bungie created the different playlists, and going against their intended design makes the gaming experience less enjoyable for other players. I’ve seen groups of 2 (and even groups of up to 4) working together in Lones Wolves, and it ruins the experience for everyone else. The essence behind free-for-all is every man for himself, so when that balance is broken (whether it be 2 against 1 or 4 against 1), the game loses its integrity, and that makes the experience unenjoyable for other players.

    • Well, think about it like this. In the long run, two body shots is equal to one headshot. I reccomend not using the BR as a sniper rifle. usually by the time you’ve fired enough shots to kill them they’ve moved into cover and recharged, besides, it’s only a tiny bit more powerful than the AR. Just take your time and get in closer, and bust a cap or 20 in their ass.

  34. its me again ghost of death but all you put downer can just go to hell you just dont like noobs getting helped because, your afraid that there going to get better than you and im rite to so dont say im not but your rank means nothing it all depends on timing and how you feel about playing you coulnd incinerate a general grade 5 as a noob if the general is feeling bad and if this persons tips arent helping you than mx the bad tips with your own that could help you but dont be being mean to people when your scared of them and dont let them talk trash to you either and also dont put your self down well just be looking for me on the day i get my xbox 360 halo3 edition my user name will be and is Ghost of Death23 or without 23 im getting the 360 on christmas bye bye im hoping youll all be my friend

  35. when that guy didnt die because of the sticky it was probably cuz it blew up while his oversheild was going up, during that time you are invincable

  36. i cant get any of those online achievments….like getting a quadrulpe kill with a spartan laser… am i supposed to do that?

  37. The Spartan Laser double kill achievement is pretty difficult to get unless you use that particular weapon on a regular basis and are quite good with it. The majority of players who have that achievement were able to convince other players to help them get it (i.e. two people just stand in a straight line while another player fires the Spartan Laser), but that’s pretty lame if you ask me. My advice is to just keep at it. Eventually you’ll get it, whether by improving in skill or just plain luck. I still haven’t gotten the “Maybe Next Time Buddy” achievement, which in my opinion is the most difficult. Once your vehicle gets hijacked, you’re temporarily stunned and cannot move, so the player who jacked you has time to either take off or kill you (either by running you over or by shooting you if the vehicle has a weapons system). I’m sure it’s possible to get that achievement (although very unlikely), but for the most part, players who have it had other people help them.

    • Maybe next time buddy is a hard one, but i got mine in lone wolves. I had a slpatter spree, when someone jacked me after i ran into a wall with a ghost on isolation. the guy tried to boost away from me, but was still against a wall. i grabbed the ghost and got 4 more splatters.

    • The “maybe next time buddy achievement is probably the only achievement I haven’t actually done fairly. I had help getting mongoose mowdown and Steppin Razor too but I later got plenty of splatters with mongooses and some triples with a sword.

      ANYWAY… My advice would be to get your vehicle in an enclosed space… the opponent may beat you down, but he also may board you, and if you are in a hallway or something, you can board back.

    • This is probably the hardest one to get out of all of the achievements. I have friends that are way better than me that does not have it because like me they do not want to cheat to get it. I got it by simple luck on Snowbound. Two guys were fighting on top of the Blue Teams Station and I shot at them getting them both. Completely luck, but I got it without cheating (meaning, having someone help you get it).

  38. I like what everyone had to say that was positive. This person put together a guide to help noob’s get better, and people have to down him. I’ve only been able to get to rank 13, so I was looking for some advice on how to improve on that state. I came here and even though the person who wrote the guide was not an elite player (which he admitted to) he at least is trying to help. It would be nice if some of those “elite” players would do something like this instead of downing other people for there efforts.

  39. poo poo tastes good

  40. i first got halo 3 online about 2 weeks ago. ive completed the whole trilogy on legendary, and im ranked 24 already (on team slayer). personally my favourite game is team tactical as it actually takes skill and not just the teaming up effect on lone wolves. however i have to say he guy who wrote this is really clever. it sounds like basic stuff but it all seems true, except for the head shot bit. i always find the best way to kill with an assault rifle is to start shooting ur opponent before he shoots u, then your both likely to go in for the melee atack, and obviously u will win as he has less health!

  41. while the shield is up BR does the same dmg wherever you hit (including feet), only after the shield is down headshots matter. (one burst to the head after shield is down = 1 kill).

  42. KINGOFDACOURT05 add dat on xbox live

  43. Actually, it takes one more 3-round burst from the Battle Rifle to take down the shield of an opponent when shooting the body as opposed to shooting the head. It may seem insignificant to most players, but to those who have mastered the Battle Rifle, it makes all the difference in the world.

  44. I am a total nube, which makes this tip even better for those who can better execute it. On High Ground, if you start near the waterfront keep to the left when heading up the hill, you’ll run over a deployable lift at thre mouth of the cave. deploy it in front of the crow’s nest which invariably will be full of the opponents. bounce up and lob a grenade’s guaranteed one kill or two.

    Thanks for the tips psw; I’ll put them to good use. if anyone needs more friends out there, add tomahawksamurai to your list. I love this game!

  45. I am level 37 in team slayer and hit a brick wall. I have been playing team doubles for the last week and have only lost 3 of like 60 games and my skill level is shooting up. If you want a skill level boost, find a godo halo3 friend and play team doubles constantly. You should hit the 40’s 50’s no problem provided you have some skills

  46. I am level 37 in team slayer and hit a brick wall. I have been playing team doubles for the last week and have only lost 3 of like 60 games and my skill level is shooting up. If you want a skill level boost, find a good halo3 friend and play team doubles constantly. You should hit the 40’s 50’s no problem provided you have some skills

  47. horse balls

  48. In my opinion the easiest way to get the spartan laser double kill isn’t on slayer. Go to a playlist that you can get a king of the hill match, then when there are a bunch of players in the hill, get on the same level as them and try to line up your shot. I just got it earlier today playing lone wolves crazy king on snowbound

  49. aw snap

  50. Hey fellas,

    I updated the guide to reflect the headshot thing. Its best to aim for the head when using those weapons that allow you the better accuracy, while aiming at the body when using faster, less accurate weapons.

    Thanks for all the comments, good and bad. To the anonymous poster, and some others, thanks for adding your own tips. It is always appreciated.


  51. Good job.

  52. Go in 3s to team slayer it seemed like twice as fast to get my 50 because the people seem easier in 3s and I seem to find matches faster but just make sure you don’t allow a random 4th person to join your team because people that play team slayer by themselves usually rnt too good

  53. I am a level 31 and would say that i learned some good things from your tips and i appreciate that. one thing that works for me is throwing as many grenades as i can when going into the action then jumping alot while trying to cause mass confusion. I dont spend tooooo much time looking for weapons but i defentily advice getting as many different grenades as possible and looking for a better weapon then what you usually start with.
    If i throw a couple grenades i can usually get the kill with melee or with a pos gun and i usually slow down on the kills if i grab a sniper trying to stay away from the action to get a good shot without getting seen.

