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  1. halo 2 mods look up halo trainers after moding.
    moding there are two ways—————————————–
    way 1
    opening your xbow pluging you xbox to your pc and transfering the files like “halo trainer” to xbox which is not as conveneant as the other way but is a bit cheaper cause you need a special cord to do this.
    WAY 2
    this is easier cause ya… so you use a Xbow memory chip about
    $20 for a cheap used one but hey. secondly buy mechassualt or james bond night fire because they contain a special program that allows you to install on pc and add more programs and code it and put back on xbox and install. NOW BONNE CHANCE

  2. drew= u tool bagage. josh = gypsy legendary skill = ur ma droped her ps3 last night.

  3. u gypsy

  4. ?

  5. Man, if your available for gay sex im veeerry interested. I Love gay sex1

    • you are gay get the fuck away from me

  6. you guys ares are retarded use a xsata or xport google it only like 15 dollers eash and you dont brake your xbox

  7. go suck a vagina for once GAY!!!!

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