Posted by: pswi60 | April 9, 2008

PS3 Repair Log

Here is a log of the repair process of my ps3. This post can also be viewed on the official ps3 forums at page 19.

So far the process has been smooth.

My system is a launch 60gb ps3 purchased on 12/27/06. Last month during a long session of Oblivion, the screen started turning different colors (mostly green and purple) and then the system would freeze, requiring a hard reset. The system was extremely hot, more hot than it had ever been previous to this time. Thinking that maybe I had just been playing too long, I turned the system off for over an hour, and within 5 minutes of starting the ps3 back up and running a game, the same thing would happen.

Being the tech savvy individual I am, and knowing my system was out of warrant, I decided to take the ps3 apart to see if the thermal paste on the gpu/cpu was sufficient. Of course, like all mass manufactured consoles, it wasn’t, so I scraped the old stuff off and applied new thermal paste. A shame because the ps3 cooling system is massive, and not evenly distributing the thermal paste effectively nullifies the large heatsinks, heatpipes, and fan.

Anyway it was still overheating at that point, so the damage was already done. Called Sony support the next day, and could not speak to anyone due to the high volume of demand for support of Sony products. Called back the next day and spoke with a rep who asked a few simple questions and gave me a reference number. Got my coffin in a couple days and boxed up the ps3 according to the included instructions.

The tracking number given to me by uPS, upon dropping off the ps3 to thier ship facility, states that my ps3 was received in Texas on 04/03/2008 at 9:23 A.M. by GONZALEZ. Upon entering my service request number into the repair tracking link reveals this message:

Service Request #: 1-15441xxxx Status Date: Saturday, April 05, 2008 Status: Due to high demand, your unit is currently on backorder. The quoted turn-around-time for product exchange through our PlayStation(R) Exchange Center (PEC) is approximately 7-15 business days from the time we receive your unit, not including shipping and handling time. Due to the current backlog the turn-around-time may exceed the quoted 7-15 business days. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

So this about sums it up, I am getting my ps3 replaced for $150 which isn’t bad at all. On a side note, I picked up a 40gb ps3 at wal-mart to have while my unit is getting repaired, because wal-mart has a 90 day return policy on ps3’s so I will be able to return the 40gb and get a full refund once my 60gb comes back.

Time breakdown:

3/16/08 – Console failed
3/17/08 – Took apart, applied thermal paste to cell/rsx
3/18/08 – Called support, got call back later message
3/19/08 – Got ahold of support, got reference number. Didn’t have hold funds in bank, told rep I would call back next week on payday
3/26/08 – Called Sony support, confirmed replacement offer, gave cc info.
3/31/08 – Received coffin with prepaid label & instructions
4/02/08 – Dropped ps3 off at UPS
4/03/08 – ps3 arrived at repair facility
4/05/08 – replacement of unit is pending backorder

Total time so far – 20 days, 7 of which was my fault for being broke =(

*UPDATE 9/28/08*

I received my ps3 back from repair approx. 27 days after it was sent out.  The unit I received back from repair had a sticker on the side claiming it has passed QC. It has now been several months since I received that unit back from Sony and it is still going strong. I played thru MGS4 over the course of 3 days, and now have several hour sessions with PAIN and folding@home without so much as a lockup. So it appears that the unit they sent me is gonna hold up for some time.

I just wanted to pass this info along to anyone who may be interested.



  1. Any updates?

  2. i was playing MSG4 i had just defeated Raging Raven and i was seeing a cutseen of Old Snake Confronting Liquid Snake.. long story short it frooze it had a disc rotating a question as if did not recognize it but now it does not play any games, movies,

  3. Reply to John Doe:
    Your PS3 is in trouble. I have the exact same problem, except mine occurred during the ending credits. MGS4 totaled my PS3 system (mainly the Blu-Ray drive). You’ll have to send it to repairs. There is no fix that you can apply yourself to repair. Mine just arrived on June 25 to the Texas repair facility. I hope to receive the refurbished unit soon.

  4. my ps3 went down after downloading alien vs predator now all it does is go from green to yellow to a blinking red can somebody tell me what that means

  5. Well we all in the same boat cuz I was playing R6V2 online and right at the end of our match my game frooze and has not played any of my games or movies since

  6. Mine has also done exactly the same guys.the repair guys replaced my blu-ray drive as my console stopped reading dics,sent it back,it then worked for a month then started going green and yellow.They told me it was the graphics drive, is this not true? With the price of postage this has already cost me £150.What a joke.For the money we had to pay for the console you expect it to last.Not breack down just after a year.pissed right off!!!

  7. I too have the same problem, 60gb ps3, only mine started doing this during Unreal Tournament. Must be a defect with the 60gb version.

  8. Mine is an 80GB version and it freezes up within about 5 mins of playing Battlefield:Bad Company. It takes a while longer, but does the same with COD. When I have a tower fan pointed right at it, it seems to last longer.

    Oh well, I just wanted you guys to know that it’s not just the 60GB models. Mine’s out of warranty and I don’t have the money to get it fixed quite yet. This sux!

  9. I too had my 60 GB version fail on me. I had the system shut down while I was browsing the internet on it. I pushed the power button to turn the system back on, and it flashed, turned red, then shut off again. Then I turned the power switch off in the back and turned it back on. After hitting the power button again on the front of the system, it flashed green, then yellow (for about half a second) then shut off again. After trying the power button one last time, the system would not turn on. Now I do not even get a red light (standby mode) when I turn the power switch in the back on and off. I’m fairly certain the power unit failed on it. I contacted Sony and was given the option of a $149 repair fee or there was nothing else they could do for me. I’m so frustrated by the whole thing, I may not get the system repaired out of contempt.

