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Clive Barker’s Jericho (Review)

jerichoThese days, First Person Shooters are a dime a dozen. Lately, Halo 3 has the title for top shooter, with The Orange Box coming in a close second, and Bioshock rounding out the trifecta. So for a game like Jericho, it will be difficult to make a dent in the wall of shooters currently swamping the 360. Perhaps for that reason alone this title will do well on the ps3, since that system does not have the amount of FPS titles the 360 does. Here, I will review the game for both systems, and make a recommendation for those of us who are blessed with the ps360 combination.

Many review sites will tell you that Jericho is great in some instances, and terrible in others. While I agree that some of the scripted action sequences can be slightly frustrating since they catch you off guard, the brutality of them will put a smile on your face, and you won’t mind doing them over and over, just to see how you will die this time.

The story is based on God’s first child, a sexless being that had too much power. God was dissappointed by this, and banished the child to the nether-realm. This bastard child isn’t happy with its current state of existence, and occasionally tries to escape its prison.

You are a part of the Jericho team, each member having a special power, besides looking cool and wielding firearms. As the team leader, you are killed in action and now your spirit can inhabit each one of your members, giving you their abilities and power. So instead of picking up guns as you progress through the game, you can just select the character who you think has the best ability for the current situation. Your team is tasked with stopping the first born from ruling the earth with demons and evil.

Evil has a face, and its this guy
Evil has a name, and it’s this guy…

The character animations are great; from the 1st person point of view you see your characters arms doing what they should for each attack. For example, Black (the sniper) can move large objects via telekenesis, and when you use this power, you see her shove her left arm forward and push things out of the way, much like a Jedi. Or when Delgado removes his arm cannon to envoke his fire capabilities, it looks really sweet. The developers did not short you on the animations. On the flip side, these animations do take time, and that timing needs to be learned for each character. The weapons are solid; some reviews state that the weapons are not powerful enough, but i suppose that is so you will use the characters other abilities and not just run and gun your way thru the game.

The graphics are really good, they remind me of Doom 3 with HDR lighting and what not. The characters, enemies, and levels all look straight out of a horror film, and the special effects add a great sense of realism to the action. For example, there are undead enemies that jump at you, holding a sword and a shield. Using Delgado’s gattling gun, the bullets will ricochet off the shields while sparks and blood fly off the enemies. Even cooler is when you kill an enemy, swarms of flies dissolve the body within seconds, sometimes even picking up the corpse and tossing it around like a rag doll, which is really creepy.

Delgado and the gattlin gun
The HDR lighting makes everything look awesome.

The sound is good, with the guns and special effects, nothing is too annoying or misplaced. The voice acting, while not top notch, can be funny at times, allthough your characters will swear at each other during moments of freindly fire or being idle. Really, the sound isn’t bad or good, it just fits the type of game.

Where this game really shines is during combat. Enemies will just pour out of hallways/ceilings and come at you with reckless abandon. You will feel as if you are fighting for your life, and on my 50″ Samsung HD it looks stunning. You will pump bullet after bullet into undead and demonic bodies and love every second of it.

Jericho is by no means ground breaking. But what it does do is give you a solid shooter, where the style of play depends entirely on you and which character you inhabit. Unlike the Dooms and Quakes of the world, this game can be played many different ways, and does not depend on which weapon you found to make those subtle changes that make a game great. You can stand back and snipe while your teammates are doing the dirty work, or you can hack and slash enemies while your team gives you backup. It’s really up to you, and gamers will appreciate that.

Fat Guy
It’s hard to lose weight when you have your own personal crane…

The only differences I notice between the ps3 and 360 versions where the graphics. The ps3 version is not as smooth, but it does not take the huge frame hits as stated on other sites. It runs solid at 30 fps, but its just not as polished as the 360 version. Still, it does not take away from the experience. Also, the brightness on the ps3 version is better than the 360. The 360 version is very, very dark. It may be the way the developers wanted it, however it detracts from the experience because you can’t always see all the gory details. I had both the games running simultaneously on the tv and even with the brightness all the way up, the 360 version is just a tad bit dark.

If you own both consoles, I would recommend the Xbox 360 version. Even though the game is darker than its counterpart, the smoother graphics and more vivid colors make for a scarier experience, and I’m sure that is what Mr. Barker intended.

Reveiw Card


Hardcore gamer: You chew games up and spit them out routinely. You may have more than 1 console because you just can’t get enough. Nothing stands in your way. Whether you are buying or renting, you are gonna play the latest games.

Average gamer: You game as a hobby, something to do after work or on the weekends. You buy the system sellers, the AAA games. You depend on high review scores to get the games you want, and avoid the bad ones. Renting is a common thing.

Casual gamer: You only have $60 every so often to buy a game, so it better be good. A bad game can ruin your day, and you avoid them at all costs. You play demos alot because they are free. If a game is good enough, you will (eventually) get your hands on it.

One X: Recommended

Double X: Highly Recommended

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  1. Y’know, I’m not usually a fan of horror games, or horror elements in FPSes (Ravenholm and the Flood, I’m looking at you), but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the demo for Jericho. I came in thinking I wouldn’t like it, but boy—I was surprised! I really love the mechanic of switching between characters. It’s very reminiscent of Brute Force, which I also liked (but which the critics unfairly pooped on). And I agree—the animations are spectacular! I like using Church in particular (isn’t she the one with the sword?), as her animations for swinging the katana and the resulting motions on the screen are really, really neat.

  2. yep that’s Church, and when she hits something with a sword it dies instantly lol

  3. Lol she has a 3-ft sword. Maybe, get rid of the gun and give her another sword!! My friend was saying something about because she is in the Jericho team she HAS to have a gun of sorts but I could be wrong because I wasn’t paying much attention because I was playing it on his PS3. And that damn skeleton that falls on you in the tube was giving me troubles cuz Im use to my 360 con and not the PS3

  4. Well, you dont have to use her gun, you could just use the sword….however if you have more than 1 enemy attacking you, the automatic pistol does come in handy.

    • the automatic is actually horrible, just throw down a blood ward and cut every enemy within 50 feet to pieces

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