  54. lol so many noobs here, if any of you noobs wanna fight me add X Cr4zy J X,free skill off you works for me

  55. Thank you for trying to help, and too all those people who are criticizing him for that STFU, he obviously spent a lot of time on this guide and it is actually pretty good. now before you say “GTFO noob” lol and cr4zy, even though your stats look good
    you do realize that you cant set up a match that you can gain skill off of right? oh well, add me, we will play. although i will admit that you are probably a little bit better than me.
    here is my stats (
    gamertag:TCB Havoc

  56. Great guide, 1 thing I might add is to use the power drainer whenever possible as its a useful piece of kit. Bring charging vehicles to a standstill or just chuck it where you expect the enemy to be running (or following if your trying to escape with your life) after that 1 burst from a BR will give you an easy kill. Good spot for it is the jumps on narrows, drop when you see an enemy jumping over to you and its unavoidable. Once again nice guide.

  57. Very nice guide. I’m going to use this as soon as I play.

    One tip of my own involves Narrows on CTF. A few shots to the body of any members of the opposite team when they use the jumps can be a lifesaver to the the guys guarding your flag.

  58. Good advice, everyone has their own style of gameplay so you can only advise people to do so much.. i say just go with ur instincts cuz thats what i do and id say im a pretty good h3 gamer

  59. It’s definitely good advice for players to stick to what they’re comfortable with… as long as what they’re comfortable with works. If they’re especially good with certain weapons, they should stick to those weapons as much as possible. And if they’re terrible with certain weapons, they should probably do their best to avoid those weapons. But sometimes it pays to step outside of your comfort zone every now and then. Take power weapons for example. If players aren’t that great with power weapons (say, the sniper rifle for instance), they should use as many opportunities as they can to get better with these weapons. It’s probably not the best idea to practice during ranked games or other highly competitive matches, but there are always social games or custom games players can use to sharpen and maybe even perfect their skills. It’s well worth the effort, too, because the players who dominate are the players who are well-rounded and highly skilled with all weapons, especially the power weapons. The sniper rifle can get 8+ kills within a very short period of time for a skilled marksman, and those kills can easily come without dying once. Add to that decent skill with whatever other weapon that player is carrying, and a killing frenzy could follow very quickly. That’s 10 kills and no deaths within the first minute or so of a game, and that’s a huge lead that would prove very difficult to overcome.

    One of the hardest things for me was switching from the Assault Rifle to the Battle Rifle as the rifle of choice because I was so comfortable with the AR and rarely used the BR. But as I progressed through the ranks, I realized that the BR was far superior to the AR (except at close range), so I had to break out of my old habits in order to improve my game. Now, one of my favorite attacks is the grenade/BR combo, because it’s so quick and efficient, most players can’t even get a shot off before they’re dead. Had I stuck with the AR, it would take considerably more time to finish off an opponent after a grenade attack, and I would more than likely incur some kind of damage in the process, leaving me vulnerable to other inbound players. With the BR, however, I can take down several opponents with the grenade attack without dying once, and I can do it in much less time than with the AR. Really, the only way you can know whether or not your style of gameplay is effective is by testing it in the higher levels. If what you’re comfortable with stops working, you need to figure something else out, which is why it’s always best to be proficient with as many weapons as possible in as many different situations as possible. If you don’t have a backup plan, or better yet, a large number of backup planS, you’re going to get left in the dust by players who do.

  60. This is fucking stupid as common sense bullshit. if you dont know this do not play online.

  61. Lot of smug gimps on here, if you don’t like the advice then gtf.

  62. Huh, guys this guide is intended to give advice on RANKING quicker. Not winning the match. Even if it goes against ethics teaming up statistically levels you faster than going in yourself. It’s your choice if you do it or not, he’s just bringing that fact to attention.

  63. thx for the advice

  64. well thats true about the lvl im a lvl 47 n n my exp is is almost in the 600., but thats because when i make my acc i when crazy levelin up every gametype…. Double in\m a 46 , TS im a 47 , LW im a 41 , Team Object om a 30 & TH with i just started n still workin on it im 27….. But any wayzmy point is that i have wut they call a ” Profile Promotion” cause i won 7 games in a row n i didnt lvl up , n no i did not go – … you can check it out by ur self , My Gt : ” S U R P R 1 S 3 “… My new Gt : ” Frequenzy ” i just made it yesterday 1/16/08 n im all ready a lvl 20 n i onnly lost one game n it was because i lagout so i lose an exp… but that record is good n ima keep it like that cause i wnat my 50 in that acc…. cause in the surprise acc i dont think ima b able to get it cause of my exp….

    0Ohh also ” X Cr4zy j x ” i bet ur a noob deadazz if u have a team of 2v2 or 3v3 come see me MLG All day !!
    thats all i have to say…yup.

    My acc again if any want one to play MLG just send ,\me a msg sayin MLG..

    47 acc : S U R P R 1 S 3

    my neww acc : Frequenzy

  65. cool forum

  66. in that comment that u said that br is slowest taking down shields ur a retard
    have u ever played with a br ?
    if u have any skill u can easily own ar’s

  67. I hate boosters! All that time, energy, and hard work we legitimate players spend on improving our highest skill counts for nothing when teams of players work together in Lone Wolves. It’s not like boosting proves anything, because highest skill means nothing if it’s not earned, but it ruins the game for those of us who actually do earn our highest skill. We do our best to make progress only to have it erased by a bunch of retards who can’t win any other way than by cheating, so here’s to hoping Bungie starts dropping the BANhammer on every idiotic booster. It’s one thing to cheat your way to the top, but it’s something entirely different to do so by ruining the game for everyone else.

  68. I’m a level 41 in lone wolves and a 35 in team doubles. The guide holds true to almost everything that I do when I play. It isn’t common sense, it’s just simply overlooked strategy. The largest majority of my kills are simply from beat downs because I outthink the opposition in close combat. Followed by AR kills and then BR kills largely due to aiming in the head. Also if you master the tactic of throwing a nade to diminish the shields and a quick burst to the head, you will do very well.

  69. im a general grade 3, 50 highest skill team slayer, 48 lone wolves, 46 team doubles, over 2700 exp, so listen to wot i say. If u dont believe me my gamertag is herme001 look at my stats. my k/d ratio on ranked is 3,12 and 2.89 on social. gamertag herme001.the headshot shot advice is a load of crap. unless using br, sniper, carbine or beam rifle aim 4 body. also, most of the other advice is elementary shit and if u dont do it already u r really bad at dis game. so i suggest u all shut up unless u hav a better ranking than me or actually hav sum gud advice. if u want ure ass kicked add herme001. general grade 4 suk on dat.

  70. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Stats don’t lie, herme001, and according to, you’re a Lieutenant, Grade 3, highest skill 17, with 345 EXP out of 805 matchmade games (about 43% top-half placement). Your k/d is 0.74 in ranked and 0.80 in social, so I really do hope your comment was meant to be sarcastic in nature, otherwise, all you did here was make a complete fool of yourself. Being good at a video game doesn’t really count for much in the real world, so why people brag and talk trash is beyond me, but the most ironic part of it all is that the players who are REALLY good stay humble. Those players whose accomplishments were “boosted” or “piggy-backed” are the ones who tend to make all the noise even though their highest skill or achievements mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because they weren’t earned.

  72. screw u u wanker. you’re all just a bunch of losers. who is sad enough to write messages about who is better than hoo at halo3. im better than all of you, so piss off. go get a life. and the guy that made this guide is a complete f*****g c**t, as are you anonymous. also, i hav an 8 inch penis.

