Posted by: pswi60 | January 6, 2009

Is the gaming media really biased?

Is the gaming media really biased? Welcome to the Killzone 2 Press Preview. Here, I will outline what we can expect from various web and magazine outlets and their subsequent review scores before and after Killzone 2 is released.


For ps3 owners like myself, we have gotten used to ps3 exclusive games coming under extreme scrutiny from the media. The equation usually goes like this:

Ps3 exclusive game is in development. Various claims are made by websites stating things like “much needed game”, “will it save the ps3”, “can it finally sell systems” etc…this hype is generated BY the media, not by ps3 fanboys like myself. With Killzone 2, however, much has been made of the target render during E3 2005, and you can bet that almost every single review of this game will reference to that video; somehow having lofty goals isn’t an acceptable way to design a video game.


Next, ps3 owners get excited about the game because of all the media hype. We want the game to do well, so all the naysayers can finally shut their mouths and start giving some respect to the system. But that respect never comes. How many times have we heard “Haze and Lair”? These 2 names will be repeated throughout the life of the ps3 console, because the ps3 isn’t allowed to have bad games. Yet other systems like the Wii are praised for shovelware, while the Xbox can get by on half of the amount of exclusives due to monopolizing the market for a full year before the ps3 was released, giving reviewers nothing to compare these games with and gamers nothing else to buy. Are Gears and Halo bad games? NO, absolutely not. Do I think these games are as good as I once thought they were now that games like Warhawk, Drakes, and MGS4 are out? NO, absolutely not.

Anyways, so now the media has set up the trap: the hype has been made to the point that the game cannot possibly live up to it. The media has made a mockery out of the target render, giving 360 fanboys unlimited fodder to throw at the system. Take LittleBigPlanet for example. The media hyped this game, and they loved it. Yet somehow, because the game didn’t sell 8 million in its first day, the game has been labeled a flop.


So here comes Killzone 2, scheduled for release at the end of February. If this game was a 360 exclusive, you can bet 9+ would be the average review of this game. Resistance 2 was labeled by IGN as a superior game to Gears 2, yet since R2 is a ps3 exclusive, it is held to a much harsher standard than Gears 2, even though the improvements over Resistance 1 were mind boggling, and the amount of online players in one match crushes that of Gears 2.

So now we get to the heart of the matter: what will happen to KZ2 right before and after it is released? Here is my prediction:

1 week to 10 days before release, IGN publishes their review. They will give the game a 93-97, stating top graphics and solid gameplay. During this time, other sites will be scrambling to release their own reviews, with each one scoring lower and lower, punishing the game for not being Halo, Gears, Bioshock, or some other iteration of FPS/TPS. Basically they will punish the game for being a ps3 exclusive. 1UP will give the game an 87. Variety will give it an 80. Eurogamer and Edge will give it a 79 and 75, respectively. Mind you, these estimates are high.


Then, as a final nail in the coffin, Metacritic games’ editor Marc Doyle will allow some rogue sites that nobody has ever heard of to the overall Meta score of KZ2, ensuring that the ps3 still has no FPS exclusive above 90. Mr. Doyle commented that KZ2 will be the last game to allow user scores to be added before the game was released, citing that the game was added to Metacritic too early to avoid this problem. Why was this game added so early?


No matter what KZ2 goes on to sell, it won’t be enough. Now that ps3 games are eclipsing xbox 360 games for top scores, the argument has shifted to sales data. And if by chance, the game somehow were to surpass Halo 3 in sales, the argument would again change to something else totally unrelated to the quality of the game.

With millions of xbox 360 consoles defective this generation, somehow the splotlight has been put on the ps3. Ps3 owners are being treated to groundbreaking games in terms of graphics, gameplay, and online multiplay, not to mention user created content, and will be the first console to support a lifelike 3d user environment, yet it cannot get a pass from the media, not once.


If by some chance the ps3 pulls ahead this gen, the only thing Sony has to look forward to is another generation just like this one: the constant bashing of the PlayStation and its games. The sad reality is that there is a large amount of people, that truly want the PlayStation brand out of the console business.

Be careful of what you ask for, because you just might get it.

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  1. I decided to read this article because it sounded interesting, and to be honest I was expecting this to be just another fanboy complaining, but you proved me wrong. This is a great article, I agree with literally every point.

  2. I agree with your statements. I doubt Killzone 2 will get that many positive reviews from

  3. I agree with you. I believe that the reviews for Killzone 2 will not be that great but the game like Resistance 2 will in fact be amazing.

    Already in previews you could read how their is too much cursing, and a cliche scifi story. If you pointed that out about the gears of war franchise you would be nit picking at an overall awesome experience. The review double standard is alive and well while. It is ok for a xbox360 franchise to contain certain cliche elements but a ps3 franchise can have none of it.

    I think edge will give it the the worst score and then print a piece explaining the score.

  4. Wow. That was a VERY well written article. I agree completely. Great Work!

  5. Awesome article. I agree with pretty much all of it, but that being said, although sony’s exclusives are scrutinized being belief, I believe Killzone 2 has the best chance to break the habit. There is a good chance that it will follow suit like Resistance and such, but I think this game will be so good that the media will have no choice but to praise it. And even if the media still do shit on it, it wont stop it from being an amazing game, just look at the past ps3 exclusives, they are still thriving, but since reviews give it a bad score, it gives those who haven’t played the games the idea that everything on ps3 is dump. So no matter what Ps3 is in for a win win imo.

  6. It’s true that the PS3 gets alot of bad press, but not too much of it is undeserved. And don’t even try to act like the Wii gets a free ride from the press. The Wii is railed on hard by every gaming journalist this side of Malstrom, and it fffaaaaarrrrrrrrr from praised for shovelware.

  7. this article deserves praise. i believe killzone 2 will once and for all prove that the gaming reviews are biased if it scores below 90 on metacrit. but i doubt it will score below 90, game is that good, even if there are biased sites out there…

  8. dude that was awesome you deserver a medal or something one of the best articles i have ever read you hit the nail right on the head mad props man great job!!!!!


    • to Your RETARDED (aka CAPSLOCK)

      Well looks like someone is over-emotional about my article, and by your reaction you would agree with me that there is media bias, I just proved it with my article.

      The problem is there is a major bias against Sony and the ps3, but someone like you would be the first to say “that’s not true”. By seeing my bias, but unable to see any other bias, means you are a shouting 360 fanbaby and this article is about people like you who review games for a living, and can not and will not give a good ps3 game the score it deserves.

  10. i agree the ps3 when it came out was attack…..while at the time the 360 was getting away with the hardware defect. I had a 360 when it came out and all my freinds had a replacements we knew somthings was wrong and when microsoft blamed us for scratch disc or not putting it in a well vented place that got me angery as well as my m8s…….But when you get to 4 replacements and the console scratches disc at £40.00 a pop and they wont replace it because they not the publisher and they tell you to phone activision for a replacement when it was there defect console that scratch it……That did it for me… I traded it in and got a ps3 and I’ve never look back……microsoft play dirty they use the media to attack the ps3 and if they spread mud constantly it sticks and thats how they do bussiness…….investigate what websites microsoft got there hands on you be amazed open your eyes

  11. Awesome Article Sir!

    i also agree with all that has been said in this article, but let me try and put a little silver lining on the cloud to, if the PS3 has proved one thing to me that it is capable of handling anything, not just the awesome games it “produces” but to think of a system that launched latest of all most expensive of all and with some market mishaps from sony, economy and every hit it can take from the medai that is negative, and still sell better than the 360 in its 2 year cycle and only around 8mil behind 360 with all the bad press, is in my eyes not just success but staggering in your face bulletproof success…man this console can just as well be called the Starship Enterprise every one wants to destroy her but oh boy she pacs a punch with all odds against her!

