Posted by: pswi60 | October 30, 2007

Bee Movie Game – Impressions from Father to Son

bee gameComing this November, The Bee Movie will be hitting theater screens all over America. My son (you wouldn’t think I had one based on earlier posts), who will be 4 in January, has been mesmerized by the movie ever since I downloaded the Bee Movie trailer off the PSN. We are definately going to see the movie, since know he is old enough and understands that he has to be quiet and watch the movie; it’s not play time or talk time.

So you can imagine my surprise when I noticed the Bee Movie Game Demo on XBL. I figured if my son can play Spiderman: FOF (360) , Burnout Legends (psp), and Rachet and Clank (ps3), you would think the Bee Movie Demo would be a breeze.

Well, the demo isn’t bad, and it does make him laugh, especially when the Bee hits something and goes “Ouch!”, however they could have done better. The first part of the demo is a preview for the upcoming game, and it shows Bee driving a car and doing other things that you cannot do in the demo. This sucks because of course my kid is gonna say “Daddy I wanna drive the car” and I have to tell him “no, because its not in the demo.”

Also, the sequences while flying through the city are a little too fast. It would be nice if there were an option to slow things down a bit, so he can get the hang of it. After several tries he does manage to hit the right combination of directions, so it’s not a huge deal.

Some of the scripted action sequences are a little tough, after 3 and 4 different button combinations, my son seems to get all but the last one. And while he is getting better (as I type this he almost has the demo beat), an open board where you can fly Bee around with maybe a 30 minute time limit would have been great. To fly Bee wherever he wants, that’s what my kid wants to do.

Maybe in the full version of the game, he will be able to drive the car and fly Bee around limitlessly. However the demo doesn’t give me the impression that he will have the freedom in the game to try these things out; Bee is always on the move, and it’s this rushed sense to the game that will have me avoiding it this holiday season.



  1. “We are definately going to see the movie, since know he is old enough and understands that he has to be quiet and watch the movie; it’s not play time or talk time.”

    Wow, that makes me SO happy. Truly. You cannot understand how many times I go to see movies, only to have talkative little kids ruin the experience for me. If your child knows to keep quiet so that everyone can enjoy the film, then good for you and good for him. Honestly, there aren’t enough disciplined kids these days. It’s nice to see a parent who’s considerate of others and who teaches his child right. 🙂

  2. Yeah, it really is nice when you see quiet, disciplined kids at movies.

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