    • u fucking pervery wtf did u bring a penus in 4 yea u have an 8 inch penus… going of ur fucking ass ur oenus is the size off a tic tac so just go freshen ur breath and dont be a perv

  73. “who is sad enough to write messages about who is better than hoo at halo3.” Apparently you are, herme001. Who says “wanker” anyway? Are you British?… because you know they use the metric system, right? So you must have confused the inches with centimeters.

  74. hahhahahha herme001 got owned by anonymous

  75. well I am a 41 and I’m not lying. herme001 can go F**K himself. Wankers… Derrr.

  76. the other day i was playing capture the flag. i had the flag on my way to get the third point and win the game when, as i was 15 feet from the goal my teammate killed me, took the flag and scored the last point. i didn’t have time to take the option to boot him off the game because the game was over 2 seconds after he took the flag from me and scored. i pretty much wanted to find the guy and knock him out. i really cant imagine a more unethical way to play the game than that.

  77. Although your teammate is retarded for doing something like that, your team still won regardless. For all intents and purposes, the results for both you and your teammate are the same (a win is a win), so it really has no negative effect on you nor a positive effect on your teammate. It’s just the morality and ethics of the matter that become an issue. Some people just like to take credit for what other people do (it makes them feel better somehow), so I say the fact that your teammate plays a video game in that manner proves his/her emotional emptyness, and that in itself is punishment enough.

  78. I realise that there has been alot of slagging off going on here, but some of us new to all this just appreciate the fact that someone with a bit of experiance is willing to share their knowledge, good for you, maybe next time i’m on line i wont get so slaughtered by so many pubescent Americans


  80. And like I said before, CoG MaLeVoLeNT, you have a decent team… good for you. That doesn’t prove anything about your individual ability, however. A k/d of 1.20 isn’t all that impressive, and it puts you dead last in comparison to the rest of your team. “You are the weakest link! Goodbye.”

  81. Actually the stats for herme001 aren’t really that impressive. Let’s see: 860 matched games with a total of 19 skill and 365 exp gives us a skill per hour of 0.08 (pretty low) and a exp per hour of 1.69 (very average) assuming a 15 minute average game.

  82. Oh man, to all the chumps who said headshots dont matter you couldn’t be more wrong. Many times I have killed a player who started shooting me first with his/her weapon because of headshots. If you look at the stats after a match you will see that most of the time the player with the most headshots has the most kills on the team or a good K/D Ratio even BUNGIE says “always aim for the brain.” BR Headshotz!!!

  83. If you wan’t to call me a nOOb Searing Hawk is my second account I’m a General Grade 2 on my other account. Still dont believe me look at how many matches I have won and how many I’ve played…

  84. Nobody said headshots didn’t matter, Searing Hawk. If you had read the posts IN CONTEXT, you would have realized that what the majority of people were saying was that with most weapons, accuracy is somewhat limited, and it’s more likely the average gamer will be able to land enough body shots to kill an opponent faster than he/she would be able to land enough headhshots to kill an opponent due to the limited accuracy and recoil of most weapons. There are exceptions to this rule, however, with the Battle Rifle being one of them. It takes one less three-round burst to down an enemy with all headshots than it does body shots with one final headshot, but even then, for most players, it’s easier to land the body shots and then finish with the headshot than it is to land all headshots. It’s all relative to skill, and for those who have exceptional skill and aim, headshots make a huge difference, but for the majority of average level gamers, headshots are an advanced tactic that they may not be able to handle, and therefore, may not be the best strategy for victory. And just so you know, 14 EXP out of 27 matchmade games isn’t exactly “General” material. Most legit Generals have a win ratio of at least 75%.

  85. im a general grade 3, 50 highest skill team slayer, 48 lone wolves, 46 team doubles, over 2700 exp, so listen to wot i say. If u dont believe me my gamertag is herme001 look at my stats. my k/d ratio on ranked is 3,12 and 2.89 on social. gamertag herme001.the headshot shot advice is a load of crap. unless using br, sniper, carbine or beam rifle aim 4 body. also, most of the other advice is elementary shit and if u dont do it already u r really bad at dis game. so i suggest u all shut up unless u hav a better ranking than me or actually hav sum gud advice. if u want ure ass kicked add herme001. general grade 4 suk on dat. wankers. ill own all of u. ure all shit. im better than u.

  86. twatts

  87. Did you just copy and paste your previous post, herme001? Why are you even still here? We all know you’re full of sh*t by now.

  88. one thing to add is the dont waste time looking for weapons. that is half true but not complete. whenever you spawn start heading towards either a br or carbine seeing how u wont have any range weps unless is team brs which then your fine from the get go but if its regular slayer u must find a br or carbine or u will eventually get raped by someone who has one.

  89. i dont really follow any of these rules i just play the game and i do quite well
    so you must all really suck

  90. hemrme001 is a noob at the start of one of his comments he claims to be general grade 3 and at the end of th same comment he claims to be grade 4

  91. “hemrme001 is a noob at the start of one of his comments he claims to be general grade 3 and at the end of th same comment he claims to be grade 4”

    He must be SO good he got promoted while writing that comment (yeah right). Too bad in reality he’s only a Captain, Grade 3, and when he wrote that comment, he was a Lieutenant with a highest skill of 17. Not too smart. Not too smart at all.

  92. its good advice love halo 3 tried some of this out. worked well.
    hemrme001 shut the f*** up your talking threw your a$$. im a captian grade 2 id wipe the floor with you.

  93. im a general grade 3, 50 highest skill team slayer, 48 lone wolves, 46 team doubles, over 2700 exp, so listen to wot i say. If u dont believe me my gamertag is herme001 look at my stats. my k/d ratio on ranked is 3,12 and 2.89 on social. gamertag herme001.the headshot shot advice is a load of crap. unless using br, sniper, carbine or beam rifle aim 4 body. also, most of the other advice is elementary shit and if u dont do it already u r really bad at dis game. so i suggest u all shut up unless u hav a better ranking than me or actually hav sum gud advice. if u want ure ass kicked add herme001. general grade 3 suk on dat. wankers. ill own all of u. ure all shit. im better than u. fuck you all. also, i have a very large penis. im a general grade 3.

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  95. Q: How many times can you say “wankers” before it gets old?
    A: One time is one time too many.

    Q: What is a General, Grade 3 in herme001’s world?
    A: A Lieutenant or Captain, depending on what time frame is referenced.

    Q: How large is “large” to herme001?
    A: 8 centimeters, or approximately, 3 1/4 inches.

    Q: How many times can herme001 post the same exact comment before people figure out he’s an idiot?
    A: One time.

    Q: How many times can herme001 be proven to be an idiot before he realizes he is an idiot?
    A: There isn’t a number high enough in existence to answer that question.

  96. For some good tips watch some pro gamers play. They always use the BR to the head combo and thier sniper headshots are incredible, you can learn alot from watching the best. How do you think artists learn to paint?

    Im a PC gamer but my halo stats:

  97. well id have to say another way to learn to play halo better is to play with other online games and switch on and off because then you get used to change and you adapt to the surroundings better and that helps alot i’ve found when you play shooters but thats my opinon

  98. Anonymous is a complete wanker who agrees with me? im well good at this game just chek my stats. don’t take advice from all these twats theyre all shit. im better ythan you all. im a general.

  99. Nobody agrees with you, herme001. That’s kind of the point.

  100. Though this is something I have been getting used to on halo 3 some things that may help are when being chased into a wall when you can turn to the right or left, bounce a grenade off the wall before you turn. And while playing a sniper game DON’T jump it is very predictable of where you’ll land.