  12. everything you say is true, but I think your kind of missing the point

    half of the negative press the PS3 gets is paid by Microsoft, the other half comes from jealous fanboys

    the point is that what they say doesn’t matter at all, there’s nothing wrong with the PS3, on it’s first two years on the market PS3 sold more worldwide than 360 on it’s first two years, this is a fact and it means two things:

    1 since the PS3 has almost always priced twice as much than 360, gamers spent twice as much money in total on ps3 than 360

    2 this third place on the gaming market is completly subjective and unreal because of the year head start the 360 had

    Ps3 sold more consoles than 360 on 2008 and since Wii can hardly be called a current gen console it should be left out of the ranking altogether, otherwise cel phones should be counted as well, so the ps3 is first on the market as of now

    that might surprised gaming sites readers but that’s the point, most people who buy consoles and games very rarely (if ever) visit gaming sites and therefore are completly oblivious to both the negative press from fanboys and paid sites, and the supposedly common gamer knowledge that PS3 is not doing well because it’s a lie and and not very far reaching one

    and two more things everyone should know:

    1- 360 was maxed out by gears of war 2 and the PS3 hasn’t seen half on it’s potential explored

    2- 360 HAS NO MORE AAA EXCLUSIVE TITLES COMING, halo spin offs and expansions are not AAA and no one knows when Alan Wake will be released, it wouldn’t be a big surprised if we hear the news that it was cancelled, and the PS3 has at least 15 for 2009 alone

  13. to retarded: dont be mad at the man that wrote this great article because you cant afford a PS3! Maybe if you mow the lawn and do the dishes a few more time mommy will let you get one, but I hope she doesn’t because you don’t deserve one. What a loser you are, man….what….a…loser…Nice article by the way!!!

  14. -XBOX360 was GIVEN SHIT after the NXE upgrade increased the chance of a RRoD. Also, Japan sales of the console have been suffering because of this old problem that, it seems, will never get fixed. Yet you say that doesn’t get media coverage?

    -the Wii praised? A year ago, i believe, now EVERY site i’ve read says it will finally sink, and some even say it’s time to sell it before you get stuck with Carnival Games 3: Get that fucking clown!

    -the HOME “experience” is an infertile bitch, with a bunch of cardboard faced drones hovering around the vast nothing. The console is overpriced, and was, IS, hyped as not a gaming console (you can look yourself for sony’s own statements, i’m not gonna do it for you), that’s part of why it’s ailing right now. Sony tried, and failed, to set it as a computer. Bad decision.

    I’m not gonna mention the DS and PSP faults, we all know what they are.. unless you are a fanatic (let’s skip the fanboy term, they all act like their religion is getting raped when their console of choice is attacked). Face it, boyos, this generation of GAMING is the worst we’ve ever seen.

    And the pc? Don’t mind it, even though the gaming on pc has been “dying” for … i don’t know, almost 4 years now according to the media, but you’re still gonna have one sitting on your desk, even if you don’t install a single game on it.

    Suck on it, enjoy what you can, and don’t scream jihad when your gaming posse doesn’t get the cake.

  15. haha pswi60 i think you struck a 360 fanboy child’s nerve really hard there man,

    really someone who cant even put facts in his argument and then end them by substituing facts with insults and swearwords proof one thing to me….that fanboys like retard have no ammo left in their decaying camp of finding info to aim at the ps3. everyone saw the rise of the black monolith comming but are to damn proud and to damn blind in their own little world to admit that the things they said about ps3 was wrong. in the en i always say launching words that are potential boomerangs will come back and hit you in your face……

  16. By: Your RETARDED on January 6, 2009
    at 10:42 pm

    Here we have one of those people that was totally wrapped by the media lies. He typed all that crap emanating such aura of hate! Classic of a fanboy.

    BTW Home can’t be a flop because is free and if you enter, there are a lot of people to interact/talk/play. And even if it were a flop Home should be desolated right now don’t you think? But is full of people everywhere.

    And to call Warhawk terrible means that you really need to play the game because you obviously don’t have one heck of idea about what you’re talking about. = \

    The point here isn’t if Sony hype or not hype, they are a company you know? And they need to promote their products just like MS said that the Zune was better than the iPOD and Vista was the ultimate OS (and is worse than their previous OS [XP]). Or how they didn’t care about the reliability of their products and launched a faulty box called X360 knowing that it was defective. But nobody talks about that, what everybody talks is how crap the PS3 is when is not.

  17. It’s funny how CAPSLOCK bashes you for your opinion/view on this. Then goes on to say “PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE OPINIONS”. Haha, and he says your retarded.?

  18. hey Your RETARDED, you really are. 🙂

    seriously though – warhawk is awesome.

    resistance 2? meh… didn’t do it for me.

    guess that makes us different! thank god.

  19. When it really comes down to it, it’s sad that people…after all these years.. are STILL picking “sides” like it’s a God damn war or something. So you’re not going to play a game because it’s not on the system you can afford? So you can only afford one system so you bash any game that comes out on systems that you DONT own?

    It IS retarded, and this article is amazing in it’s simply put facts that everyone seems to know about but no one ever acknowledges. Companies like 1Up and IGN make money from PEOPLE LIKE US who play games. I say the best way to make people who run these biased companies learn is to simply not go there anymore.

    The PS3 is a wonderful system. When working, so is the 360 in many respects. Heck.. before Mario Kart Wii, when the Wii actually had GAMES come out for it (Wii Music is NOT a game.. neither is Wii Fit) that system got TONS of play time from me! If you can’t honestly say each of those systems doesn’t have good games on it then you’re ignorant and uneducated.

    For once I’d like to see the press not pick a f***ing side that makes the public follow like sheep. Seriously, it killed the Dreamcast and the same can be said about our government election system. Bottom line: The press TELLS the stupid public what is good and what to buy/vote for and the masses follow because the news said so, and how could they be wrong?


  20. There is a lot of fluff in this article. The first console to support an MMORPG. Uh you may want to double check that. It would take force of nature beyond believe for KZ2 to outsell Halo 3 even if KZ2 were to get straight 10s from every single review site. Overall game reviews, last time I checked 360 still has quite a bit more in the 90% plus department

    With that said, as an owner of 2 PS3s I really do not care at this point. Sony has reaped what it has sown.

  21. due to the hype and the alk about the PS3 pre-launch and it’s higher cost, all PS3 games should be held to a higher standard. nothing is wrong. also, those games that people bash on PS3 were HEAVILY HYPED AS THE PS3 GAMES TO BEAT. cry more please.

  22. Thats the kind of stuff i try to tell people. Its been out a year before. I saw four 360 commericals on “G4” on one break. Don’t see PS3 commericals much. No offense never liked xbox. Even when the second one came out.

    Why would u get pissed off about people giving an opinion. This is his opinion, people are aloud to have opinions. Ironic statement isn’t it?

  23. Dude…. you really wrote an excelent article. One Ive already bokkmarjked and will be read by a lot more ppl thanks to that 🙂

    No, really PSWii60, awesome reading, from start to finish. And I couldnt agree more. Ive been saying this since this gen started.

    Its PS2 all over the way. Remember its first two years? Year one DC vs PS2 and Year 2 XBox/GC vs PS2 media? I do.

    Ps3 is dead….. thats what the MEDIA wants ppl to think….

    …and youjust explained it better than anybody else.

  24. First off, if the media is so “biased” against PS3, why did its top five exclusive titles rank higher than 360s?

    Also, for a site to be truly biased, it would have to consistently bash one console, while praising the other. Not one web site I know, not even does that.
    Has it ever occurred to you whiny PS3 crybabies that PS3 games just tend to suck more?

