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  1. lol u gay noob there are no haks wat a retard

    • well your retard, actually. there are a lot hacks out there. i got my consoles pirated and played these games i never paid for. you are technology retarded. i love flaming, btw.

  2. yes there are you dumb shit standbying is hacking and their are other lag hacks and if you dont belive me add me as a friend and check my file share tag: ISGOI Howie

    • add me to see your fileshare

  3. howies right ive checked his file share you should add him and see

  4. Add meHowie so i can see your fileshare. Forget it ill just add you.

  5. thre are hax 4 everything almost

  6. if you hold the y button when it loads before you play ( when the screen goes blank) it will give u the wepons you had the prevous level.

  7. lol hack’s/mods any way you’s noob’s shouldn’t be cheating in less you suck dick

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