  101. Anonymous is a complete wanker. he really is. do you agree with me? anyway. listen up chumps coz ive actually got sum gud advice unlike all the other wankers tat cum on here. if u keep practicing at sniping, and you get really amazing like i am (check my stats), then the game online becomes so easy. you can end up gettin runnin riots nd killin frenzys every game (again check my stats). also, anonymous is a twat nd if u add herme001 ill play against u nd kik ure ass on rumble pit. im talkin to u anonymous. jst add me nd well see whose better. twat.

  102. Why would I add you to my FRIEND’s list, herme001? So you can spam me with endless messages about how you’re a “General” or how “big” your penis is? If I ever run into you in matchmaking, I’ll let you know how “good” I think you are. Oh, and by the way, I checked your stats, and sniper kills represent less than 2% of your total kills. You also only have one killing frenzy. Just thought I’d throw in another dose of reality for you.

  103. why is everyone so fucking obsessed with raising their rank and exp? JUst play the game for fun, it doesn’t mean anything in the real world if you’re good at halo. Pretty good tips

  104. Anonymous is a complete wanker. he really is. do you agree with me? anyway. listen up chumps coz ive actually got sum gud advice unlike all the other wankers tat cum on here. if u keep practicing at sniping, and you get really amazing like i am (check my stats), then the game online becomes so easy. you can end up gettin runnin riots nd killin frenzys every game (again check my stats). also, anonymous is a twat nd if u add herme001 ill play against u nd kik ure ass on rumble pit. im talkin to u anonymous. jst add me nd well see whose better. twat.

  105. Good job copying and pasting, herme001. I’m glad you only have the mental capacity to provide ONE response.

  106. This guide is so stupid. You should aim for the head with all weapons that shoot bullets. Shotgun, energy sword, and gravity hammer are all even.
    Ps-go kill yourself

  107. Actually, the shotgun will kill any player engaged in the strike motion with the sword or gravity hammer, making it the superior weapon of the three. The sword and gravity hammer actually have to make contact to kill, which leaves the wielder vulnerable during the lunge (sword) or swing (hammer), unless the player being assaulted by the gravity hammer is near death. Then, a strike from within a certain distance (even if it does not directly connect) can prove fatal. 9 times out of 10, however, if there’s a duel going on involving any of the three weapons stated, the player with the shotgun is going to win.

  108. screw u anonymous. u dont know wot ure tlkin about. im a general.

    • no u aint read ur ranks name instead of looking at the badge my gt: is sku11 f1nd3r im a different anonimys sorry forry for mispelling wait no im not; (}

  109. I went from level 13 to 40 in a matter of 3 days and like, 27 double team matches. If you’re a boss, and really really need to rank up, just get one of your lesser skilled friends to join you and have him camp with the shotty and inviso while you go for the big guns. Any sort of common sense will help you out. Good article, everything you say it right. But the key to ranking up the quickest is by being MVP in all your matches. I’m a major with like, 270(?) exp and like 180 ranked matches

  110. all ur mums have overgrown pubic hair haha

  111. hi its herme001 again. i know you all love me. anyway, i just became even more amazing at halo 3 because i have just got a perfection game and a killionaire and i’m not even lying this time!(check my stats for proof). i got my perfection game on valhalla using a combination of the warthog and the sniper rifle. all of u wankers could reaaly learn something from somebody as good at this game as me. se you later. chumps. also i have a very large penis.

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  114. wow man ur negative in kill death ratio u blow! u have like no medals man! u suck

  115. herme001 sucks cock more like his own captain grade 3 (how can u suck that bad) man i got to lvl 40 in lone wolves in 1 night so i hvae no idea anyday my Gamertag is like MIC Robbo bitchs i will take herme001 on any day and fuck him up in a 1v1 mlg game fuck big noter is full of bullshit

  116. i actually do have a killionaire i wasn’t lying about it just check my stats and its in social. So screw you all i really do have a killionaire.

    • Dude, i have a killionaire, and i’ve only started playing this like 3 months ago when I got ma 360, PLUS i even have a higher ranked AND social k/d ratio

  117. i just thought i’d say something. the game main thing i’ve learned is that you have to control the game pace, and do that by controlling the power weapons, knowing when they spawn, and camping. if you win a game with one kill. you still won. that’s what matters. k/d ratio means absolutely nothing.

  118. ya, um about that thing were u said team up with ur buddy in lone wolves/ rumble pit. guess what. u cant fucking bring people in ur lone wolves party.

  119. i actually do have a killionaire i wasn’t lying about it just check my stats and its in social. So screw you all i really do have a killionaire.

  120. jeez ur only a captain?? wat a no0b!! i am brigadier high skill 48

  121. thought i would leave some of my tactics i hope they help people on the way to becoming a general. when running in to a conflict situation be as sure as possible you are going to win the fight, i see people time and and time again running into a fight with little or no planning you must also be able to adapt your plan on the move and turn the situation to your advantage. i get alot off kills by leading my attack with a grenade also a very good defense when someone is chasing you just bounce one off the wall, floor, ceiling or object this works very well on blind corners, also if you now someone is following you and you go out of their sight use that time to turn around and face your enemy. it is vital you process the motion sensors information properly not only does the motion sensor tell you if someone is close it also tells you what path they are taking for instance on guardian in the blue room with the shotgun watch the dot run under and up the ramp you have the upper hand surprise enemy on the corner this has a very high sucess rate do not forget the enemy can see tour movement to, a new tactic i am trying is to decieve an enemy by by walking a path on one level so it mirrors the floor layout above or below, this way the enemy will not know what floor you are on. i see alot of people crouching when they are still, you do not need to the red dot only shows when you are running. after surviving a fight check your radar people will probabbly be moving in on your position remember on their screen a text has just told them who has died if you are weak stand still for a second the enemy may well be expecting to see a pile of corpses. i have also seen a very clever tactic which involves standing or teabagging over a corpse as bait with their back turned, when you approach for what seems like an easy kill they turn around with a sword and despatch you with ease(the sword can hardly be seen when holstered). a similar tactic which i employ is to let an enemy know i am there but out of range by firing a couple of shots with the ass rifle, i then run around a corner and out of sight swap to my power weapon and bang they’re dead an easy trap. learn where the weapons and equipment spawn on the every map and more importantly when for instant on the pit i know active camo will go in the first 20 secs so use the clock and turn up about every 3 minutes later and you will probably be in luck. when you and your opponents use this tactic the matches play with some structure, you can predict where people are going to be, you can counter this strategy by being in the right place when enemies turn up for the respawned power weapon/active camo. all the maps have been put through months of testing and the developers have not put the weapons spawns in random places, they are placed to give the fairest balance to matches. dont be afraid to pick up a weapon during a fire fight all to often when people are fighting they stick to the ones they are carrying. my friends often moan that some weapons are crap, i say a bad workman blames his tools, they are all very destuctive used the right way eg the plasma rifle, long range crap, destructive power crap, dual wield crap, but will deplete shield and melee attack quicker than a mauler melee attack, every weapon is balanced in a similar way, i suggest you learn all weapons strengths and weaknesses. another way to in crease your chances of survival ic to be carrying the right combination of weapon eg plasma pistol and battle rifle, one shot with both at medium range will provide a very quick death for your opponent(much quicker than battle rifle alone). a very common mistake is to run at an enemy while shooting this will make you more vulnerable and in range for a melee attack, a double beat is not a victory dont do it unless it is the only option. i have heard that if you can work out the damage you are inflicting on an enemies shield and time it right you will avoid a double beatdown along as you have more energy than them and you both press melee within one second of eachother. grenades are very important, frag grenades bounce well and have a large blast radius but can easily be heard when tossed on hard surfaces, plasma grenades are easy to place at peoples feet but can easily be seen they have a medium blast radius and the almost silent stick grenade will stick to any surface but has a small blast radius. bungie have been so careful to balance everything within the multiplayer games. good players know when they are chasing a player down using the motion sensor they can enter the line of fire at a strange angle or over an obstacle, the simplest being to jump as you round a corner this way you still have the element of surprise still. only a fool believes the only weapon they have is the one in their hand. use everything at your disposal. halo is a power struggle you must tip the scales in your favour to suceed. this is how i try and play, i am level 37 and slowly ranking up. i am sure as i rank up i will have to adapt my tactics, maybe disregard some altogether. if you know more tactics i would i like to hear from you, any questions please ask.
    thefragman878 (gamertag)