  25. well. i still buy games for my turbo grafx 16 and i’m having a blast. I’m aps3 owner myself and i think tht the best game on the ps3 is Uncharted. It was i think the ps3’s gears of war. actually it was far superior than gears of war. But like any platform, theres going to be insecurities… Many people need to know SOOOOoooo bad that they made the right decision. and it is this insecurity that will make you miss the point. ENJOY WHAT YOU HAVE ! I enjoy all my consoles and its unfortunate that due to someone’s insecurities a group of people who only wanted to make a game for you to play will be punished and ridiculed. now does that seem right? shouldnt we be spending our energy on stopping the uwe bolls and the jack thompsons of the world or something? who’s side are you on gamers? (notice its game-rs not xboxers or pstrippers or.. err.. wiiwiis.. ok u get it)

  26. I see alot of people repeating the same idea, that Sony somehow “deserves” what they get. What does Microsoft “deserve” for the RROD, and overpriced accessories? Or Live subscription costs? I have 3 xbox 360s, and I have to buy a memory card to use my profile on each one. That is called a “rip off”. Yet I still play the 360 and buy 360 games.

    For every 360 fangirl commenting here, I will show you 1 brainwashed “gamer” who excuses MS and its transgressions, yet condemns Sony.

    Why not be fair and see both sides of that idea? To say that a corporation “deserves” something like they killed innocent children is beyond ridiculous….

  27. @Your RETARDED

    Are you mad, because KILLZONE 2 and Resistance 2 are shitting all over Halo and Gears?? ARE YOU MAD??

    Muahahahah SONYs 1st Party games are kicking MS ass, you little piece of jelous Xbox-Shit. Go and FYM!

  28. PS3 is going to be scrutinized because its the most expensive and often tauted as “best graphics/hardware/value” making bold claims will always garner skepticism. PS3 will always have to play catch up to give a valid reason for someone to pay more for a ‘premium’ system. Weither the exclusives are worth it is up to that consumer.

    /pswi60 everything is up to the consumer. you act like the cost of the system is not up to the consumer, but the games are…bit of a contradiction here.

    From some early previews of KZ2 there have been some mixed thoughts on the realism (in terms of play mechanics).

    /pswi60 can you address the point of the article that the score will be lower than what it should get?

    “while the Xbox can get by on half of the amount of exclusives due to monopolizing the market for a full year before the ps3 was released, giving reviewers nothing to compare these games with and gamers nothing else to buy.”
    I don’t think people thought the Dreamcast was monopolizing the market as they waited for the PS2.

    /pswi60 that’s not the point of what “people” thought, the 360 had a year to itself is a fact.

    The argument that more players in R2 vs Gears2; sure there is more players online but that may not appeal to everyone.. some people actually like the ‘more strategic’ counterstrike style 5 on 5 matches not fragfest.

    /pswi60 online multiplayer might not appeal to some people either. the point is, this shouldn’t affect the games overall score, the fact that it has the ability to have more players should count towards a higher score.

    “and will be the first console to support a lifelike 3d user environment and the first console to support an MMORPG”
    360 had Final Fantasy XI.. and so did Playstation 2, Dreamcast had Phantasy Star Online.

    /pswi60 i did not know this. i guess what i meant was a 3D MMORGP like WoW or EQ or AoC. Thanks for letting me know.

  29. I think this article is biased.

  30. I think your comment is biased.

  31. I think this article is biased. Did you forgot about stuff like Xbox 1.5 and so on?

    This sounds like pre-emptive damage control in case KZ2 doesn’t deliver. Of course if it does and magazines rate it accordingly I’ll bet you’ll change your tune 🙂

    /pswi60 the problem is other games have delivered and the media has trouble acknowledging it. whether magazines rate it accordingly, i won’t know, but it’s a day one buy for me just like Halo 3 was.

  32. Well, it’s obvious that if they didn’t rate those games higher it’s because they didn’t think they delivered. Is that a conspiracy? No, it’s just different opinions.

    /pswi60 those different opinions collectively add up to what is called bias, as my article points out and also takes part in. I can see it, why can’t you?

  33. Here is a fact check for ya, FF XI on Xbox 360. Last timed I checked that is an MMORPG. Guess what, there are two more of those slated for this year alone.

    You want your facts, well there ya go. For 60 owner I would think you be aware of those titles.

    /pswi60 what titles, you mentioned 1, which i didn’t know about, and edited my article accordingly. If you look around my site you will see I am a 360 owner, are you a ps3 owner?

  34. nice article dude.

    all I can say is… I enjoy my Ps3 very much and fuck the american media.

    Everyone wants a ps3 over an xbox…. and 2009 will prove this.

  35. I find it rather funny that Your RETARDED (Capslock) managed to spew out all that verbal and mental diarhea when he/she spelled the contraction of “you are” as “your”. I didn’t know the word “RETARDED” can be possessive, except maybe in the hands of an actual retard.

    /pswi60 lol i know, trust me people like him prove my point all day long…at the end of every letter he should sign:
    “Yours RETARDED”,


  36. Well, if that’s the case, your opinion adds up with a lot of sony fanboys so I suppose you’re indeed biased 😉

  37. The more 360 fanboys complain about this article, the more it shows that this article is right.


  38. That’s silly.

  39. Here is what the problem seems to be to me. SOLE PS3 OWNERS who don’t know any better because they havn’t spent ample time with the 360. If they did, and they arn’t inept doushebags that live in denial like most sole ps3 owners, they will come to grips with the facts of which system to buy every multiplatform game, and which system performs better online and in terms of functionality. And I’ll give you delusional fucks a hint… It’s not the PS3 or that juvenile Wii.

    /pswi60 Here is what the problem seems to be to me. SOLE 360 OWNERS who don’t know any better because they havn’t spent ample time with the ps3. If they did, and they arn’t inept doushebags that live in denial like most sole 360 owners, they will come to grips with the facts of which system to buy every multiplatform game, and which system performs better online and in terms of functionality. And I’ll give you delusional fucks a hint… It’s not the 360 or that juvenile Wii.

    See what I did there? You say you are a dual console owner, but yet you detest your ps3, which doesn’t make sense….did you just buy it yesterday? Or is it really a “friends” ps3 and you are claiming ownership?

    I am an owner of both consoles, and use my PS3 just for excluses, and nothing more. Why in the blue fucking hell would anyone trust that piss poor watered down psn for playing games online and actually connecting with their friends? The functionality is not built in, the service is free, They give all the rights to the developers (which is why we ps3 owners dont have in game music and cross game invites in every game and prob never will. There were all stupid decisions by sony that has kept them in last place this gen.

    You people act as if it’s just te media’s fault? The general consensus of gamers out there that actually are educated knows not to buy a multiplatform game for ps3 over 360. Why? Number one, we don’t have mic issues on 360, we don’t have problems with connecting AT ALL with 3rd party games, and we sure as fuck don’t have to open up fucking ports on our router.

    This is a no brainer people. Anyone and everyone who is educated at all about what is going on in te industry knows, to stay away most online games and all 3rd party games for the ps3. You buy your 3rd party games on 360 where it’s not a gimped port, plays smoother, and actually connects.

    In the end, online functionality is what killed the ps3 in many gamers eyes, not this blind fanboyism you liberal cocksnots think the media has over people.

    I rest my case…..

  40. lol

    its true.. America Hates Sony because its a Japanese product…..

    I live in CAnada…. and I love my ps3 and blu-ray.

    I read a lot of articles on n4g and a lot of it is hate articles on the ps3…. mostly the media to blame.

    but shit man it doesn’t matter… most ppl I know prefer ps3 over xbox.. more bang for your buck… sales will increase this yr… so hopefully those hate articles with stop.

    Once again.. fuck the american media…

    2009… shit load of games coming out.

    just remember KillZone 2 and God of War 3…..

