Welcome to pswi60.wordpress.com, hopefully your source to read about unbiased console gaming news, and a place for you to express your opinions without getting flamed in the n4g or digg comments sections.

We will try to make this as impartial and unbiased as possible. Will it be difficult? Yes. Impossible? Nah…myself, I own 2 of the 3 next-gen consoles (ps360), so myself I see 2 great consoles in 2 different parts of thier lifecycle. And I am having fun playing both. I do not own a Wii (yet), but since I have a 3 year old son, that is my next purchase. I know he will love the wiimote. A friend of mine has 2 kids and he has the wii60 combo, and he says his kids love to play with it. But all that aside, we will try to include wii news and opinions here, and I can always get ahold of my buddy with the wii on XBL to ask him questions where my knowledge may be lacking.

Well, anyhow, there isn’t much content on here now, but hopefully in a couple weeks I will have a few more writers and we can get more content up. Until then I will be playing Halo 3 with the guys on XBL…if you wanna join our team the Service Tag is D13, my gamertag in r4di8t0r…see you on the battlefield!

Halo 3


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