    p.s. teaming up on lone wolves is cheating and if i could i would ban all those that practise this. sgame on you

  122. V.Good guide. People have been pretty helpful. Also I think that a combination of all the different tactics works wonders. Anyone who wants to play me in matchmaking or for fun just add my gamertag Stoker2308.

  123. i actually do have a killionaire i wasn’t lying about it just check my stats and its in social. So screw you all i really do have a killionaire. u wankers

  124. yeah u love it too much

  125. Hey im a bit of a halo player myself but i need a little more help please e-mail me at

    Jim Carrey

  126. fyi if u pick up the overshield u get 3 seconds of invincibility while it charges that’s why your sticky didn’t kill that guy.

  127. also 1/2 of the people that play h3 will have a negative k/d ratio so stop flaming him. Also that wanker who’s bigging himself up for being a 48 skill brig, I’m a 50 skill captain so fuck off.

  128. Thanks for the tips. I’m teh suck at this game, as I have a personal life, a full time job, a needy girlfriend, and other interests. I absolutely hate elitists, but thats why this game is great. If someone really is elite, then I’ll never play him because I’ll never get up over a rank of like 15 or so.

    On a sidenote, the tip on Grenade + BR = Kill is IMO the easiest way to rack up a high score in Slayer. I stumbled upon this tactic on my own, and its made me look far better than I am.


  129. Jumping around corners while chasing someone is a great tactic. My friend used to do it all the time to me and it pissed me off.


  131. yea im a 50 and the tips that you have said here are not actually that good. im not saying this to be rude but i am saying that the tips are very basic for people under the skill range of 40, but when you get higher up there people actually tend to get hard and have skill rather than the dumbasses that follow you around corners and shit. im not telling you any way to improve this article because if i do than other people might actually get better and they wont be as easy. I have learned from my mistakes and i have learned what works on what skill levels just by playing the game. In halo 2 it was just about a normal game but when i taught myself how to do the monster bounces and superjumps i got way ahead of th competition by just going on top of the map. When i showed 2 people how to do some basic jumps it spread like wild fire and soon the game was only jumping and modding andit mad it gay. so I will not tell anyone how to play but if you want to test your skills with someone that doesnt suck than hit me up and we’ll go 1 vs 1. My xbox has to be fixed at the moment due to the red rings of death but when i get it back ill check my messages and play some 1 vs 1 matches against anyone that wants to play a good player. My GAMERTAG is NB DEADLY.

    • well fuck dude he said that they were basic omg ur lvl 50 im only like lvl 5 so yea this helped me of course its for people with LOWER SKILL LEVEL

  132. OMG i read some of your guys’s comments and you all fuckin suck you all have horrible k/d ratios and all of you are lying about your stats you fuckin brokeback bitches, I am a 50 grade 1 general i dont need to lie my stats say enough for me if you think you can beat me than sendme a fuckin in game message and see what you can due you fuckin pussies

    • get a life pussy

  133. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this (my point leads on from stealing kills) but its a good idea to keep an eye on your radar to look out for flashing opponents. When flashing it means the opponent’s shield is down and you should try to dispatch them first where possible.

    By the way, there is a lot of angst in some of these comments. Its just a game lads. I remember the days when a true test of skill was kicking the sh1t out of your enemy in lunchbreak at school.

  134. ps. Teaming up on Lone Wolves is SHADY and should be classed as cheating! Its called LONE Wolves for a reason.


  135. i know i am surprised they have not made a way to stop people from being able to team up in lone wolves. i know many people that make it to where they keep getting matched up against eachother so they can get up easier. This is gay my xbox just got the rings of death so i am getting it fixed so i will see if anyone wants to do 1 vs 1 when i get it back in a couple weeks.

  136. thanks, that really helped me, those tips are very usefull.

  137. also. before a game if someone you do not know sends you a picture message. DO NOT OPEN IT… half of my team in SWAT was kicked from the game because the picture makes your 360 freeze. the means a 4vs4 becomes 4vs3,2,or 1 not good. also watch out in swat 2 flag on snowbound the red team can hide in the rocks by there flag and pick you off as you come out.

  138. r4di8t0r you should add me on live and we could play sometime. im a captain gr2 with highest skill 25. add my gamertag if you want – HolyGhostrider2

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  141. im really sorry but most of you dont know what your talking about. my advice? get to a battle rifle as quick as possible – 3 shots to the body and them 1 to the head. easy as pie. when caught up in a BRs match and your duelling with someone jump loads and when in the air mash the crouch button, you will appear to lag making it harder for them to hit your head. for more tips. if you ad my e-mail, make sure you let me know where you got my address from. ive had loads of people spamming me . please dont.

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  143. Man im a pro at halo3 and well everything the person putted was kinda a waste but is good..if your a rookie of course. But anyways some plz tell me how do you do that partner thing in lonewolves, about changing your color n all that cause i dnt have any clue what you guys are trying to say. (IF YOU WANT TO BE SPONSERD BY MLG OR WANT TO JOIN THE CLAN GO ON MY CLAN WEBSITE AND REGISTER N GIVE ME A MESSAGE IN THE BLOG PLLZ OR CONTACT ME BY MY GT:R3unitedDefau1t!!

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  146. hey guys its herme001 again i know you all love me you knobs. by the way wankers i have a killionaire. ure all shite u wankers, stupid knobs. i hav nearly 5000 exp points. i play halo loads wankers. peace out dickwads. add herme001.

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  147. ” Instead of going for the objectives, just kill the other players while they are distracted by the ball or the zone. You may not finish in the top 3 and get your exp point, but you may go 16 and 2. It’s alot easier to kill other players when they aren’t focused on you.”

  148. Okay, I completely dissagree with you in many things, mainly where to shoot an enemy, and about being aggressive on Halo 3 multiplayer.
    Gun+Head=Quick Kill, Gun+Body/Head=Slow Kill
    And just letting you know, being an aggressive player (brutually kill, spawn kill, no mercy, ect.) is one of the thing that can get you avoided or even banned from online games on Xbox Live.

  149. .84 K/D ratio? thats awful. besides the fact a lot of these ‘tips’ are incorrect you really have no place to be writing articles when you suck at halo. go play call of duty thats what all people who suck at halo do.