  41. Wow, actual logic in an article which dives deeper then just the top layer BS. AWESOME JOB, your site is bookmarked (which I’m sure you like since it gives you hits, but you freaking deserve hits).

  42. Does any of this matter? I heard Sony is either going out of business or at least killing their gaming division since they can’t even sell PS3s. The console sucks so bad it breaks down on gamers every six weeks and it isn’t even more powerful than the last generation.

    Oops, my bad. That’s the 360 and Wii. Now, why is the PS3 attacked from all sides again? Oh yeah, because it’s too expensive. Bunch of lousy cheapskates.

  43. So now its an American thing? are you morons kidding me? Most young modern Americans hate their country. They have been brainwashed to think America is beat only by Satan in a state of pure evil.

    Most of these media outlets are staffed by young liberal, America hating, self loathing, idiots like most of the Americans here who Value a piece of shit black box from Japan more than their own country.

    You PS3 fans are the lowest form of life seriously, and that is why PS3 is a failure, you are all getting what you deserve, and I hope Killzone flops like everything else on that disaster of a console.

    /pswi60 again, with the “deserve” comments, like Sony bombed your country. you are completely irrational and out of line, sir.

  44. Great article! I have noticed how the media has focused on sales so much to determine how good a game is. Ridiculous, honestly.

  45. I’ve had my PS3 since 1st launch. Personally think it’s the best well spent $599.99. Never thought console could have so many stuff you can do with it, to name few:
    -No 1 of course game system offline or online w/ growing AAA library exclusive or multiplatform (can’t wait for all 2009 exclusive AAA)
    -The best Bluray player, for more than 2 years I get to watch movie in HD glory while Xbots had to settle with SD on dvd or the one that had more money made a wrong investment on $200 HDDVD add on drive for XBOX360 (watch that awesome “Transformer HDDVD” over and over again)
    -Web browser with growing capabilities (love Google search)
    -Media Server , I know XBOX has it too but limited to only DNLA from WMP 11 play only files that approve by Microsoft. PS3 in addition to DNLA w/ WMP11 can also use Java Media server that virtually play almost every audio or video files SD or HD that i store in my computer
    -The memory slots with AVCHD capability(work really great with my Canon HF100 flash memory HD camcorder) As far as I know only couple AV product has this stuff (high end Panasonic plasma and Panasonic bluray)—most only read jpeg and mp3—why ? pricey of course— but wait it’s generously build into PS3…..
    -Samsung high end 750 and 850 series LCD has feature call Content library. One of the feature in it let you play pics slide show while playing music—guess what PS3 has that feature too only it’s way better, slide show w/ all kind off effects and play your fav music
    -HOME , awesome virtual get together for free…really free ( try different region like Japan, Asia, Europe Home)
    -Life w/ Playstation, Folding@Home, Remote Play w/ PSP, and more
    All that with growing list of feature in the future for $599 —-hold on…what……. it’s only $399 w/ even 120gb and comes w/ $59.99 Uncharted Drake Fortune for free…… that’s a steal………XBOX360 only $299 but it comes free w/ RROD guarantee…and xbots think they get better deal because when they buy the game in XBOX360 it comes w/ more discs instead of 1 bluray on PS3(Xbots good w/ math—more better…)

  46. Darkie, I totally agree with you bro. Only reason why I have a ps3 is for the few good exclusive and for blue ray. And having a liberal douschebag father all my life, I agree with your statements regarding Us americans as well.

  47. I agree with the guy who said this article was written as pre-emptive damage control.

    I also agree that this article is far more biased than any review I’ve read in a long time. Author, PS3 fanboys are known to be the worst scum of the internet, if they are all here praising you then you know you wrote something wrong 🙂

    Finally, I also agree with the guy who says the American media thing is bogus. Even if the American media alone is tougher on PS3, (which it isn’t I have seen several articles from AU and GB, just as criticle of the PS3) it is because Americans tend to have higher standards for business consumer ralations, we expect a good product, made to the highest standards of customer satisfaction. Its why so many of us buy Japanese cars and are against bailing out the big three. Its why we bashed 360 for RROD relentlessly even after the problem has been largely addressed. Americans are spoiled, its just the way it is. Well maybe not American PS3 fans, you guys actually make excuses for Sony

    /pswi60 your comment is far more biased than any article i’ve seen, and you claim all these outlets are critical of the ps3 yet there is no bias? how can you only see bias ONE way?

  48. I have a PS3 and the last game I bought was MGS4 and I liked it but not that much.

    Since then I kept reading bad reviews about almost every PS3 game and that alone didn’t encourage me to buy another PS3 title, especially Resistance 2!!!

    After reading this article and some of the xbox360 fanboys comments, I can promise all of you that i’ll give R2 and LBP a try and i’m looking forward to buying KZ2 cuz it’s the best thing I’ve even seen on a console. I was thinking about buying an xbox360, but now I changed my mind.

  49. Hen Her whatever your name is, the 360 does pretty much everything you mentioned, only better, xept play blurays.

    Lets face it, PS3 has been a huge cluster F*CK as far as user friendlyness and extra features. Its like they were all high when they designed the thing, I know, because I have both 360 and PS3.

    PS3 is just @ss backwards and slow, and this is what you get for more money, Im still waiting to see what I got for my extra 200 bux, I paid 600 at launch.

  50. Welcome to Nintendo’s world, fellow gamers; no matter what they do, the BS comes their way. Honestly, the 360 is the one the media is more kind to. :/

  51. One more thing, if the media is more kind to 360. It is probably cuz MS is more kind to the media.
    Sony has always behaved in a arogant, disrespectful way towards much of the media.

    MS came along and established a working relationship with many in the media, no matter how small.

    Face it folks Sony brought all this on themselves. They lost the market by making a ton of bad decisions

    /pswi60 a common thread among you 360 fans is “they brought this on themselves” mentality, like Sony was some hot girl who didn’t wear enough clothes and got raped, and now it’s her fault cause she had it coming….is this what Microsoft wants you to believe?

  52. Great article. The negative slant put on the PS3 is mostly from American media sources, and many of which have a large contribution from Microsoft.

    If you dig around a bit to find out who is behind some of these bigger sites you will be astonished at how many times Microsoft is related.

    Of course there are other sites that hate the PS3 for no other reason than being fanboys that have gotten a following that allows them to confuse a few in order to be portrayed as legitimate news sources. Kotaku and Destructoid come to mind.

  53. Nat whatever your name is,
    XBOX360 has web browser–that news to me…
    XBOX360 has multi memory card reader that read pic and music including the new standard files for HD camcorder AVCHD–news too……
    XBOX360 compatible w/ Java Media Server ? Wow did not know that —even Divx, Avi, Mpeg4, even Stream DVD iso from local PC hard drive?…..I should let my envy friend of mine that own XBOX360 bout that….
    Free 3D gathering space like Home on XBOX360…free?
    Remote Play w/ Zune maybe??
    And I did not know microsoft participate w/ Folding@home to help Cure Cancer
    I guess because I don’t own XBOX that I do not know about all that ha…
    Best example of what Media and News can do to you… even to Person that own PS3….

  54. @ razyshady….hahaha i really like your way of putting it!

    i agree the american game media can also kiss my ass, the 360 is doing well there and now all of a sudden its the worlds best console, last time i checked america is not the only damn continent on the planet and thank goodness cause if the 360 was the only quality hardware available i would be a balarina rather than a gamer…nice one razyshady the gaming media in america should wake up and rate all games incl wii to what it really is not just cause it has a big button on the groin that glows green when pressed!

  55. I absolutely agree with you, sir. No one, at least not me, could have said and proved it better. Hats off to you.

  56. We all agree that this article comes to say what most of us have always noticed in the VG industry since few years (even before ps3 release).

    It would be a shame to stop the polemics here however and turn this article into another argument for the fanboy war.

