Posted by: pswi60 | October 17, 2007

Fanmade Guitar Hero Arcade Cabinet

guitar hero cabinetOver at Sonydrone, they have pictures of a custom made Guitar Hero cabinet…check it out:

It may not have a button box and it may come apart like a stack of Legos, but Knievel’s custom Guitar Hero cabinet is still pretty awesome in its own right. Made out of real Marshall speaker equipment, it’s composed of three sections, each housing a specific component of the system. The center holds the monitor, the top a nifty marquee and speakers, and the bottom a subwoofer and a modified Playstation 2 with every Guiter Hero game conveniently loaded on the hard drive. Knievel’s inspiration?

Read the Full Story Here…. 



  1. MUY BUENO.rolaaaa

  2. fg

  3. Nice review! Good job. thanks

  4. Nice review, thanks!

  5. Nice! Respect for the review.

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