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Sharticle of the week: 10 things Bungie screwed up with Halo 3

crying babyOver at, Josh Morey sums up 10 things he thinks Bungie has screwed up with Halo 3. I have read thru these, and from what I can tell, this is more of what I call “bitch crying” than actual problems with the game. “Screw ups” as he calls them, are in this instance nothing more than his griping of the multiplayer aspect of the game. Some people just can’t take getting owned.

Number 10: The site integration is slow

Well, if had 3 million visitors trying to log in and see stats, i bet it wouldn’t work nearly as well as it does when it gets the usual 42 people logging in per day.

Number 9: You have to press the D-pad in multiplayer so you team can hear you.

Geez, imagine that. You have to hit a button ONCE to activate voice. Grow up.

Number 8: If you veto Shotty Snipers on Narrows, you get “punished” with team slayer on Snowbound.

It’s better now with the update…at least now you don’t get Shotty Snipers after vetoing Shotty Snipers.

Number 7: Weapon balance – Sniper is “destroyed”, Head shots don’t work (collision detection), Needler is overpowered, Mule is too powerfull

Really? I mean, really? Basically he is stating on his connection, all these weapons kill him. Dude, maybe you just need more skill or a better connection. How can people complain about weapons they can use freely just like everyone else? You want Bungie to make a Lag cannon for people with a crap connection? wtf

Number 6: Multiplayer netcode

Again complaining about the supposed lag, since he plays from Australia. Is that really anyones fault? If its such a problem then go into your matchmaking settings and change it from quickest to best connection. Duh.

Number 5: Quote – “When playing in a ranked playlist by yourself it is apparent that your rank increases at a faster rate than if you are playing in a party. Which is completely bollocks, why must you be penalized for playing with your mates? When there is such a huge focus on the Party side of things in Halo 3. Winning several games in a row by a large margin doesn’t increase your ranks, it may be the whole “play with a team and don’t advance” or bungie totally screwed it up. Several times I have won ten or so games in a row, lose one then lose my rank… WTF is going on Bungie?

Obvisouly you are mistaken. You get 1 rank point for every win in a team game, or in a ffa game you get 1 rank point if you place in the top 3. YOU DONT LOSE RANK POINTS. For stat points, you have to get medals, have a decent fragrate, get kills, etc. This system is not that complicated, at all. Im a .85 fragrate in ranked matches, and im a captain, so it can’t be that hard to rank lol.

Number 4: Melee system is broken, whoever has more health wins.

I will use this example from a member of the forums: “If we get in a gunfight, and hit each other the same amount of times, and i have more health than you, you will die first.” I dont think it gets much more simple than that.

Number 3: 640p native resolution

Doesnt matter…it is still upscaled, and if you can really tell the difference 80 missing pixels makes when it comes to jaggies, maybe you should be a cinematographer and not a crappy writer.

Number 2: Framerate issues, especially on multiplayer

You must have an Xbox 360 thats getting ready to RROD, because im a part time ps3 fanboy and if Halo had any problems like this i would be the first to see it…..and i dont. Halo 3 runs very smooth. Especially on the Pit.

Reason 1: “Finish the Fight” phrase overhyped the ending

Maybe “Finish the Fight” was meant as a inside joke at Bungie…they wanted to finish fighting with Microsoft over the Halo series.

Josh, if i didnt know any better, i would think you were the kid who threw his Xbox out the window after getting owned in Halo 3. I mean, you can’t blame the game if you are no good at it. Granted, if you have a high latency to other players, you are at a disadvantage, however that is your problem, not everyone elses.

I guess the saying should be “Don’t hate the player, hate the game developer” or something like that.



  1. Seems like a guy can’t have an opinion without you pulling him apart. You resort to childish ‘name calling’ and unfounded rebuttal points.

  2. so he can have his opinion, but i cant have mine? the original article made top news at n4g, based on unfounded opinions. yet my rebuttal points are somehow invalid.

    looks like you and me are just alike, pulling people apart for their opinions.

  3. I actually agree with him on the melee part–far too many times I’ve meleed folks and it does absolutely nothing to them. Couldn’t we at least, like, kill each other at the same time? Even if he DOES have more health than me, I still think he should bite it if I stuff my fist up his nose. 😐

    Oh well. Halo 3 is loads more fair than Gears of War. Maybe the author of this article should go play that instead. Then, perhaps, he’d appreciate the mechanics of Halo 3 a little more. 😛

  4. halo 3 is fun. and there r a few weird things like the melee w/ more health and whatnot. but heres what i say to ppl who complain about that. DON’T BE THE ONE WITH LOWER HEALTH!!!!!!

  5. In all honesty, I do agree with the part of the melee combat system. It´s utterly bull. There has been many times where me and my bro would hook up online to screw around in a game, and I´d end up blasting him the the carbine and then go in for a kill with the sword, this is of course after his sheilds are completly drained… and even after I hit him, and my sheilds are at least 50%, he kills me by hitting me with the butt of the assualt rifle…

    Somethings not right there, so it would definately be cool if they could do a double check on that. Bot he and I get quite frusterated while playing online. 😦

  6. Forgot to add, I do agree with you on this guy. Seems likes hes whining over little things that really doesn´t matter. Just to garnish attention I suppose. :/

  7. just a quick point, at 640p native resolution you don’t lose 80 pixels. you actually stand to lose 6400 (640×1200 then 80×80). Also, Australian TV’s have a different amount of horizontal pixel rows than in the US and Europe so any resolution differences may be exaggerated. So perhaps Morey does have a valid point that the low native resolution isn’t a good thing.

    As to his gameplay comments i imagine he was a Halo 2 veteran, which favoured twitch gamers. For exampl the H2 melee system allowed the first hit to get the kill, not health. This favoured faster reaction times, H3 allowsfor better aim (the gunfight as you close to melee) or sneakiness (assasination).

    So although some of his points do appear childish I think Morey does have pseudo-solid ground to base them on. They arent quite childish moanings, but they aint reasoned arguements either. i personally am more shocked it ended up on N4G!

  8. In relation to all of you saying the melee is unfair..
    Would it be fair if you shot me in the back half a million times then I beat you down in one? No. Because you’d have more health than me. If you hurt the player more, then you kill them first. I can’t see why you would want it, the player who shoots less and beat downs afterwards gets the kill.

    • dude your right love halo

  9. the voice button thing is anoying coz it cuts u off but the rest is utter bull

  10. what the hell makes u the halo expert jackass, ur ps3 fanboy oooooo! i think ur the idiot for writing about this kid

  11. As an Australian who has played Halo 3 since release date I can say that preferring best connection RARELY works to match me up with other Australians (less than 1/3rd of the time) making the game extremely frustrating for people like me.

    If a country filter was implemented this problem would vanish. Call of Duty did it, why can’t Halo?

  12. if you are all so caught up in this game as to loath each other for it, just let the geek out of yourself and get a life! 😛

    it’s a fucking FAKE virtual reality matrix operating in response to user input–i have a solution though….if you liked HALO play HALO..if you liked HALO II then play HALO II..if you like HALO III then fucking play HALO 3…if you don’t like one of these in particular, play something else!

    as far as comparing them like this–you all sound about 12 years old, and about to piss yourself for attention because you can’t stir up enough of it playing the game–the games are ALL AWESOME and they ALL SUCK ASS…welcome to the world, my pre-pubescents! 😉

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