    Because if what is said here is true, there is much more to be worried about than this present console war, it is about the whole video game industry.
    If we are to have Sony out of business, and Microsft remaining in front of Nintendo, it would only be a matter of time before MS took over it.
    MS has a strong past and a reputation of anti-concurrential practices for deceite.

  57. So now the best thing to do would be to gather as much information as we can about EVERY game sites that provide reviews and check for each of them WHO is the owner of the site (directly or indirectly through advertizing agreements).

    I’m pretty sure that MS owns most of from far or close.

  58. This does seem like another fanboy rant which does not fall well with the fact that LBP is the most praised exclusive this year.

    Also, looking at only one side of the equation does not give you much credibility. KZ2 WILL be compared to it’s target render -just like Fable 2 was compared to PMs hype. This is what happens when you set expectations

    “Are Gears and Halo bad games? NO, absolutely not. Do I think these games are as good as I once thought they were now that games like Warhawk, Drakes, and MGS4 are out? NO, absolutely not.”
    Great. I think otherwise. I can’t compare MGS4 because it’s a bit different after all (perhaps when Conviction is out), but Uncharted is nowhere near as good as Gears, and Warhawk is nowhere near as good as Halo. Apparently, most of the world and the media agree with me, so you just have to admit that you have a different and uncommon taste (or that you’re a fanboy and you didn’t really play the games).

    “Resistance 2 was labeled by IGN as a superior game to Gears 2”
    Well, perhaps you should write another article about how IGN are biased, because IGN got an exclusive review for Resistance 2. It’s easy to show this point: all other reviewers thought that Gears 2 is much better.

    “With millions of xbox 360 consoles defective this generation, somehow the splotlight has been put on the ps3.”
    This is the argument the fails your article the most: You tried to make a point about games and biased media, but somehow dragged your arguments towards consoles and hardware issues. This is the typical fanboy rant you see when they run out of valid arguments and try to divert the discussion towards something else.

    Oh yeah, and one last point:
    “Eurogamer and Edge will give it a 79 and 75, respectively. Mind you, these estimates are high.”
    They are also completely wrong. Both EG and Edge give a score on a 1 to 10 scale with no fractions. BTW, Both of them chose LBP as their game of the year if I’m not mistaken.

    If Killzone 2 does not receive universal acclaim, it’s because it’s not worthy of such and nothing else. For the same reason, it if receives universal acclaim it’s because it’s worthy and not because the media feels sorry for Sony and the fact that they still lack an exclusive AAA 90+ FPS.

  59. Duplicate comment.

  60. […] Originally posted here: Is the gaming media really biased? « Next-gen console // pswi60 […]

  61. The Playstation mostly gets bad press on American websites. Could this be because its not a American system and uses a non-American disc format. Its a trend that other countries are use to and tend to ignore reviews form American sites because you rarely get a honest one.

  62. The article heads toward making a fair point, but falls short of the mark because of one key omission:

    The reason why the PS3 (and many of its exclusives) get bad press is because of the tendency to over-hype. In that aspect, Sony and its closest third-party developers have only themselves to blame:

    Sony for claiming, pre-launch, that their console would be utterly revolutionary, leaving the competition in the dust. To live up to Sony’s own hype, the PS3 would have had to pretty much come with a neural control interface and/or a blowjob port. As it stands, the PS3 is a technically capable machine but not exactly worlds apart from a 360 in terms of overall actual usable output.

    As for the developers, their blame lies in setting up unreachable expectations by using “target renders” and bullshots galore.

    Take Gears for example: prior to the game coming out, pretty much every bit of media we saw was in-game, realtime. When the game came out, it turned out to be pretty cool gameplay-wise too, hence the good reviews.

    In a nutshell, as long as Sony and Co.’s marketing revolves around hype, they are setting themselves up for failure. Set reasonable expectations and the media will respond in kind. Lie, over-hype and exaggerate during pre-launch marketing and don’t be surprised if everyone acts disappointed.

    /pswi60 the fact is, MS gets a pass on their hype, and Sony does not, which concludes the point of my article, that the bias is present, very real, and people like you will concede it yet blame it on Sony, which is ridiculous. They hyped their product, just like they should.

  63. do some proper research on the two consoles usable out put and you’ll find that they are not that close. Games are limited to the Xbox specs, games should be made on the PS3 so they can be fully realised and then downgraded for the xbox

  64. Loved the article man. keep up the good work…:D

  65. Neutral 2:

    Proof for your argument please?

    If that were true, PS3 exclusives like MSG4 and KillZone would be head and shoulders above 360 exclusives like Gears2 in terms of pure technical sophistication. Are they? No.

    In real world terms, the PS3 and Xbox360’s various technical pros and cons add up pretty evenly – as proven by the games.

    According to Sony’s early marketing, the PS3 should have made its rival look like an Atari 2600 by comparison. Instead it’s just about the same, and a year late to the game.

    All the gamers who held off on a 360 for an entire year hoping for this revolutionary, mind-blowing console with the mysterious, almost alien Cell tech, were rewarded by a me-too appliance which offered no tangible advantage to what was already on the market. I’d be pissed off too.

    /pswi60 be mad at yourself for letting a companies hype get the better of you. to say it’s someone else’s fault that you got upset is completely irrational. nobody made you wait, that is your fault.

  66. Damn… This should be the hardest fanboy article EVER. Face it peeps: The 360 owned the PS3 in 2008 and in 2009 that will turn around. Instead of going all fanboy about, you should just wait and see that when good things happen once again the press will also cheer for the PS3. It’s always like this, even in sports. When someone is on top and all the rest isn’t worth anything (PS1/2 vs the other consoles) and then at one point they’re still good but not THAT good anymore the press will point towards the bad things.
    That’s called reality. Now stop crying about it.

  67. I’ll have to echo NEUTRAL’s statement and point out that the arguments are overall pretty weak. I think the media is actually far more objective than you think it is and realizes quite well that the system was, and to some degree still is, overhyped. I would also point that you would make a far stronger case by comparing all systems (Wii, XBOX360, PS3) objectively (price, features, online, failure rates, game library…). Such an exercise would certainly put you on the path to understanding why the media may, not shockingly, a little disappointed with the SONY system and its games…

    I’m not trying to be patronizing but you seem to focus on the consequence and not the cause.

    Cheers mate. And happy gaming, no matter the system.

    /pswi60 the cause is not the argument here. the argument is the bias, and if it is relevant to the games themselves. it is wrong to hold onto a resentment (e3 video) and judge the game because you are resentful and want to lower the score, plain and simple.

  68. The early E3 footage of the PS3`s capabilities are possible the reason why you have not seen this level of detail is due to production costs and time it takes to make a game at that level of quality. Unfortunately the only companies that can afford to do this at the moment are the large ones such as EA but they will not do so until the playstation is the lead platform. Once the technology becomes cheaper to make which it is as every week passes you will see the difference.

  69. Neutral 2:

    “The [PRE-RENDERED] early E3 footage of the PS3`s capabilities are possible”

    Again, could you please supply evidence for your statement, or shall we go on assuming you’re speaking out of faith?

  70. Supply evidence that it isnt possible

  71. Or do i just go on your word

  72. You know aftet reading this I have come to a conclusion, you’re even more biased than the magazines that write these articles. Of Killzone 2 was an exclusive on the Xbox 360 it would get 9+? You make it sound like no PS3 game will ever achieve this. MGS4 got perfect 10’s for crying out loud and won many awards, what more do you want? I constantly see the hype from Sony fanboys claiming this and that. I own Uncharted and it’s good but the game doesn’t deserve 9+. So I don’t get this.

    You also have to consider something else. When you promote a game console as more than a Xbox 1.5 and price it at $600 of course expectations are going to be higher. Do we expect the DS to outperform the PSP technically?