  150. hey great site except for all the negative comments….I’m new to the game and I don’t get the skill ranking system…..I’m at a skill 19 with 45 EXP and with the matchmaking system I routinely face players in the same skill range yet have 300-1000 EXP and I get killed quite easily when head to head…..what gives?

  151. the best tactics to go by are: be cowardly (crouch behind walls with the shotgun, sword or hammer and wait for someone to come round the corner (be careful someone might come back after respawning for revenge so keep swapping corners.
    be dirty: if you see bullets firing find the guy theyre hitting and finish him off
    beware when grenading: throwing a grenade stops your reload midway and so does the melee attack. so if you insist on throwing grenades during a gunfight use them at the END of your clip and SWAP weapon.
    weapon choices: a close range and long range are always a good combo but make sure not to have the extremes (shotty snipers) unless your good with the sniper because MIDRANGE will screw you over otherwise
    PRACTISE: get a few buddy’s and PRACTISE the hell out of all the game types that show up in lone wolves matches in order to get good at them and learn the tactics for your self
    SWORDS:the quickest sword combo is for your FIRST attack use B then for youre second use Rtrigger because the time between strikes is MUCH smaller than any other combo

  152. nice guide btw my above hints are only additions to these also very helpful tips. well done for putting the tips many people overlook down into a simple guide thanks =D

  153. another one woulld be say on narrows. there are several little ramps onthe walls that you can walk up and crouch and be practically outside most peoples vision. its goot for rockets or sniping but can also be an easy way to get an assassination

  154. To be honest, all those who say teaming up in ffa is wrong you can’t really say that. In ffa every fights dirty (camping, kill stealing etc.). So isn’t teaming up just another variation?

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    just play the damned game

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  158. interesting forum, good tips. But, most of em are pretty basic. To own at this game (which im working on, only a 35 :p) you need to b able to strafe, 4 shot br, snipe really well (no scope perfection), nade well. And most important of all lead fuking good, or have great internet for host pulling. If you dont get host. Ur fukd for close range and using the br. Being an aussie suks, plus having wireless… i never get host.

  159. BR: Instead of aiming for the head (due to the battle rifle spread) put 4 shots to the chest/neck and than pull the thumbstick just slightly up, aiming for the neck/head. Thats the best way to get a kill with BR. After opponents shield is down one bullet (out of 3 that come with burst) to the head is enough, so u can also try swiping cross-hair while pulling the trigger.

    [ofcourse u could get a kill with just 4 shots (3body1hs), but in most of playlists u need every single bullet to hit the guy, so be aware of that.]

    ALSO: In a long range battle (such as snipe 2 to top gold on guardian, or blue room to top green) ALWAYS ZOOM! If u get hit zoom again quickly while still shooting. Zooming increases BR’s accuracy (smaller spread) and also going for the head is really easier.

  160. me and my friend were playing lone wolves, but we started getting attacked by 4 people teamin up. i got to 21 kills and i noticed they were all grouped up in the back of the level. (narrows) so i stuck the guy in the middle ind went in blasting. it resulted in an overkill and the win. cheating doesnt always word.

  161. (posted by OP)”Actually, it takes one more 3-round burst from the Battle Rifle to take down the shield of an opponent when shooting the body as opposed to shooting the head. It may seem insignificant to most players, but to those who have mastered the Battle Rifle, it makes all the difference in the world.”

    that is just simply NOT TRUE. it takes 3 shots to drop shields and 1 sho to the head to kill a spartan with the BR. 3 shots ANYWHERE will knock out the shields. the 4th shot however HAS to hit the head in order to kill them. this guy that made this shit is a dumb ass.

  162. lol this is rediculous, im not listening to a captain and to the person who said the majority of weapons do more dmg when hit in the head, your wrong only the BR snipe carbine pistol and a few others do, and wtf no if u aim for the head with a shotty it doesnt do more xD the only reason some 1 will kill you if they have a shotgun and u also do is because if your both at the same distance and its not quite close enough who ever shoots 2nd gets the kill because of the instant kill rule. if you dont no what it is than boo hoo, btw ppl ITS 4 SHOTS TO THE BODY 1 TO THE HEAD TO KILL AN ELITE UNLESS UNDER MLG RULES, THATS WHY MLG IS 110% DMG IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME GO TRY IT IN A CUSTOM. for those ppl who cant use a br lower ur sensitivity, dont listen to a cap listen to a gen

  163. The part where you said “be aggressive in all situations, all the time” obviously labels you as a complete retard who plays at an extremely low level. Once you get into the 40’s, if you get shot by a BR and you don’t know where from, you better put your head down and run because if he’s already one-shot up on you, you’re going to lose as it only takes four shots to kill unless he misses a shot, which won’t happen very often with hgih level players. The biggest problem with players at your level is that they rush senselessly and play WAY too aggressively. Just think, is it better to be out of the action for the 5 seconds it takes for your shields to recharge, or the ten it takes you to respawn plus however long it takes you to get from your spawn point to where you were when you died?

    Again, the tip about the SMG + Spiker combo is completely useless unless the people you play against are terrible (and you most likely are as well if you duel-wield). When duel-wielding, you cannot throw grenades and you cannot melee, meaning your only option is to rush your opponent from whereever you are, holding down both triggers. This tactic might get you a few cheap kills at the pathetic level you’re at now, but you won’t succeed in the long run. You need to learn to aim with a BR.

    Make sure you know how to play halo and that you’re not a noob before you right an article about it, article-writer.

  164. Some tips a very good I have used them over the last few months and it has helped me improve. The best advice I have for people starting out is to find several high level player that are love the game and are willing to teach. I have several Brigs and Gens and they have helped me improve greatly in privates, with BR training, Grenading, sniping, callouts, and tactics.

  165. Halo 3 multiplayer is really fun especially when your playing with more than one player on your xbox. I mean, I just don’t see a point to life without it. And just to let you know Addy is short for Adrian(who is my sister) and Addylove13 is the profile I use to play.

  166. Gamertag: DesirousGem

    Ok well first of all the only weapons that really matter for headshots are the BR, Carbine, Sniper, Pistol. Im not saying the others dont matter for headshots but if you focus for the head with a lot of the other weapons you will miss a lot of your shots.

    Kill stealing is a very important aspect of the game as well as teamwork. Teamwork will allow you to eliminate the enemy team a lot quicker than they can kill individual players. This can be achieved by teamshotting. Learning callouts is a great way to increase teamwork.

    When using weapons that can focus on headshots dont forget that in halo 3 shots have to be lead ahead of targets, unlike Halo 2.

    When using the sniper rifle try to use the right thumbstick to line up the reticle with their head but use the left thumbstick to gradually move the reticle on their head. If no-scoping try to line the reticle up with where you think your targets going to be rather than where he is already.

    Strafing is another very important part of halo 3. Try to be unpredictable and keep the enemy guessing. (not as easy as it sounds of course)
    An important thing to remember with strafing is that your character can change directions quicker if you strafe off of walls.

    If playing in a playlist with radar and you see someone coming around a corner stand next to the corner and jump in the air and look down and move forward and sometimes they will run underneath you and you can melee them for an easy assassination. Either way though most people will expect you to be eye level with them as they go around corners so it may catch them off guard and give you an advantage.

    If you want any other tips feel free to add me.