  10. My 60g just started the blink. I live in Japan with a US PS3 and cannot get SCEA or SCEJ to help me they both deny having to handle the problem. Luck for me i bought a 2 year warranty from best buy when i bought the PS3. Best Buy just gave me the money back and said throw away or give the system to charity. Anyone else have over torqued screws on the HDD? Mine stripped after one turn?

  11. I currently have a 40g that wont read anything.Waiting for 2nd e-mail from support for mailing inst.

  12. my 80 gig failed about 10 days ago and i sent it off. uos is telling me i get it back today. from fail to fix, its been about 2 weeks. very smooth process, sorry yours all suck.

    • Hey, is your PS3 still working now? What was the issue that caused you to get it repaired?

  13. my ps3 dosnt do anything its the 60gb as well it does turn on but no audio or video wht do i do and its passed warranty?

  14. My 60GB PS3 just decided to stop outputting video or sound a couple days ago. I came home to try downloading the @Home beta to try out, and got nothing. I finally figured out the HDMI output died on it though. I can use a component or composite cable without any problems, but even with holding down power to reset it, etc. etc. – can’t get HDMI to do anything but flicker for a moment and make a quick “pop” noise on the TV speakers. (The TV then claims it’s seeing a “480p” signal from the HDMI port, but nothing is displaying.)

    After some searching online, I see a few other people have my exact same issue – and the only fix has been letting Sony repair the system. I think I’ll just run on component, at least until something else dies on the machine…..

  15. fuck sony and their bullshit shotty systems. mine just froze on me and i’m super fuckin pissed off right now!

  16. 40gig froze while loading cod5 map.
    will not read anymore disc.
    last a year and 9 days.
    great product will let them fuck me anytime.

  17. my 40 gig died on 1/9/09 just over a year.I was about to play batman on blu-ray and the dam thig froze up wont load a game or movie. this really really sucks and for $150 can be fixed

  18. Deleted.

  19. says mine was received and assigned 1-12 please allow 7 to 15 days i only had mine 2 weeks and it screwed up talk about being steamed it was the 80 gig

  20. Folks, you may want to visit the PS3 Forum. They have a thread going that keeps a running tally of PS3 owners like you who had and or, are having trouble with the console. In that thread, they have also provided link to entities ( who might have an interest with your problem i.e., BBB, Consumer Affairs, FTC. My kid’s PS3 was a victim of the YLoD. And of course, it was one of those launch 60gb. Online, the prevailing opinion is that the PS3 have the same issues as the XBOX360 and that is overheating. Whereas Microsoft offered to repair the XBOX and included a fresh 12 mos warranty to the refurb, Sony have yet to acknowledge the faulty PS3. If your unit is out of warranty, you’re looking at $150 (+tax,shipping) with only 3 mos warranty on the refurb. There were some folks in the Playstation Forum who have been victimized by not only the recurring problem but also by the short warranty and are now faced with another repair fee. A blatant rip off as far as I’m concern. My kid’s console is still sitting collecting dust for I refuse to pay Sony an additional $150 on top of over $1200 we spent for the whole thing (peripherals, games, movies).

  21. To anonymous above:

    Sorry to hear about your troubles, however I can clearly see the bias in your post. You are trying to infer that the ps3 is just as bad as Microsoft’s RROD, however it is common knowledge that the 360 has/had the highest failure rate of a home electronics device in history. I understand you’re frustrations, but I highly doubt the 360 would give you a better experience, period.

    Most 360 owners who had the RROD got it well before Microsoft acknowledged the problem, and were forced to purchase a second console at full price. At least Sony is giving you another unit with an additional 90 days if the device is out of warranty. You could have also purchased a warranty from the retailer you bought the ps3 from, I sure would have for a $1200 investment.

    I surely got the additional 2 year warranty on the HDTV I purchased for $1299, only a fool would buy something that expensive and not buy additional coverage for it. Also, $150 is pretty cheap considering they don’t have to give you anything. Try taking your car in for repairs when it’s out of warranty and having the dealer give you another one for 1/8 of the initial price….riiiiiiiight

  22. I just got my second email back, and the order form to fill out when my RMA coffin comes in. I have the original release 60GB system picked up on 11/17/06, that I prepaid for at EB Games. I was one that was able to waltz right in ahead of the line and pick mine up and waltz right out (some people were really pissed at me). But anyway, I’m having the same issue and have already shelled out the $149 for the repair or refurb system. What we all need to know is “WHAT” the hell is cause the problem? Is it the cooling system? If so then they need to fix it, or at least suggest external cooling fans for something, but offer us something along the way of info so this doesn’t happen again. I took immaculate care of my system, it’s still clean and shiny as the first day I took it out the box. So it’s definitely not an abuse issue. I wonder what’s causing this?

  23. riceroni, what was the problem? you never stated exactly what caused all the trouble to begin with….

    was it YLOD? if so, there is a home-made fix you can do, it takes a little time but its worth trying.

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  32. My 60gb does the same things on Littlebigplanet, when the the game start to load the offline levels my ps3 just shut off immediatly. For the overheating problem, you just need to place it in a cool temp room lets say 20 degree of celcius (off course you’ll need an Air Conditioner here in tropical country). my ps3 is still noisy but run well

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