  73. Neutral 2:

    “Supply evidence that it isnt possible”

    Easy: Sony supplied that evidence when they had to use pre-rendered footage. If it were possible, as you claim, they’d have used real-time.

    Also, for future reference, the burden of proof in a debate is on the person making the original statement, which in this case is you.

    I’ll let you off just this once.

  74. Let me tell you, I’ve had 3 Xbox consoles. 1 White First Gen, 2 Black new Gen. I’ve had the Red goddamn Ring on every one. even my console now my second Black JUST had the ring for a minute before it started again. 13% of Xbox consoles have this problem…13? Seems WAY too high, yet this fact is NOT published. Now I’m no expert, but my gamer score is well above 10 000 GP, so I can faithfully say I love my Xbox. But PS3 has EVERYTHING going for it. I HATE the new Xbox experience! I would give anything to have my blades back. But PS3 has blueray, a low defective rate, most of its games are in 720p while Xbox has it’s in 1080p, given its a plus for Xbox, but I believe all the games are rendered in 720, even Xbox, then Up scaled to 1080. I must admit I don’t play my PS3 enough, but I CAN say it has had some GREAT games. So you gotta say screw the media, we as good faithful gamers know whats good and whats not. Gears of War plain BLOWS, it’s called 2 dimensional no character or feeling, just another post apocalyptic shooter. When I Got my PS3 and played Resistance for the first time…Blew my nuts off… Resistance 2 was even better. LBP was probably the most innovative and fun games to play. I still have my perfectly functioning BIG PS2. All kinds of still functioning games, FF7, Katamari, Killzone… The list goes on. I think the bottom line is, Screw the ‘Media’ we all make our own decisions on what games we do or do not play or do or do not like. I have games nobody likes but me. But it’s my personal choice to buy them.

  75. Yeah that about sums up the last year for the PS3

  76. nice article. you said the truth. this prove that Microsoft is the worst thing that was happened to the gaming industry. fault consoles, overhyped score for mediocre titles, gaming media completely sold to microsoft and lost credibility. tons of a new generation fanbabies bashing over the web sony and ps brand.And perhaps xbox360 is their first console and acts like hardcore gamers.

  77. Sony get criticized by the media for simply being too good. Look at what happened last time – the Xbox was touted as the odds – on favourite because of it’s superior hardware (On paper, that is) yet it got blitzed by the PS2 in sales because all it’s games were garbage. Did anyone honestly think Halo could match Gran Turismo, God Of War or Jak & Daxter in terms of quality??? It’s no wonder the PS2 dominated the Xbox – this made the media look like idiots for touting such a garbage console in the first place and now they want revenge.

    The Xbox 360 got a year’s head – start on the market and the media watched on in horror as Microsoft blew any chances of winning by releasing more new (Garbage) IP’s such as Gears Of War while rehashing already dying franchises in Halo 3 and Fable 2. Once the PS3 came out and games such as Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and MGS4 hit shelves, everyone already knew that the only thing keeping the 360 afloat was it’s cheap price tag – it’s games looked like someone had barfed all over your TV screen in comparison to the PS3’s outstanding software.

    So now the media turn to the only option they have – they mindlessly bash the PS3 to avoid the inevitable realisation that once the PS3 hit’s a price tag close to that of the 360 Microsoft will lose billions MORE dollars on another garbage console with no decent games. Would anyone really choose a 360 over a PS3 if they cost the same? Microsoft’s software is just as lousy as it was 6 years ago, some things never change.

  78. “nice article. you said the truth. this prove that Microsoft is the worst thing that was happened to the gaming industry.”

    It’s rare to see the word “prove” (I’m sure you meant “proved” by the way) so viciously abused.

    Here. By his logic, I’ve just “prove” chesterP is an idiot, just by saying it.

  79. I have to say this is a terrific article, and I couldn’t agree more. I come from Nintendo forum, and it’s amazing how many weak games are praised for being on the Wii and how many PS3 games are being dubbed unoriginal and the PS3 is too powerful, I don’t know if they’re jealous or if they are that set in their fanboyism. I get the same from my brother who is a total 360 junkie, yet he loved my PS3, but he still raves about the 360 though I know he’s jealous.

    I never get why Lair keeps getting stated, so it was a bad game, not like it was anything major, the PS3 can’t have bad games? I was looking forward to Haze, but there are always other shooters. It just baffles me how they take two games and attack it, and but they fight you to death if you point it back at their system and the mass amount of games that are even worse.

    The only thing I could see that stuck out in the article, you said, “and the first console to support a 3D MMORPG (like WoW),” which kinda stuck out as a sore thumb because of MMOs going back to even the Dreamcast with Phantasy Star Online, or with Everquest on the PS2. I wasn’t quite sure where you were aiming with that. The rest of the article is great, and I couldn’t agree more. Especially the captioning on the pics.

    /pswi60 I was trying to make the point that the ps3 will be the first console to support a game like “The Agency”, or like WoW, and I was unaware of PSO or EQ on previous consoles (yes, I took last gen off save for my original Xbox). My post has been edited. Perhaps I should say “Next-Gen MMORPG”, then it would be true because it’s only Next-Gen if Sony (and I) say so =P.

  80. If I’d been conned into spending $600 on a shiny black box of fail, I’d probably try to justify it to myself as well.

    And oh yeah, Lair and Haze are top notch titles! Now excuse me, I have to ride my flying pig over to never-never-land for a meeting with God.

  81. Never before has buyer’s remorse been so clearly demonstrated.

    /pswi60 I know, all these 360 fans are obviously upset that their Xbox red-ringed, and they are here crying instead

  82. to dishball

    you can say what you want and you can offend me too(thanks for the compliment). But nothing can change the fact that Microsoft is the worst thing that has happened to the gaming industry. I’ve “prove” it dear dishball, just by saying it.

  83. chesterP you should go look up the actual meanings of the words “fact” and “prove”

  84. ok! “fact” right?

  85. That is a fantastic article. We need more guys like you.

  86. Truly this article and it’s responses scream Sony Defence Force activate.

    Also stating opinions in an article does not make them fact.

    Fanboyism in the extreme

    /pswi60 and your stating of my opinions don’t make them untrue, either. Sony Defense Force is run by 360 fanboys to make ps3 fanboys look bad, everyone knows that. My propaganda is much more convincing than theirs, or yours, for that matter.

  87. Oh yeah, and I forgot the biggest one, Final Fantasy XI which died on the PS2 with the slim model which didn’t have the slot for the HDD and then MS stole it as well ><

    Oh well, the PS3 does have some nice MMO possibilities. I wish Nintendo would step up to the MMO plate and make Pokemon Online, it would actually revive the series and would be fun =P

  88. So you just admitted you’re a ps fanboy.

    /pswi60 i admitted i was a ps3 fanboy in the opening of my article. did you even read it?

    “Sony Defense Force is run by 360 fanboys to make ps3 fanboys look bad,”
    BTW thats false. Its run by

    /pswi60 your statement doesn’t make my statment false.

    So they, unlike you, are deliberate fanboys of all consoles.

    /pswi60 does that make them better than me?

    what propaganda have I given you?
    I just don’t think these sort of articles should be made outside of forum threads. I haven’t said anything about the ps3, 360 or wii.

    /pswi60 nobody cares what you think

    My stating your opinions aren’t true doesn’t make it so but when someone states
    “I think the article is biased” and nothing else

    your mature response is
    “I think your comment is biased”
    Thus proving what a child you are and staunch member of the defence force that it makes it impossible to take your biased one-sided comments seriously.
    Sure some of the things you say have merit but like they say. Throw enough muck at the wall and some of it has to stick.

    /pswi60 so i am immature for calling your comment biased, but you are not immature for calling my article biased? Again, you 360 fantards only see things 1 way, yours.

    for the record I wouldn’t accept an article like this for the 360 or wii.