  167. One thing that wasn’t mentioned is always focus on staying alive first and foremost..
    You can’t be getting kills if you are respawning.
    Playing smart and maybe getting slower kills is better than running into uneven battles and constantly dying.
    Also nothing in depth was said about cover which is a must.. learn the levels and stuff so you know where you are likely to be killed and then you can avoid it by staying hidden when you want to be hidden. Another reason to learn the levels is to figure out where people are going to go (sword spot and rocket hallway on the pit etc..) pre emptive attacks on certain areas can secure you an easy kill.

  168. Oh and the abusive (insulting) comments are pointless. I’d compare it to lighting someone on fire just because you don’t like them and then bragging about it.
    You don’t have time to win people over by putting other people down, you already have your massive egos to contend with. So get that under control.


    MLG Is The Only True Test of Skill
    “The part where you said “be aggressive in all situations, all the time” obviously labels you as a complete retard who plays at an extremely low level.”

    Yeah because obviously if someone says something wrong they are a “retard”
    Grow up man..
    It is possible to help someone without throwing is constant insults.

    So in conclusion I’m going to parody you.

    Make sure you know how to socialize and that you’re not a noob before you respond to an article, egotistical-man.

  169. all of you are noobs
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  170. The only weapons i ever need are the br/snipe everything else either takes no skill to use or is a very cheap gun shotgun,mualer, etc…. honestly i think the sniper would rape any other gun in the game, think about it one shot long range kill, and if someone is running at you, then you could use it as a shotgun. It is as simple as that. I have also noticed that in team snipers, the pit, why does everyone just stand and watch longhall couldnt someone just easily come from the trainings and easily pick up a double/triple kill? That is what i always do maybe thats why i am always carrying some noobs on my team that have 3-10 kills and i go +15. Amazing how retarded some people are.

  171. and if you are going in lone wolves rushing for the power weapons and trying to shoot people in the head with the AR, no wonder why you are a captain. think about it, if you go lone wolves in guardian and you rush for the sniper you would get wrecked by people spawning at elbow and snipe 3 lift while you are trying to snipe someone at top gold/camo. Honestly i do not think anyone should take tips from a captain and has more deaths than kills in ranked playlists. who cares what you are in social matches. The only people who i see playing social are trying to stat boost, play most double exp playlists, or cant handle the fact that they have to play people there skill level in ranked.

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  172. awesome comments herme001 guy is a fukin retard and anomyous what is you your gamertag mine is RAMisBROWN add me anybody

  173. if anybody needs help getting better, rank up or gain experiance: add me up my id is VAGNL DYSCHRGE

  174. herme001 is just fucking w/ y’ll i guess.

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  176. Head shot FTW or kill steal works everytime : )

  177. Lol.I use this stuff when i battling against my friends.I only had the game for a few days.And my friends had it for months and i still kill them repeatedly.Although we go to last resort witch really is Zanzibar on halo 2 lol

  178. duel weilds suck use your br aim at the body on the first 3 shots then at the head on the 4th remember to strafe lead shots power weapons are a must doesnt matter if their cheap or not it keeps the other team from getting them and be sure to time weapons and power ups in mlg power ups spawn every 2 minutes snipe every 2.5 min rockets 3 min. know when to play aggressive and when to play passive and if you have map control the other team is fucked. and communication is key so all you bks and other players start putting in your fucking mics for fucks sake or play social. those are my tips of the day

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  182. Ok, so I should start by saying the list is pretty good. It’s not exhaustive by any means, but there are some good points so well done for making it.

    I’m not the best Halo player, but I’m pretty good so I will try my best to help.

    I should also state that this is JUST MY OPINION. I don’t care if you don’t like it though constructive reflexive criticism is fine.

    I wouldn’t really recommend using dual weapons, or at least only very sparingly. I’ve never seen them used well consistently. Using grenades wins fights.

    Secondly practice with grenades. Learn to throw long, anticipate enemy movements to throw where they are going, bouncing round corners and the different speeds and abilities of each grenade. Plasmas are slow with high damage, Spikes fast with low damage.

    Throwing a spike grenade inside a bubble shield is a good idea, try it. Just don’t be in the bubble when it goes off!

    People go for power weapons – use this to your advantage. Crouching near these spawns can give you the drop on rocket whores etc. You know where they will be, use this to your advantage.

    In team games if you have a good sniper it might be an idea to support, defend and mop up. Remember if an opposing player gets hit once in the body they will go for hiding, use a br to finish them as they will move sporadically to throw off the sniper. Also, no radar when a sniper is zoomed in so he will have to rely on you for defence.

    Often, just telling your teammates he has incoming opposition can be just as useful as killing them yourself.

    Communicate enemy positions, one shots and any power weapons or powerups collected by either team. Knowing the opposition has rockets in swat when you have camo can disarm him, so to speak, if you can get close enough.

    Picking up overshield during an altercation means you are invincible for a few secs. Kill anyone you can without fear of reprisal at short range or use this to focus enemy fire on you and free up your teammates to mop up the kills.

    If your the teams sniper, communication is more than key. Learn to direct your team.

    Learn the shorthand for weapons and powerups, learn locations on maps. Knowing an os enemy with an ar at orange lift would prompt me to take shots to chip away his shield, br from purple his nearside. Quick communication is key.

    In lone wolves I’ve seen everything from +10 to -10 win out. Since it’s solely based on kills sometimes rushing is worth it. Sometimes not. Find out what best suits you. I tend to move at top speed unless I have a prime location or weapon, something you don’t want to lose. Sniper on guardian I would try and hold personally, there are other examples of this.

    Use grenades to flush out campers. Camping may be frowned upon, but do you want to be noble or good? Personally, I tend to hit and move to keep enemies guessing.

    Learn to jump, I mean all types of jump. find something on youtube to show you all the different types. Learn where can be accessed from where. Sounds simple but reaching prime locations first can decide a game.

    Br can take most weapons from medium-short range to long range. Learn how to use it. It’s been said already but the ‘shoot ahead, three body shots then aim to the head approach’ works wonders.

    If you are approaching an unsuspecting enemy, ideally br in hand, grenade then shoot. lots of enemies won’t react until the grenade explode giving you an easy kill.

    Right that is all I can think of right now. Hope this helps someone, somewhere.

    So you can check my crudentials, here it is. I’m not the best, but I’m getting there. 😛

    Gamertag MarcOfWill

  183. Oh, I forgot to mention about the whole sword, hammer, shotgun thing.

    Hammer is poor. It’s inconsistent, shorter range than sword and actually isn’t a guaranteed kill. It has advantages, but not much in this instance. It’s a novelty weapon with only a few serious applications.

    If using a sword, jump lunge is your best bet. If using a shotgun then last moment blasts are ideal. You don’t instakill then chances are you’re about to die.

    This situation isn’t that important as it won’t show up that often. Concentrate on the earlier stuff!

