Posted by: pswi60 | October 23, 2007

Metal Gear Solid 4: What 360 owners dream about

mgs4-xboxWeek after week, new stories roll in about the possibility of MGS4 coming over to the 360. Even the most benign statement from someone remotely close to the development of this game makes 360 owners rejoice in the possiblity of a chance of a hope of a dream that this game will come over to their system:

Justify your game, MGS4

…news outlets alike have been eagerly anticipating Kotaku’s Justify segment on MGS4. Because while the game looks to be…OK…a buzzer would (for absolute certain) flush three years of effort down the toilet and render PS3s everywhere completely useless…

E for All Interview: Ryan Payton, Assistant Producer on MGS4 | Ripten

Q: How do you think you can sell millions of copies of MGS4 with all the competition?

Konami Exec Dismisses PS3 Price Cut, Hints At MGS4 On Xbox 360

..went on to briefly discuss the future of Metal Gear Solid 4. His words give Xbox 360 owners even more hope when it comes to a 360 version of the game..

‘Metal Gear Solid 4’ confirmed for Xbox 360

.. Formely announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive, Konami’s Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will now also be released on Xbox 360…

Kojima Report podcast talks MGS4 on 360

…Metal Gear Solid 4 hasn’t been announced for the Xbox 360 (yet)…

MGS4 Not Kojima’s Last?

Metal Gear franchise creator Kojima said at the E3 Media and Business Summit in July that the hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 title Metal Gear Solid 4 would be the last Metal Gear game that he is directly involved with. But in a recent phone interview, Konami Digital Entertainment’s new marketing VP Anthony Crouts said otherwise.

Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid Xbox360 bound?

…if our sources are to be believed the end result is looking like it will remain the same: Microsoft is close to reaching a deal which will bring MGS4 to the 360…

EMagLive Podcast Explains FF13/MGS4 Article’s weekly podcast this week covered the highly controversial article they published regarding FF13 VS and MGS4 going multiplatform.

Why? Well, for starters, its an awesome game. And it will be an awesome game, and a system seller. A huge system seller. You will need to own a ps3 to play this game, and this may sting the ego’s of many gamers entrenched in the console war. The thought of having to buy “the other system” to many fanboys is one that makes them shudder. After many months of lighting up whatever forum they can, they would now have to put aside all their contempt and put their ego away, and that’s not an easy task.

Xbox 360 fanboys also know that if MS was somehow able to take the exclusivity away from Sony and make MGS4 multi-platform, it would also be a major, mortally wounding blow to the ps3 system and its fanbase. While I am sure there will be many good ps3 exclusives, losing Final Fantasy or MGS would be akin to the Xbox losing Halo, and that would ignite flames upon flames among the console bases.

The newest article to come out was Joystiq interviews MGS4’s Ryan Payton: “There is space for three consoles”, where Ryan is stating there is space for 3 consoles in the gaming economy, but from reading the headlines you would think he means “we can make the game for all 3 systems.” I’m sure many Xbots shallow hearts started palpitating reading this, and many Sonydrones nerdlike brains started smoking and popping at the thought of losing this exclusive. But in a console war, all is fair, and battles are won and lost everyday in the headlines of n4g and digg.

As for now, just remember this: you will never play MGS4 on the Xbox 360. Ever.



  1. Yeah, if MGS4 and FFXIII (the main game with that asskicking female lead, not versus with its emo-dude :P) come to 360, I honestly will have little reason to get a PS3. Right now, those are the two games that WILL make me get Sony’s system, and if they jump ship, then I might hold off on a PS3 for several more months (years?) yet.

    MGS4 I can see coming to the 360 far easier than FFXIII. After all, the old Xbox had MGS2: Substance…

    Either way, this generation has so far proven to be very, very interesting. Nintendo in a solid first? Sony lagging behind in last? Once-exclusives jumping the boundaries to become multiplatform hits? Very interesting, indeed…

  2. yeppers….if i could only play halo 3 on my ps3 =)

  3. They’ll never get their hands on our Metal Gear Solid!!!

  4. It is because of MGS4 that I will buy a ps3. There is no other reason to since it is the only good game I can think of (I don’t like the ff games) that will be ps3 exclusive.

  5. i have been loyal to the playstaion since the first console and i havent ever thought once about defecting to the xbox. but if metal gear goes multiplatform, then i might have to rethink about playstation and defect to microsoft. even though i hate saying this metal gear is the only thing that is keeping me attched to sony, other wise i would of brought a xbox long ago. the price is exellent and the online features are awsome. sony is gonna have to up its game and get more exclusives if there gonna hang in in the console war.

  6. fight for this exclusive sony, fight with all you got, because in reality, is all you got

  7. Thanks admin. Have a nice day!

  8. Good review, thank you so much.

  9. Thanks a lot for the review.

  10. Good review, thanks!

  11. is the mgs4 for xbox360 ?

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