    /pswi60 i invite you to take a look around my site, because i am a 360 fanboy too. take a look at the sidebar to all my halo 3 matches, or some articles from last year where i called out the ps3 and its lack of games.

    you, sir, are the type of person who perpetuates this type of bias, because you come in here screaming SDF, yet you have no idea what you are talking about. you call me biased, yet you fail to see your own bias. go troll somewhere else.

  89. “An unbiased look at the next-gen”

    Really? Do you actually read over what you’re writing about? I really don’t think most people care as much about Haze and Lair as you think. Do you hang out in System Wars all day or something?

    Strong sales also don’t make a game great, quality makes a game great. Having strong sales shouldn’t make a game any more likely to be GotY. Should Assassin’s Creed have been a contender for GotY last year since it sold so well despite the low reviews?

    “Are Gears and Halo bad games? NO, absolutely not. Do I think these games are as good as I once thought they were now that games like Warhawk, Drakes, and MGS4 are out? NO, absolutely not.”

    It’s funny how all those better games are on your horribly unrespected PS3 isn’t it? A smart gamer doesn’t think about what platform a game is on, he just likes a game for what it is. You’re being incredibly hypocritical with your claims about bias here when you’re completely biased yourself. Stop drinking the fanboy Kool-Aid and got out of the basement already.

    /pswi60 i don’t exactly know what it is you are saying. I have not said anything AGAINST the 360, I have only made my arguments FOR the ps3. The only reason you can “see my bias” is because you are biased yourself, however if you look around my site, you will see I am pretty neutral. But you wouldn’t dare put the time into that, now would you.

  90. You know the funniest thing, This article is perfect! Round of applause to you for starting this argument. I love to hear what people are saying, most of you are fellow gamers, BUT lets think for a second… What does this mean…OH! We play games, and love it. Personally I THRIVE on completion. Some play to just beat the story line, whatever your case…Your a gamer, start acting like it. Your not getting paid for acting like idiots, bashing another game system. The fact of the matter is, each console offers unique things and different game play options. PS3 has some awesome titles, and so does 360. If some of you reading here were a little smarter and take the consoles, both for their qualities and faults, and use them for further gaming enjoyment, We’d all be playing them right now instead of talking about how bad they are.

  91. My stating your opinions aren’t true doesn’t make it so but when someone states
    “I think the article is biased” and nothing else

    your mature response is
    “I think your comment is biased”
    Thus proving what a child you are and staunch member of the defence force that it makes it impossible to take your biased one-sided comments seriously.
    Sure some of the things you say have merit but like they say. Throw enough muck at the wall and some of it has to stick.

    /pswi60 so i am immature for calling your comment biased, but you are not immature for calling my article biased? Again, you 360 fantards only see things 1 way, yours.

    Hey Einstein read your comments.
    I never said
    “I think the article is biased”
    it was made By: Anonymous on January 7, 2009
    at 12:21 am

    How did you even get to write articles.
    You really are the epitome of 12yo only owned a console since the ps2 on N4G.

    I expect more from an article.
    Clearly with uneducated biased people like you this blog is a site to avoid like the plague.

    Don’t tell me i know nothing.
    SDF has gone from having a laugh to perfectly sum up a select group of ps fans and their delusional responses on the internet.

    Which you seem to attract.

  92. After reading your comment, I can safely say that the only delusional person here is you.

    You are taking this way too seriously and getting way too emotional, which means you are letting my article and my comments control your emotions.

    That is called being irrational, and is the foundation of being a fanboy. Why don’t you try reading my article, 12 steps to better gaming, instead of wasting your time trying to convince people that you are something you’re not.

  93. I already looked around your site before I commented. There were only two other posts in the past year and posting about how much you loved Halo all that time ago doesn’t deem you objective in my mind.

    I also never said you attacked the 360, stop reading between the lines when I’m not posting between them. Every gamer has to eventually realize that there are good games on all systems. I’ve been playing games for nearly 20 years now and the only big player that’s around today that was around back then was Nintendo. I have no real allegiances anymore, every system is bound to get good games. Whether LittleBigPlanet or MGS4 was an exclusive on the PS3 or 360 shouldn’t matter, they’re both great titles I’m sure, but don’t give them more weight because they are exclusive.

    Whatever bias there is, I think you’re really blowing it out of proportion. MGS4 not getting GotY awards does not strike me as bias (besides Gamespot gave it GotY anyway), it just means that there were other games these big sites liked more. Is that hard to believe? The game rounding up the majority of GotYs this year is GTA IV anyway, it’s not Gears or Fable II or other 360 exclusives. Where’s the bias here?

    You’re making grand claims that “the spotlight has been put on the PS3” but just a few paragraphs before you stated how MGS4, LBP, Resistance 2, etc. were all getting high marks? Many sites have been critical of Home, but what does that have to do with the rest of the PS3 library (which you stated were getting high marks)? How many sites were supportive of the PS3’s XMB and critical of the 360’s blades interface, which began to look more and more sluggish (which led to the recent redesign)? You seem to look at all the negative while disregarding all the positives the PS3 has been getting. I’m sure a lot of sites would say it had a great year, if not better than the 360.

    Most of all, I don’t imagine many of these press sites want to see Sony drop out of the business. I guess all those good reviews for PS2 exclusives back in the day were all out of obligation right? Lastly, why is it you only respond to comments against your position in this post (those people you’ve deemed blatant 360 fanboys)? There are plenty of Sony fans here who are making outlandish comments about the grand superiority of the PS3, that by you not refuting (since you say you like all the consoles), just makes you look worse. These posters here are part of the problem, they help create the hype that creates this inferiority complex that is the end result.


    /pswi60 i understand your views, and it may crush your soul to read this, but the Xbox 360 does *gasp* have good games, and it is worth owning, especially one of the newer systems with the good motherboard. If someone wants to pay for Live fees and accessories, that is their decision and you shouldn’t judge them for it.

  95. The point of my article is consistent, media bias against ps3 exclusive titles, period. Anything else you garnish out of my article are your own thoughts, opinions, and biases that are coming into play.

    I am taking on 360 fanboys in particular, because of the “sony deserves it” mantra that they keep repeating. This mentality is what is affecting the view of ps3 games, and their subsequent review scores.

    Either there is media bias present or there isn’t. The fact that I can write an article that is “pro-ps3”, which really all I am doing is making the case for ps3 games getting better scores, shows that bias is present, and I will fully admit in order to make my point, there has to be anti-bias against the perceived bias.

    Why you are here questioning me is another matter, which has to deal with your views entirely.

    Why don’t you read some of my earlier articles from when the ps3 first came out and had no games? Read my comments on those articles.

    What do you want from me? I don’t care if you deem me objective, I don’t care what you think at all. I don’t write articles to please you, I write articles when I feel there is an issue to address. Go to another site that supports your views if you don’t like mine.