    Oh, and Herme001 seems like a dick. 😀

  184. when u have mauler shoot a dood then smack him that is the most best kill and quiqst

  185. when youe getting powned get some plasma grenades get a machin gun turret rip it off and kill destroy masiker when that runs out of amo get ur plasmas and try to stick a warthog twice the shoot it with assualt rifle then do again i did it once i got 23 kills in 6 minutes

  186. if ur a new persin or noob the cool saying always shoot a dood then t_bag u kill him the quickly cruch up and down on his head so when he is respawning he will get pissed off and see u t baging him i t baged a recon ive never been owned that much in my life

  187. when shooting espicaly with the battle rifle, if its a one on one contest it often helps to move from side to side. this will help u win the contest

  188. me and my clan are looking for new members. U must be a 40 or higher. Send me, Foolish Blacky a friends request or a message for more details

  189. A good point to make is that instead of aiming at the body and just shooting out bullets with the assault rifle, it’s not a bad idea to shoot out short aimed bursts with the assault rifle as this will prevent it from overheating and having a wider spread shot. Unless you are already very close then this does help a lot.

  190. It’s also handy when retreating from a firefight to look directly at the ground, so that enemies can’t shoot you in the head. It’s saved me many times.

  191. 4- shoting with the BR (battle rifle) is a good technique when you get used to it. Also a sniper body shot then quickly switching to your BR and finishing off your opponent works well. Message Foolish Blacky on xbox live for more tips or practice.

  192. thanks for the tips really helpful
    good duals
    plasma rifle with smg/spiker
    takes down shield with plasma then kills them withh, smg/spiker

  193. Don’t be too aggresssive, it gets you killed most of the time. Know when to back down, it’ll save you from having to see the respawn screen. Also i can’t stress how important it is to have a mic and to communicate to your teammates.


  195. Shut up Ernesto

  196. ah extra tips to help me rank up to major thanks dude and by the way, EVONY SUCKS AND SHOULD STOP ADVERTISEING! thank you for listening

  197. If your caught with your BR as your secondary and are currently wielding an AR when u are being attcked, there is a trick to help you get out of this sticky situation. You can press Y and LT at the same time. (The switch weapon button and the grenade button at the same time) That way you’ll throw a grenade and switch to your BR simutaneously. It should make your opponent 1-shot so you can finish him off with a quick BR headshot. Trust me, this works and has saved my life many times. This is also effective when your sniping.

  198. Visit to check your rank in world. This is why good K/D ratios count. me and my team almost always get positive k/ds no matter if we win or lose. Its all a matter of not rushing and charging.

  199. Thanks a lot for the review.

  200. Good review, thank you so much.

  201. Thanks admin. Have a nice day!

  202. Thanks for the review, best job.

  203. Good review, thanks!

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  207. Thanks for the job. Very interest review.

  208. i always have my sensetivity for turning on 10 but forget about it. is a high sensetivity good for sniping?

    • no

  209. Hmmm good somebody is helping noobs I like this… you can add me on gamer tag I Fancy You and ill help with some tactics. Im a level 38 on that profile….. but my skill level is higher….. 😉 well I Fancy You is just one of many many many profiles….

  210. i found the odd ball tips quite helpful. oddball isn’t a common game in matchmaking (at least in what i play) but when it comes around im very vulnerable. very nice guide.

  211. thanks man but halo is fucking gay

  212. well if you don’t like tha food don’t eat in the fucking resteraunt homo. go getta fuckin ps3 n piss your time away playin street fighter.

    iv heard a few people saying that even if you know you’ll die, you’ll still get a kill, but thats pointless, because if you kill yourself in the process its just going to cancle itself out.

    when using the sniper don’t get trigger happy and start firing off shots like your in the club shootin wit puff. take your time, don’t jump the gun, 1 solid shot is always better than wasting 6 sniper bullets to get the job done. The hammer is 9 times out of 10 a bad idea in a large multiplayer game like team slayers, sure its uber powerful but in a match like that enemies are dime a dozen, and one kill prompted by being defenceless and getting killed yourself is just dumb.

    1. be swift- try runing zig zag a lot, strafing is golden, but get freaky with it, be unpredictable, try strafing in one direction briefly and then keep switching your direction and jumping all the while, hen the time is right, jump your opponent and aim down, your best bet is a meelee strike.

    2. kill from the grave mothalicka- in my opinion you have just as good a chance to kill your opponent when your already dead, if your horrifyingly outnumbered and theres no way out start whipping grenades at everyones feet. and emptying your gun. i often will start shooting at most of my opponents and melee attacking while rapid straffing. more than once iv come out dazed but alive. try and get behind the fire.

    3. on maps like the pit don’t always flock to the sword like a chicken wit its head cut off. id much prefer to get my hands on a sniper rifle and make my way over to the other one and lock it up. this makes for a lot of easy kills if you can pick an unusual place to where most wont journy to but you can still have a good view.

    4. items like your sheild and power drain are extremely useful on a map with a lot of vehicle action. a simple power drain will halt any vehicle in its tracks and leave everyone inside defenseless. so if you ever fiind yourself being rammed every 10 seconds by some kinda freaky ninja team that pwns your every spawn try and get a drain.

    5. vehicles are useful in the right situation. in my opinion on almost every map the ghost was the best effect. it offers heavy firepower, quick manouverability, and easy gettaways if you get in a pinch. its hard to flip and relatively small so unless your truly terrible you can usually avoid geting stuck.

    6. on swords only matches you have to be careful and cunning. i find when your coming into a large mass of bloody sword actions it helps to be jittery with your moves, jerking forwards and then backwords again just before your opponent swings then swooping in for the kill is a great tactic. also you can use grenades to force your enemies into your grasp. remember. never swing until you see the red of your targetter. and remember. you have 2 kinds of attacks. ones fast and ones powerful. depending on your situation you’ll learn what you like best.

    7. don’t be ignorant or annoying online. nobody likes the kid whos on your team punching you in the back of the head while your taking shots from the other team. no matter how much you want to stick that noob whos pointing a sniper in your face. just walk away. if your betrayed just boot the player.

    8. stay frosty champ. a cool train of thought works better than any rocket launcher.

    9. if you find yourself in the midst of all hellfire unleashed your best bet is to try and jump out of the mess and start grenading.

    10. first is the worst, second is the best, third is the one who comes in behind everyone else and assassinates the enemy numbers.

    11. if you find your getting owned more often than you’d like try switching the match type, a little change now and then is a good thing.

    12. take breaks when needed. this ones a very importaint tip. if you find you’ve been playing 9 hours straight and your girlfriends threatening to take her dvds and leave its probably time to put the controller down tough guy. the war against the despicable covenant can wait. its just a game. remember that.

  213. oh and probably the most basic tip of all. ive heard it a thousand times and i’ll say it myself a thousand more. don’t stop to hump your kill kids. if your playing any kind of normal human being they’ll just laugh as they watch you get snipped in the face and fall next to their dead body.

  214. if anyone wonts to play a game of halo on the weekend’s add
    ill 1v1 ya lol unless you suck don’t come playing please.

  215. I’m not saying that headshots don’t matter, cuz im not good at them. I admit that. BTW i’ve only had h3 for like 3 months, and on ma first acc i had more acheivements than on this one. But for all you “elites” i don’t know wtf ur prob is, but if your so good, and just critisize everyone, including the author, then WHY THE F**K DO YOU COME TO THESE SITES???????!!!!!!!

  216. Byt the way, i am not an elite, but i look at these sites to see if there is anything that could help me that im not already doing

  217. To make fun if u guys thats why lol

  218. u all suck terribly

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  221. Heey Dude thankz alot alot some pretty useful tips but how do i outwit other players like Generals and that to get my 50 rank. im a Brigadier Grade 2 with a Skill of 46 and im finding it really hard to get my 50. please help me.

    • Btw Gamertag is M333RKK U

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