Posted by: pswi60 | October 20, 2007

Best Buy Website Gaffe: Waiting For The 40 Gig Backlash

Another great article on the current BC problem with the 40 GB Ps3. I love Sonydrone’s unbiased view on this problem, and how he picks apart the different talking points to find contradictions. Here is an excerpt:

Ever since I heard that the 40 gig would come sans PS2 backwards compatibility, I knew that this was inevitable. I knew that someone, somewhere, would screw up the advertising. See Best Buy’s online listing for the new system:

“Plays your old PlayStation 2 and PlayStation games, DVDs and CDs, so you can merge all of your entertainment into one machine”

You see, I’ve thought a lot about what backwards compatibility means to the consumer lately. I’m firmly in the camp that it should not be considered a necessary component of any given system.

Read the Full Story Here….



  1. “it should not be considered a necessary component of any given system.”

    I beg to differ. Backwards compatibility is great, and as far as I know, doesn´t take too much to get going. I understand if Sony wants to drop PSone games, but I still believe that PS2 games should be playable.

    I expect XboX 3 to drop XboX 1 games, but still play XboX 360 games.

    I for one don´t enjoy putting up pretty pennies for games that I will eventually just toss out the window. 😦

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