  96. very true. i see 360 games get exponentially higher positive media (such as i saw once, “Gears of War 2 revolutionizes online gameplay” and i said, what the FUCK are you talking about????? there isn’t an original idea in the online. its the exact same thing as any other online shooter. the worst is that it’s got less support[player amount in match e.g. Resistance 2 was be 30v30 and M.A.G. will be 128v128 when GeoW2 is only like 4v4 or something close to that] than any other FPS out there, e.g. R2, COD4, CODW@W, Halo 3, Rainbow 6, the list goes on) than any PS3 game does. i see very little negativity towards microsoft in the media for the bad manufacturing quality of the 360, yet if ONE PS3 breaks down no matter how shitty it was treated; THATS the story you see, not the 60%+ failrate of the 360 vs. the <2% failrate of the PS3.

    the media needs to get over this bullshit. the fact of the matter is, no matter what anybody else says, the PS3 will and is pulling out and showing its self as the more superior machine. call me a playslave or fanboy if you want; but when you see a game like Uncharted set next to GeoW2(and GeoW2 was made much later) you will see that in most areas, Uncharted is actually a higher quality graphic than Gears. and now we see some devs/publishers using the PS3 as lead platform for their multiplat games (see EA)

    the biggest reason i see for all this negative attention is that Microsoft’s 360 came out a year before the PS3 did. in that year developers and the media loved the 360 because obviously the PS2 couldn’t play the quality of game that was available on the 360.
    then when the PS3 came out, people said: “fuck it i like the 360 more because it’s what ive been playing for a year”

    i’ve asked my friends after they play my PS3 whether they would get one and they say no (some of them actually traded in their 360 and all games to get a PS3). then i ask, if the 360 didnt come out when it did but the PS3 did instead, would you have gotten a PS3? and out of the 20 buddies i’ve asked, 17 of them said they definitely would have and 15 of them said they wouldnt get a 360. there is proof right there. people dont like change.
    having the 360 for a year will make you not want a PS3 for the most part. so if people had a PS3 for a year they wouldnt want a 360.
    im one of the lucky ones who didnt fall into the sheep line and buy a 360. i said fuck that. i bought 2 PS3s at launch, sold 1 on ebay and kept the other. still works and i’ve had zero problems

  97. “which means you are letting my article and my comments control your emotions.”


    I find you comical and although I know its an exercise in futility is simply trying to point out what a hypocrite you are.

    You talk about media bias throwing in a few good reviews for the ps3 (ign) but everything you’ve said reeks of your bias with a few good comments (halo) thrown in.
    You are what you’re complaining about.

    I haven’t said anything bad about sony or the ps3 or said the 360 or wii is better.

    I stuck to you and the ps fans which we are both talking about.

    You seeing me as a 360 fanboy is from you own biased perspective and based on nothing whilst ground in only your reality.

    I think the article has very little if any fact in it especially the core of the story.

    I do find it funny you’re calling me irrational and say i’m letting your comments and my emotions get to me when your comments and the response to someone else’s comments i used as an example show that is you perfectly summed up.

  98. I quote: “although I know its an exercise in futility is simply trying to point out what a hypocrite you are.”

    So even though you know it to be futile, here you are still trying to say what you think you have to say.

    That is the definition of insanity.

  99. Its funny seeing all the haters on here that dont know their facts and that dont even know how biased they themselves are. You do good work thank you. 🙂

  100. not to take anything from you but this is exactly what ive been saying for months now. but im pleased to see theirs someone else who has their eyes open.
    thank you for posting your article.
    i just wish everyone else saw this to. well those who havent seen this any way.

  101. /pswi60 what titles, you mentioned 1, which i didn’t know about, and edited my article accordingly. If you look around my site you will see I am a 360 owner, are you a ps3 owner?

    Haha, you’re going to ask me if I’m a PS3 owner. Heh, I have two and 1 360. If you do not know the other two MMORPGs slated for 09 for the system perhaps the burden is upon you to look those up since I already gave you a free one pointing out the clear flaw the first time around.

    If anything perhaps it’s time for you to do a little more research rather trying to argue points you have no clue about.

  102. Just because I don’t know every single thing happening in the world of gaming, does not take away from the point of my article. I know you would love to focus on the fact that I don’t know “the other 2 MMORPGs” slated for 09″, but at the moment I’m not worried about that information.

    And I’m not the one still trying to argue this point, you are.

  103. I agree 100%. Absolutely. This always get on my nerves. My friend, who owns a 360, firmly believes that the XBOX is superior over the PS3. While I begin to tell him of all the features PS3 has over the XBOX (Blu-ray, Cell Processor), he smirks and says he doesn’t care about those things, only games. I then proceed to tell him of all the fantastic exclusives on the Playstation, but of course by then his mind has already been poisoned from the disease known as the media, and firmly believes PS3 has crap games that has not lived up to its hype. This current-generation of the so-called “console war” is ridiculously biased towards the Playstation 3. Anyone with common sense can tell that it is far superior than its rivals, both in performance and in gaming. Now, the gaming part is of course an opinion, but seeing how the Wii is still destroying the competition with no AAA exclusives released in 2009 is ridiculous. Sony was doomed to fail in this media-obsessed society.

  104. well thank you very much pswi60! its about time somebody stepped upto the mark and pointed out what is REALLY going on (no I’m not a conspiracy theorist) it is so blatantly obvious, that many sites are deliberately saying that ‘ps3 is doomed/lacklustre games’ articles, its untrue (maybe its to do with the ad but either way, i smell something fishy (we all know M$ paid people to spread FUD, via youtube and forums when the ps3 was released) i consider it to be totally underhand and poor business practise (but something that M$ excels in)also, something else i find baffling is the fact that as a PS3 owner, i have never felt the need to bash on the 360, i.e goto any 360 based sites and deliberately flamebait (and in my experience, not a lot of PS3 owners do either) i would love to play ‘gears’…well you get the picture, but on the other side of the coin, it seems inherent to 360 owners to vehemontly shout immature things such as ‘PS3lol/TEH PS3SUXORRZ!!1!/stop crying sonyslaves’ etc…as you quite eloquently pointed out pswi60…”Be careful of what you ask for, because you just might get it.”

    The day this happens..I’m off

  105. insanity

    1. Serious mental illness or disorder impairing a person’s capacity to function normally and safely: brainsickness, craziness, dementia, derangement, disturbance, insaneness, lunacy, madness, mental illness, psychopathy, unbalance. Psychiatry mania. Psychology aberration, alienation. See sane/insane.
    2. Foolish behavior: absurdity, folly, foolery, foolishness, idiocy, imbecility, lunacy, madness, nonsense, preposterousness, senselessness, silliness, tomfoolery, zaniness. Informal craziness. See ability/inability.

    I believe that sums you up.
    Thanks for pointing that out to me.

  106. give it up wow…the shame 😉

  107. Dear wow,

    Einstein said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

    If seeing yourself in me allows you to gain some insight as to your own delusional motivations, well then I am happy for you.

    Hopefully now you can leave my blog, without the need to enlist a “parting shot” as you go, because now you should be aware of, and happy with, your own emotions.

    Yours Respectfully,


  108. “Hopefully now you can leave my blog, without the need to enlist a “parting shot” as you go,”

    I’ll give a parting shot if I want to.

    You really are comical.

  109. lol wow…be cool man we are all gamers. you can find my gamertag or psn id on my site, add me if it makes you feel better bro. we can run some halo or something. peace

  110. LOL

  111. Its my 4th or 5th comebakc to this article. Its so well written. But whats making me comeback now are the incredible posts fanboys are making.

    Thats exactly what this article is about:

    Free of charge-unexcusable-“Im right, you are wrong”-mindless PS3 bashing. And you guys (to the XBox 360 fanboys) are just proving yourselves wrong…just with your own posts.

    Good one PSWii60, again. Im with u bro.

  112. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger chip on anyone’s shoulder, ever.

  113. funny, i thought the same thing about you after reading your comment.

  114. Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

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  115. great article, and btw i agree on the american media being biased on foreign product cause lately i’ve notice how all the multiplat games are labeled XBOX360 only instead of putting XBOX360/PS3 and also how people tend to think that america is the center of the planet for example: Just because the PS3 is selling less here in north america that means its the same all over the world, But if people actually do some research its doing better business outside north america than its conterpart 360.

  116. Long time gamer, PS3 owner.

    Been reading this article + comments for months now, and now that the PS3 finally had a price cut, the gaming media has had a field day ripping Sony & its console.

    Before anyone questions this… check out sites like N4G & Kotaku…

    Please, more articles!!

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